The Antarian Rangers (Years 4 - 11)

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This article is about the defunct government. For the existent medical corporation, see The Antarian Rangers.
The Antarian Rangers
The Antarian Rangers Logo.png
Political information
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Judicial branch Ranger Marshal Service
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Currency Galactic Credits
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 9 Day 221
Status The Antarian Rangers
Holosite The Antarian Rangers

The Antarian Rangers (TAR) are a unique paramilitary organization of non-Force-users who, unlike many citizens of the galaxy, do not fear the power of the Jedi and actively assist them whenever possible. The Antarian Rangers dedicate their lives to acting as support troops for the Jedi, and are deployed in reconnaissance and covert operations to make the work of the Jedi easier.

The Antarian Rangers began their legacy as a droid producer and then later a paramilitary support group for Jedi Force-users. While they have never been an official part of the Jedi Council, their history with that body has left a lasting impression in their battle for the freedoms of all sentient beings. The early beginnings were both fruitful and disastrous. The development of the partnership between the Jedi Praxium (JP) and The Antarian Rangers was to have been a high point in the organizations growth; however, internal deception and betrayal brought TAR to the brink of extinction. Only by the faith and perseverance of a few was The Antarian Rangers able to survive to the present day. Currently, The Antarian Rangers are a medical company.


Ranger Oath
"To be a Ranger means knowing how to move in any environment. To blend in with the forest or grassland, to sail, to swim, to dive, to pilot. To be masters of our surroundings. We are good spies, good warriors, very adept at intrusion and escape."
Tyria Sarkin Tainer on being an Antarian Ranger. X-Wing:Wraith Squadron

The Antarian Rangers began as just a dream among some of the more alike minds of the Hapes Consortium. These select few, no longer satisfied with the neutrality of the Hapan Government, grew weary of the endless bureaucrats and politics that clouded Hapes. They eventually reached an agreement with King James, and struck out on their own, opening up some droid factories on Lorell. Droids were a good start, but it was only the first step to becoming the Rangers. They'd need droids to even the odds against them, and droids production was very profitable. While credits were never a priority of the Rangers, it took quite a bit to reach their ultimate goal - a paramilitary group the likes of which the galaxy has never seen before.

After a fairly short time in the droid business the Rangers had all the credits they needed and an army of droids to command. They sold off all the factories and converted full time to Security and military work, pledging their allegiance to the Rebel cause and swearing they wouldn't rest until the tyranny and oppression of the Empire was eradicated. In addition to this less-then humble goal; The Rangers also vowed to stand up for honor and integrity, two qualities that were lacking in this lawless and chaotic galaxy overrun with pirates, thieves and murderers.

A time of brotherhood with the Jedi Praxium followed, a time only too short. It abruptly ended with the sudden disbandment of the Praxium and in the following time the Rangers focused on their goals - alone...


The Rangers have been around for several hundreds of thousands of years. Their heritage vast and libraries are filled with their missions of exploiting the Sith and helping the Jedi. Whether they be on protection missions for the Jedi or contributing to the wealth of the New Republic to forge armies, The Antarian Rangers have always been there. The official creation date is not known but, traditions and legacies have always been passed on from Ranger to Ranger since its birth.

Episode 0 - The Founding (Pre Year 5)

The Rangers during their days of Droid Production

Over the course of many years, the Rangers' heritage has always been respected across the galaxy. Under the direction of the House of Antaria, the Rangers were under the leadership of Choibacco Antaria as a droid producer. The headquarters was located on Lorrell and then it is believed to at one time have been located on a station in Hapan space called the White Star. At one point, the rangers were close to the Wraiths, another mercenary group.

Episode 1 - The House (Pre Year 5)

During this period The Antarian Rangers were rebuilt to become a paramilitary force, running Security Operations for the galaxy. After a strong response, the company grew an armada of several Dreadnaughts, Acclamator Assault Ships and support vessels to fight crime throughout the galaxy. Through this stance, The Antarian Rangers gathered strong galactic support, but was also drawn into a conflict with the Black Sun over its illegal trade and slavery activities throughout the galaxy. After the retirement of Choibacco Antaria aboard the Ranger One, Lucus Parahopper was named the new Ranger One of the Antarian Rangers. His short reign saw the continuation of the Black Sun conflict, including a public news war with Banquo Knox via the Galactic News Service. Under the guise of reorganisation, Lucus stripped the Security group of its assets, including its fleets and support vessels, corporate headquarters and military supplies, causing the security operation to collapse. Choibacco Antaria was forced out of retirement to help re-build the operation, but even he was unable to rescue a large number of loyal followers that were trapped aboard various ships stolen by Lucus Parahopper. In a twist of fate, Lucus sold a number of these ships to the Black Sun criminal syndicate, and allowed the White Angel, Tara Tylger, to execute them in cold blood. After an amount of corporate restructuring, Choibacco Antaria was able to resume his retirement, and placed Samus Augill and Maximus Archer in control of the Security operation. This maneuver only caused more bloodshed as they continued the growing trend and robbed the company of all its newly acquired assets, betrayed the Rangers once again. Both revealed afterward that they had turned to the Dark Side. After their second betrayal, House Antaria abandoned their security aspirations, leaving the company on the brink of collapse.

