Sye Montaris

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Sye Montaris
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Unknown
Father Chilos Montaris
Spouse Melissa Montaris (Deceased)
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year -13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.95 meters
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, Alpha Medical Corps
Rank Pilot; in AMC, Minister of Communications (CAiE); Grand Archivist of the CEL; Admiral (Ret.) CA; High Admiral (Ret.) - CEDF; Ambassador (ret.) - Keer Nation
Positions Pilot (AMC); Minister of Communications (CAiE); Grand Archivist of the CEL
Prior Affiliation Keer Nation, CEDF, CA

Sye Montaris is a Chiss male.

Sye Montaris' Childhood

Sye Montaris grew up on Csilla. He never knew his mother as she was killed during battle a few months after his birth. His father followed her fate when Sye was 10 years old. He then became a ship's mechanic until he could save for a ETA-2 Interceptor, and left the planet.

Leaving Csilla

Shortly after leaving the Chiss homeworld, Sye found the Chiss Ascendancy medical company and joined. He quickly rose through the ranks upon joining.

Chiss Ascendancy

Sye joined the Ascendancy while it was first founded, he grew to be a confident of Aristocra Carn'ilo` Sabosen and began many works for the organization. His first work began as the unofficial Press Secretary for the organization.

Press Work

Sye soon began an effort to found a new holosite for the Ascendancy, and managed and directed the news from this post. Soon after he completed this work, he was forced on a sabbatical as he pursued various religions and ideologies.


After a few months, Sye returned, upon his return he was elevated to the rank of Admiral, and was assigned to lead the Chiss Expansionary Defense Forces. He would oversee the foundation of the very first Chiss Expeditionary Library since the fall of the first Ascendancy.

Foundation of the Formal CEDF

After working on founding the CEL, Sye was appointed as High Minister of the Chiss for a short time, while it looked like Carn'ilo'Sabosen would need time away, when this fell through, Sye founded a separate organization with Ascendancy support, the CEDF. While this would soon fall apart, Sye did carry out a few notable counter-intelligence ops, that led to his disenchantment with the Chiss.

Sye's Revolt

After misjudging an operation's results that took place, Sye blamed the Aristocra for various offenses, and ended up leaving the Ascendancy and selling the CEDF. This time period was known as Sye's Revolt until he was later cleared of any wrong-doing.

Sye's reaction to "Sye's Revolt"

Below is the official reaction noted in the press at the time of the "crimes" of Mr. Montaris.


Dear members and sentients of this Galaxy, I come before you on a day of much sadness for you, one that proves that you never know who you can trust. I come before you due to the fact that a man who I have so exalted and spoke of on this stage before, has proven my feelings incorrect.

As of lately I have begun suspecting that someone, someone who was unknown to me, was leaking sensitive Chiss intelligence to others, therefore I came up with a plan to root them out, beginning at the top of the Chiss chain of Command due to the fact that I wanted to eliminate our High Command of any suspicion. I approached two people who I had come to respect and trust, Hal Tango and Alex Track, members of Keer Technology, a member of the Keer Nation, to aid me in nabbing this person.

We brought Aristocra Car’nilo’ sabosen in, and sold him a false operation that aimed to take advantage of various factors and gain a massive amount of planetary territory, we informed him that the operation would target all, but it was “slipped” that the New Republic was one of these targets.

As we ended out the meeting, Hal Tango, Alex Track, and myself agreed to keep our ears to the ground to determine whether the false operation would be leaked.

Within hours, a member of the New Republic approached Lord Keer, who did not know of the situation or the proported operation, and confronted him on this. At the time the Lord Keer had no choice but to deny everything as he had no knowledge of any of these affairs, however that soon tipped off all those involved in this counter-intelligence operation that in fact a leak had occurred on Nilos’ end.

After this I sold my new organization, the CEDF, due to my disgust with how far that the betrayal went by the Aristocra, after which I decided to join Keer Technologies as they had proven themselves to be trustworthy and honorable to myself.

