Sterling Stryker

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Sterling Gunner Stryker
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Chantelle Celeste Stryker
Father Guinar “Gunner”
Marital Status Single
Siblings One half-brother
Born Year -6, Day 80
Languages Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 175.26 cm
Weight 79.37 kg
Coloring Light
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information

Sterling Stryker is a male Human from Tatooine, although his family hails from Coruscant.


Early life

After leaving her husband, Crescent Stryker (Imperial Stormtrooper TK-5568), and son when her marriage fell apart, Chantelle Celeste (Montague) Stryker fell in love with an Imperial officer named Guinar. However, "Gunner", as she called the officer, grew increasingly mentally unstable as their relationship went on. When Chantelle learned that she had become pregnant with Guinar's child, she left the officer in fear that he would become dangerous toward herself and the child. Wanting to protect her son from his father, Chantelle managed to keep much of what she knew about Guinar from Sterling, including his last name.

Traveling to spaceport settlement of Mos Espa on Tatooine, Chantelle gave birth to her son, Sterling G. Stryker. His childhood was rather uneventful, with his mother working in the spaceport to pay for Sterling's education. Sterling grew up around many famous smugglers and spacers, who taught him all about ship modifications and enhancing cargo holds. Once he completed his basic education, Serling and his mom traveled to Coruscant on a Star Tours starliner.

Life on Coruscant

Upon arriving to Coruscant, Sterling was greeted by his grandfather, Vladimir Montague. Vladimir, a wealthy businessman, provided funding for Sterling's continued education at the University of Coruscant.

He excelled in academics through hard work and corporate deals enhanced by his grandfather. He played on the University of Coruscant Smashball Team.

While on Coruscant, Sterling saw first hand the level of corruption in the Galactic Empire. His grandfather told him that there was once a day when the galaxy was free, and that he did not believe that the Jedi were corrupt terrorists as the Empire claimed. Once Sterling graduated from the University and received his degree in hyperdrive propulsion, he left Coruscant in search of his father.


Physical appearance

At 175.26 cm, Sterling is of average height for a Human. He is of thin, athletic build. He is usually well dressed, and his black hair is generally combed over. He has a friendly-looking face and love a sense of humor.