Episode 2 - The Rebuilding (Pre Year 5)

Shortly after the House of Antaria pulled out personal assets and large sums of credits from the Antarian Rangers. Choibacco declared that the Rangers were to disband. But under the leadership of Dedrick Rogue (Choibacco past on R1 leadership) a small dedicated band of rangers, saved The Antarian Rangers. This proved to the entire galaxy that the spirit of the Rangers will never fail. This small band of loyal Rangers, many of them just cadets joining when the chaotic events occurred were known as the "Magnificent Seven": Von Krolok (HC Intel), Jack Darooky, Andrew Bodowski (R2), Deakon Jarvis, Kyle Navras, Ranos Jolpar. Around this time TAR began to work on a new identity since the house of Antaria had left and a new logo was made by Deakon to symbolise rebirth. The old Antarian symbol became the badge of honour and the first to receive it were the "magnificent seven." In this time Dedrick began organising assets, getting rangers to recon of what was left behind. He began to communicate and cooperate more with the Jedi Praxium, a collective of Jedi and devoted non Force users.

Episode 3 - The Stagnation (Pre Year 5)

Jedi Praxium (chancellors around this time: Vel Koon, Nero, Jake Azzameen, Andy Skyfighter) decided to move all military assets to the Rangers and become more involved in Diplomatic matters and the rangers deal with security. Garik Vordarian head of military for JP transferred to rangers.

  • Andy Skyfighter began encouraging non force users recruits to join the rangers if they wanted to be force tested. This helped the depleted ranks of the rangers.

At this time a number of Rangers disappeared, major concern was Dedrick Rogue and Andrew Bodowski. Jake Azzameen transferred over from JP to take up temporary leadership when this occurred and Von Krolok became R2. Beginning of Year 5 Tine Darky (just graduated to be Ranger) was offered Leadership but resigned a month or two later and left the rangers quickly as she didn't like the inactivity, consistent questioning of her orders and was going to marry the Jedi Master Terak Falcor. Garik Vordarian took over.

  • Later (around Year 6) TAR found out the fate of Dedrick Rogue. Isoldor Storm, a Hapan Sith Master, was holding him and two other rangers ransom. At this point Isoldor Storm told the Rebel Alliance his demands by the time TAR got the message the deadline was up and he executed Dedrick Rogue and the two rangers.
  • A distress call from Andrew Bodowski came to late when his ship was hijacked and he was murdered, before any rescue team was able to save him.

Episode 4 - The Disbandment (Year 5)

This period was a sad time in the history of TAR and JP. Vordarian, one of the veterans of many years, finally decided that becoming Ranger One was too big of a commitment that he could not keep and decided to step down and become a military advisor for TAR. He nominated Deakon Jarvis as his predecessor. Deakon Jarvis was only just promoted to head the Army at the time Tine Darky was leader, She accepted the position with honour and pride. At this time Kal Fisto headed the Jedi Praxium with Rhys Skywalker as second-in-command. Deakon was only leader for over two weeks when questions were unanswered by Kal Fisto on his disillusions on the future of JP, those concerns hit home to late when Rhys contacted Deakon about some dubious actions Kal Fisto was doing behind the doors of Jedi Praxium. The events unfolded: Kal Fisto was held hostage by Letifer (a friend who came to get force tested) and gave up Jedi Praxium to save his own life.

  • Letifer (AKA drug-linked to Black Sun) is believed to be getting revenge on an ex jedi praxium member for past dealings.

Jedi Praxium was totally stripped of assets.

  • A whole wing of rare Delta Aethersprites donated by Andy Skyfighter were soon distributed and sold given out to collegues of the theif in the galaxy.
  • As well as the Taris sytem development.

Kal Fisto announced the end of the Jedi Praxium and later formed the New Jedi Order. However, Kal Fisto turned to the Dark Side (again) converting to the Sith Order. These two organizations didn't last long and it became known as The Exchange a pirate smuggling organisation. TAR quickly set up rescue missions to help trapped Jedi Praxium members, sadly some were killed (part of the high council Odissey was a victim) Four members decided they would join the rangers and keep the spirit of Jedi Praxium alive. Deakon in honour of them to be the last to leave JP gave them badges made from the Jedi logo. only four were given: Rhys Skywalker, Tealon Aijur, Eric Abital and Siraious Altear.