After a few days, I began to doubt if Nilos was in fact guilty or if someone he had told had leaked the fake operation, and I asked Hal Tango to simply propose him a new, but similar operation, with certain details such as planet hit lists, etcetera.

Later that day those details were again leaked to the New Republic, leaving only Nilos to be the one responsible for these betrayals of Chiss Culture and people. I beg those of you who support the Chiss Ascendancy and the Chiss as a people to remove your support and backing from him, to show that traitors, and spies are not a tolerable element within your organizations, or those you support.

I also want to take this moment to apologize to Lord Keer for creating undo trouble in his life, and I also want to apologize to the New Republic for creating worry of events that will not take effect, however I had to test and ascertain which of my people I could trust, and those I couldn't, however again I am sorry for deceiving you about any of this.

Good day people, and may you let your honor and integrity shine like the stars.

Keer Technology

After leaving the Ascendancy and selling the CEDF, Sye joined Keer Technologies as pilot. He soon worked his way up the ranks, and was appointed by Trace Magus, Lord Keer, as the Foreign Affairs Minister of Keer Nation.

Keer Nation's Foriegn Affairs Minister

During this time he met with and created treaties with various minor organizations such as Galactic Smugglers Association, and began talks with the Galactic Empire. However friction soon began due to the leadership knowing Black Sun was attempting to infiltrate the organization. During this time Scott Hood accused Sye of being their contact, and rather than risk more harm to his reputation, Sye resigned. Shortly after this Sye was vindicated once again by Scott doing what he claimed Sye was planning.

Azarian Galactic Enterprises

After returning from a short month long absence from the Galactic Stage, Sye joined Azarian Galactic Enterprises, a fledgling organization. During this time he rose in the ranks to second in command, due to the fact of his personal connections with both the leader, Sybok Taldin and the owner Sithe Vapshe.

Discovering Eidola Connections

During his tenure with AGE, Sye soon discovered the owner, Sithe Vapshe, was planning to ally himself with Eidola and give AGE to them as a gift. Rather than see the organization dissolve and the assets that many members had donated to the cause go to Eidola, Sye looted the organization, returning the assets to the members over a short period of time.


After his disenfranchisement with AGE, Sye took a almost year long sabbatical. During this time he sought out philosophical leaders and authorities and studied philosophy and religion as an attempt to better himself.

Alpha Medical Corps

Upon his return from sabbatical, Sye joined Alpha Medical Corps, a nationalized subsidiary of the Avance Coalition. At this time he is a pilot for the group.

Investigation into "Sye's Revolt"

Under the leadership of Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen an investigation was launched into the matter of what had become commonly known as Sye's revolt, more than year later. the following are various transcripts of interviews at the time.

Investigation by Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen

[22:09] <Koras> Hello My Montaris

[22:09] <Koras> *Mr

[22:12] <Koras> My Predecessor mentioned you when I was learning about chiss history in SWC

[22:14] <Sye_Montaris> Yes... and his information was based on intelligence given to him by Flar Gar, who I see the Chiss have finally come to see is... excuse my french... full of shit.

[22:17] <Koras> Yes I leading traditionally minded Chiss against Flar's progressives

[22:18] <Koras> who want to rewrite our history and the very definition of what it means to be chiss

[22:18] <Koras> I was curious as to what exactly happened

[22:20] <Sye_Montaris> As long as the Chiss support the history as written in the Holocron about me, and my "betrayal" (which was taking assets I had given the faction, and compensation for a years worth of effort) and a factions shell I began with said assets and selling it.... I will not support the Ascendancy in any manner

[22:21] <Koras> Well the Ruling Circle has opened a new investigation into the events

[22:21] <Sye_Montaris> Did he also mention that I personally hosted and developed a site for the Chiss for over a year? and in addition, even when we had a falling out, I did not take the holosite.

[22:22] <Koras> No he did not

[22:22] <Koras> he mentioned something about you creating the first wiki

[22:22] <Sye_Montaris> It was Nilos' choice to relocate the site, and I even offered to develop a new and improved site after our falling out.

