Sylvein Iego

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Sylvein Iego
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Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Ash Worlds
Mother Saa`vein (Kyr'adyc)
Father Guiero (MIA)
Spouse Sekou Tau
Siblings Kar`ta (sister)
Born Year 0 Day 298
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 2.23 metres
Eye Color Sea green
Political Information
Affiliation MandalMotors
Title "Dinii"
Rank Recruit
Positions Academy Student

Sylvein Iego stretches beyond being a stereotypical Diathim to the point where she is seen as an outcast to her kin. Choosing to set up a home in Mandalore and its sister branch of MandalMotors, she is the first and currently only Diathim member which has resulted in her believing she has a reputation to uphold and an example to set for future Diathim members. It is believed she is not the first Diathim to take on the mantle of Mandalore but she is the first official member of the faction itself, something she sees as a personal achievement.


Growing up in the Ash Worlds she had everything she could ever want as a High Born member of House Iego. It is said that she was born with the world on her shoulders and her free spirit would someday carry her far from her comfort zone and into untold territories. Unlike her family who followed rules and standards laid out to them by their ancestors, she chose a life of vibrancy and tried to spread the love and joy that colors brought to her. Not all appreciated the enthusiasm and many chose to lay blame on her family for raising her so freely. It reached a point where all mention of color and glam was banned from House Iego. Sylvein was cast into a life of gloom and misery until she reached the age of sixteen.

The Birth Of Dinii

It was not until she sat one day with her closest companion of many years that something mentioned sparked an idea that would one day change everything for Sylvein. The plot involved sneaking a few additional colors into the large vats that held the clothing of the factory where many Diathim secretly worked for House Iego in order to produce fine clothing for the nobles of the Ash Worlds.

Of course, it was said in jest because nobody would dare to tamper with the machinery in the factory, but Sylvein was not like the other Diathim youth. She did dare and never cared for consequences. So it happened.

As the first batch of clothing came out of the vats to be cut to the specifications of the patterns there was an uproar. The finest garments ever produced were now tainted with vibrant colors of blue, green, gold, red, and pink. Etched into the side of one vat was a signature reading: 'Dinii'. The Elders were fuming. They had an idea who the culprit was but they could not prove it without evidence leading back to the girl who was known for her passion for colors. It was a case quickly closed, with the brightly colored fabrics locked up in a cargo container and shipped off to be destroyed.

Only somewhere along the way the ship carrying the container was hijacked and the crate stolen. Now they had no evidence at all to pin it on Sylvein because she was present at the factory every day following orders and sticking to the protocols set by the factory. They were too busy focusing all their attention on her and watching her actions that they failed to notice another young female missing. Sylvein's closest friend had taken it on herself to set up an intercept mission and steal the container, delivering it to a secret location where the clothing could be made and sold to the black market.

This is how the story of the mysterious Diathim Dinii unfolded.