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I'm sure Alex Tylger would be able to put a more certain date on it, but from my records, TAR would have been created sometime between October 12, 2002 (late Year 3?) and December 24, 2002 (Early Year 4?) as droid faction The Rangers. It added the Antarian to the name I believe sometime between October 2003 (Y4) and January 2004 (Y5) and converted to a security faction - unless my note on TR and TAR being the same faction is wrong.Orphaea Imperium 13:24, 25 February 2011 (GMT)

I found a note saying that a previous droid faction called CyberDyne Industries, formed somewhere between August 21 and December 22, 2001 (Y2-3) and which had disappeared by October 11, 2002 (Y3), turned into The Rangers. Not sure if that's right though. Orphaea Imperium 10:44, 26 February 2011 (GMT)
Doing some WayBack Machine GNS crawling, Leto Chume (Choibacco Antaria) announced the creation of "The Rangers" on the GNS Year 3 Day 314. From their original website: "5th October: The Rangers are formed. A huge THANKYOU goes to Ed Dalen for donating Cyberdyne Industries to Leto Chume which the cmg has had a face lift to what you see now." --Alex Tylger 14:41, 31 March 2011 (GMT)
Sounds about the correct timeline, also the switch from droid to security. The Antarian is coming from the family of the same name, including Choib and Skarr etc. Jake Azzameen 01:35, 31 December 2011 (GMT)

Notes on History with Hapes

I've been scouring through Hapan records on the website, which go back to 2002. Here's some of the stuff I've found/remember:

  • The relationship between TAR and the Wraiths was because during the Black Sun Crisis, the Wraiths were semi-nationalized by the Hapes Consortium. Choibacco's group, whatever it was in early 2002, and the Wraiths were both in the "Joint Security Force of Dathomir" (retconed to Joint Security Force of Lorell because of later gal map changes with Darkness that saw Dathomir renamed to Lorell.)
  • Choibacco was in Hapes itself through most if not all of 2002 as he was Prime Minister. For a very brief amount of time his handle was changed to Leto Chume and his race altered to Hapan as he was leader of Hapes in the Combine for a while while JJ was on holiday. Due to the difficulty of explaining this transformation and later reversal, Hapes has chosen to treat Choibacco and Leto as two seperate individuals in our history. Records indicate that Choibacco stepped down as Hapan Prime Minister in late 2002.
  • The White Star was not a base, but Choibacco's flagship. It was a (possibly modified) Lucrehulk. I seem to recall it may have ended up in Thraken Solo's hands. I remember hearing that Redbat later got his hands on both of Thraken's Lucres, which means the ship would be "out of circulation."
  • The Antarian Rangers were based on the customized space station Babylon 6 which is still one grid north of Lorell in the system.
  • I don't recall specifically when TAR split from Hapes, but my old documents turned up some info:
    • The Antarian Rangers helped the Tylger family reconstruct the Old Republic Battle Cruiser/Tetan/Supremacy-class onboard Babylon 6 and that was from fall 2003 to January 2004.
    • Choibacco also commanded the White Star, and presumably some TAR folks, in the grand coalition against Horizon Corporation in 2003.
    • The original non-aggression pact between Hapes and the Empire, signed by King James and Uebles, mentions TAR as a Hapan nationalized faction. According to the Timeline, that was announced very late in Year 4, so ca end of 2003?
    • My guess would be that TAR broke with Hapes some time during 2004, but since that information isn't confirmed by any document I can find. I got information on the specifics of the split if TAR records don't have anything on that.
    • What I do know is that the split from Hapes happened during Plojo Rosom's reign of Black Sun which is indicated in the timeline as early Year 4 to some time in Year 5.
    • Edit: Found a news post indicating TAR split from Hapes some time around April 2004, Hapes announced the split on April 4. 2004.

--Alex Tylger 03:20, 27 February 2011 (GMT)

Question about consistence policies

I am aware that the original government was disbanded, however, the Ranger lineage itself did not discontinue, nor is the existing medical faction a group entirely new. They are in fact, still the very same Antarian Rangers in a different faction shell. So the question would be, why we do have two pages about the Rangers instead of a single one. Would there be any objections into reworking this and the other article, and merging them into a single file? Edit: Btw, the "note" is wrong. The defunct government only existed Years 9 to 11... ;-) Jake Azzameen 09:55, 1 July 2012 (GMT)

I edited out the ransacking which never occured. TAR after Samus and Archer never was robbed till it became Government. Rumours with Tine Darky taking a few ships were suspect when she left as leader, but she took back donated gunships. I also agree with Jake why this was created, old version could update status of type of faction, since TAR has been a Droid/Security/government and medical. Deakon Jarvis 23:46 31 May 2013 (+12 GMT)