[22:22] <Sye_Montaris> I never had a problem with the Ascendancy as a whole, but with Nilos' pandering to the NR and Flar Gar.

[22:23] <Sye_Montaris> Flar Gar even attempted to get me to assassinate Nilos when I began to discuss leaving the original medical faction.

[22:23] <Sye_Montaris> He said he would place me as leader.

[22:23] <Koras> Let me check

[22:23] <Sye_Montaris> I even provided logs to Nilos at the time, but Nilos did not believe me.

[22:23] <Koras> according to Flar's testimony

[22:24] <Koras> It was an attempt to trap you

[22:24] <Koras> as he did not trust you

[22:24] <Sye_Montaris> And yet I did not take him up on the offer.

[22:24] <Sye_Montaris> I simply wished to leave and eliminate his influence on me and on my job.

[22:25] <Sye_Montaris> His testimony also got me accused of being a spy and traitor to Keer, and I left that faction.

[22:25] <Sye_Montaris> However a few weeks later the real spy and traitor cam out... Scott Hall.

[22:25] * Koras looks at notes

[22:25] <Sye_Montaris> *came

[22:25] <Koras> yes about that

[22:26] <Koras> Acoording to our records you conspired with two people from Keer to attack NR planets

[22:27] <Sye_Montaris> At the behest of Nilos, and on his authority.

[22:27] <Sye_Montaris> A plan that never went through.

[22:28] <Sye_Montaris> Nilos convinced me to begin and continue talks with them after they brought it up, and he even got involved at some point.

[22:28] <Sye_Montaris> Before everything fell through.

[22:28] <Sye_Montaris> And also to note, it was not simply against the NR.

[22:29] <Sye_Montaris> The targets where ANY unshielded planets where a build war could be carried out.

[22:29] <Sye_Montaris> If memory serves me correctly.

[22:30] <Koras> According to your GNS, the plan you had was to entrap Nilos because you felt that he was corrupt

[22:31] <Sye_Montaris> That was the plan after he began to become wishy washy

[22:31] <Sye_Montaris> I would say go over what I said on the GNS

[22:31] <Sye_Montaris> That was the truth at the time from my point of view

[22:31] <Sye_Montaris> It has been over a year since the events occurred so I could be remembering things wrong.

[22:32] <Koras> Yes we have your GNS on record

[22:32] <Sye_Montaris> I would be interested in seeing that for old times sake.

[22:36] <Koras> At the time did you have any connection to Ligeus von Rosenberg

[22:37] <Sye_Montaris> No, I never have. I have sold stuff on the open market to various people that later came to my knowledge where pirates or of ill-repute

[22:38] <Sye_Montaris> but it was never a connection thing so much as a open sale via traders and CPM

[22:38] <Koras> So you are refuting the information in Flar's report here: ?

[22:38] <Sye_Montaris> Yes

[22:39] <Sye_Montaris> It is a matter of him making connections that where not there. I sold the faction shell, and all of those ships via open market, using middles.

[22:39] <Sye_Montaris> If a person meets my price, I will sell to them. It's that simple.

[22:39] * Koras nods

[22:40] <Sye_Montaris> For instance, I have two offers on the market right now...

[22:40] <Koras> What of the other faction lootings reported to eb done by you in that time

[22:41] <Koras> I reports have at least two

[22:41] <Koras> Azarin Galactic Enterprises and one other faction

[22:42] <Koras> Are you saying that in those cases the accusation of "looting" is also false?

[22:42] <Sye_Montaris> AGE was a case of looting that faction, due to the fact that the leadership was allying itself with Eidola, however I gave those assets back to various members in the faction after the dust settled.

[22:42] <Sye_Montaris> As those assets where the members to begin with.

[22:43] <Koras> And in the other faction you saw corruption and acted

[22:43] <Sye_Montaris> I don't recall another faction.

[22:43] <Koras> My notes say two

[22:43] <Sye_Montaris> AGE was the only one I could be accused of looting assets that where not mine to begin with.

[22:43] <Koras> but again could be wrong

[22:44] <Koras> Was there another case where you were accused of looting that you are aware of?

[22:44] <Sye_Montaris> Unless you call CEDF looting, but as that faction was owned by me... I don't see how someone could accuse of me of such.

[22:45] <Sye_Montaris> I was accused of planning to loot Keer, but I left when that came up. and two weeks later the member who accussed me of doing so actually did

[22:45] <Koras> Yes Scott Hood

[22:45] <Sye_Montaris> Yes.

[22:45] <Koras> And the naming of ships after active members seems quite odd

[22:46] <Sye_Montaris> And you will note I never had the permissions necessary to do so in the first place.

[22:46] <Sye_Montaris> I did so due to the fact I could not think of names, and it was meant to honor active members who had contributed to the faction.

[22:47] <Sye_Montaris> And anyone who joined the Chiss Embassy at the time could have gotten that list of names.. so I did not see the security concerns.

[22:49] <Sye_Montaris> Not to mention anyone that looked at our site.

[22:54] <Koras> Is there anything else you would like those reviewing this case to know?

[22:54] <Sye_Montaris> When I failed to follow Flar's plans and ideas, I was vilified to my friends and allies, therefore I did what I had to remove myself from such an organization.

[22:54] <Sye_Montaris> That is the crux of this matter.

Trial of Sye Montaris for Crimes against the Chiss.

On year 12 Day 191 Sye voluntarily allowed himself to come before the Chiss people for a public trial after private investigations. The verdict was a vindication for the former High Admiral of the CEDF, when he was found largely innocent of almost all charges. Below is the trial transcript.

Trial Transcript

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Silence in the Court

<Aristocra_Sabosen> I will now read the charges against the defendant, SYE MONTARIS

<Aristocra_Sabosen> The Justiciar will respond to each with a judgement of GUIILTY or NOT GUILTY

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Then when I ask for his judgement

<Aristocra_Sabosen> he will issue his recommendation foir a sentence

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Justiciar Nakesh are you ready?

<Sye_Montaris> May it please the court for me to have a moment?

<Atown> yea im ready

<Atown> yes you may

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Mr Montaris you may address the Court

<Sye_Montaris> I would like to plead guilty to an offense, of which with time I have found I am guilty of. I would like to plead guilty to Conduct Unbecoming. The actions this trial was asked to judge could have been handled better if I had not let my anger and control at certain parties get out of hand.

<Aristocra_Sabosen> The court will note that the Defendant has plead guilty to Conduct Unbecoming

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Now as to the rest of the offenses

<Aristocra_Sabosen> On the Charge of INSUBORDINATION, how does the Court find the defendant?

<Sye_Montaris> If it please the court, I will also plead guilty to this offense, with the notation that at the time I felt I had no choice due to certain conclusions I came to.

<Aristocra_Sabosen> The Justiciar will render his own verdict

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Please be patient Mr Montaris

<Atown> On the Charge of Insubordination i find the Defendant Sye Montaris

<Atown> Guilty

<Aristocra_Sabosen> On the Charge of THEFT, how does the Court find the defendant?

<Atown> On the Charges of Theft the court finds the Defendant

<Atown> Not Guilty

<Aristocra_Sabosen> On both Charges of CONSPIRACY, how does the Court find the defendant?

<Atown> The Charges of Conspiracy The court finds the defendant

<Atown> Not Guilty on both counts

<Aristocra_Sabosen> On the Charge of HIGH TREASON, how does the Court find the defendant?

<Atown> On the charge of High Treason court finds the defendant

<Atown> Not guilty

<Aristocra_Sabosen> What does the Justiciar recommend for Sentencing?

<Rawth> :o

<Rawth> Dramatic pause!

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Quiet in thew court!

<Rawth> Pft.

<Atown> On the count of Insubordination you sentences Mr. Sye Montaris

<Atown> which i move for dismissal because you acted upon principle

<Atown> Case dismissed

  • Aristocra_Sabosen nods
  • Atown bangs his gaval

<Aristocra_Sabosen> House Sabosen thanks the Justicar for his time

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Court is adjourned

<Aristocra_Sabosen> Mr Montaris you are free to go

Statements with Press After the fact

Both Sye Montaris and Aristocra Sabosen made statements to the press after the trial ended, below are those statements.

Chiss Ruling Council Statements

<Aristocra_Sabosen> On behalf of the Ruling Circle, I would also like to add that in light of today's verdict, Chiss Historians are hard at work providing an account account of the events mistakenly referred to as Sye's Revolt. We apologize for any damage that the events have done to Mr Montaris's reputation and welcome him back to the Ascendancy.

<Aristocra_Sabosen> As Mr Montaris has chosen to rejoin the True Ascendancy, the Ruling Circle will announce at the end of this week, his new role

Sye Montaris' Statements

<Sye_Montaris> I would like to apologize for my actions in the past, as I noted before the court, while my motives where pure, my actions could have been more thought out. I look forward to working with the Ascendancy in Exile in the future., and I also applaud the court and the ruling council on the verdict here today and on seeing the corruption that Flar Gar. I hope that the Ascendancy and I could recreate the relationship we once shared to the point that I may one day again take up a position with them and go back to serving the Chiss people as I once did. I understand this point will take time to get to, and that trust must be rebuilt from the ground up. May we as a people bind ourselves together against all threats foreign and domestic to the true Ascendancy.

<Sye_Montaris> I will now take any questions you may have.

<Rawth> Do you hand out autographs?

<Sye_Montaris> No.

<Sye_Montaris> Next question.

<Rawth> Are you an author? I heard making books about how you didn't do a crime but how you would do that crime if you were to sell well..

<Sye_Montaris> No.

<Rawth> Well darn.

<Rawth> What're you going to do now that you're free to go?

<Sye_Montaris> Currently I am working for Alpha Medical Corps, of the Avance Coalition. I hope that one day in the future I may once again help the Ascendancy grow and prosper in whatever position the Ruling Council feels is best for me.

<Sye_Montaris> I am also working on redesigning the Ascendancy holosite, and creating a new Chiss Library for our peoples.

<Rawth> A hero and a patriot!

<Sye_Montaris> No, I do not feel that I am hero, a patriot yes, but many could be called a patriot. The true heroes are those who have died to protect our way of life and our people. Such as those who fought in the Chiss Civil Dispute, who fought the Sith Ascendancy, and even recently, my old friend Aristocra Carn'ilo'sabosen.

Further Involvement with the Ascendancy in Exile

Sye was appointed as the Minister of Communications and Grand Archivist of the CAiE(Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile) in Year 12 after being cleared of the accusations against him.

Family Heritage

Montaris family coat of arms.

Sye Montaris is a merit adoptive of the Nakesh Clan, making his full name Sye 'Montaris' Nakesh, or his core name Emontarisn. However he still takes an extreme amount of pride in his birth family and has even had a coat of arms created. The official motto of the Montaris family is Veneratio pro Totus, or Honor before All. The four key values are Dedication, symbolized by the lion, Warriors of Peace, symbolized by the give arrows. Honor symbolized by the wings, and valiance symbolized by the eagle.

Current Positions

Alpha Medical Corps

Pilot - Alpha Medical Corps
Preceded By:
Succeeded By:

Chiss Ascendancy-In-Exile

Minister of Communication - Chiss Ascendancy-In-Exile
Preceded By:
12 Day 193 - Present
Succeeded By:

Grand Archivist - Chiss Expeditionary Library
Preceded By:
12 Day 193 - Present
Succeeded By:

Past Positions

Keer Nation

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Keer Nation
Preceded By:
Trace Magus
Year 11
Succeeded By:

Chiss Ascendancy Medical Corporation

Admiral - Chiss Ascendancy Medical Corporation
Preceded By:
Year 11
Succeeded By:
Promoted to High Admiral of the CEDF

High Admiral - Chiss Expansionary Defense Forces
Preceded By:
Year 11
Succeeded By:

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