  • Investigations into the incident found that Kal Fisto had been lying and was planning to start a new organization without non force users by disbanding the Jedi Praxium and using assets to make new collective. He failed to unite the jedi who were happy to be in Rebel Alliance and other organisations. In his frustrations he turned to dark side and then became an outlaw. The Taris system former JP territory he claimed that Black Sun wanted, he kept for himself to make the failed NJO.

Episode 5 - The Stability (Late Year 5 to Year 7 303)

With a rocky start to his leadership, Deakon Jarvis concentrated on internal structure, identity and security. Deakon with the help from [[Jake Azzameen], Garik Vordarian and Von Krolok (head of intel and second in command) began to tighten up security and access to information, on any Black Sun related members.

  • The library was formed to gather everything about Antarian Rangers, from code of ethics, laws, justice, history and rank and medals.
  • A cadet Academy was introduced to improve newcomers skills before they graduate.
  • Graduation was tradition a time of a mass gathering, where cadets pledge their allegiance to the Rangers, gained ranks promotions, awarded medals, news and remembering the fallen.
  • Rangers were paid regularly with bonus' to Active rangers with monthly roll calls, though small in size compared to other organizations, despite the limit the organisation had Deakon believed in keeping it going on principles, hoping to future supply all basic needs to a ranger.

With the help of what was left over from JP the experience of Tealon Aijur (Diplomat Corp) and Rhys Skywalker (Building) became valued additions to TAR stability.

  • Around this time TAR HQ was still on Lorell in Hapes Cluster. A vote came from High Commissioner council was for Lotoma system in Brak sector. Controlled by Invisible Army they declared war for we stopped them claiming all the systems. Later Invisible Army was taken over by infiltrators (Jager Bane) of the 12 Colonies an enemy of TAR (Governed by Isoldor Storm). TAR offered to help rescue trapped Invisible army members.

Von Krolok stood down as R2 and Deakon made Rhys Skywalker his number two. Deakon saw a lot of potential in this young comrade and a friendship evolved from this relationship. Deakon was cautious to Rhys being rash, they complimented one another and TAR future was looking good.

  • Deakon began to build communications with Rebel Alliance Supreme Commander Phymp Mindano. It turned out TAR was not part of alliance and written documentation of treaty were all under Jedi Praxium. Tealon Aijur drafted the alliance.

Deakon took some leave for awhile and let Rhys have a go before briefly coming back at this point The High commissioner council were aiming to make Antarian Rangers a government after buying Outer Rim Excavations. Deakon was against this new direction in being a government and profits but wanted TAR to be self sufficient, his voice was weak and he was becoming very ill again. Tar was involved in negotiations with Jesfa Ackmin (ex Ranger and entrepreneur) for Aratech. The Era came to a close when Deakon Jarvis stepped down as leader and retired from the rangers after 2 1/3 years of service and Rhys Skywalker became Ranger One.

Episode 6 - The Expansion (Year 7 Day 303 to Year 8 Day ??)

Rhys, having been given the mantle of The Antarian Rangers, boosted the the income of The Antarian Rangers. Rhys was able to purchase the vehicle production company known as Aratech from Jesfa of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and revived the Outer Rim Excavations. This was probably the most beneficial time and most financially stable time since the first time the Rangers were robbed.

Episode 7 - The Preparation (Year 8 Day ?? to Year 9 Day 221)

Daktal Hearst became Ranger One shortly after Rhys stepped down. Although Rhys was still around, Daktal forced an organizational reformation to operate way more efficiently. Once he got what he wanted he ceded his powers to Liam Helmrow. One month before the official GNS flashpoint news released that The Antarian Rangers was going to become a government, Liam fell gravely ill and decided to step down as Ranger One.

Episode 8 - The Reformation (Year 9 Day 221 to Year 10 Day 341)

The news flashed all over the universe, The Antarian Rangers did it! They became an government entity on Year 9 Day 221. Char'Kargis Olort became Ranger One after the Liam era. Another reformation was to come to allow the new status of the Rangers to reflect upon its newer needs. Flich Warfield returned during this era to ease the transition of the government status. As the Rangers prospered and advanced in all of their affairs, this drew unfortunately the attention of the hostile Black Sun, which finally and treasonously managed to dissolve the government. After a short period of disarray the Rangers reformed, with undaunted spirit, unbent will and eager focus, to continue their work under their own banner, the banner of the Antarian Rangers.



Ranger 1

Ranger 2

  • Azzameen served as acting Ranger 1 until The Antarian Rangers could appoint a new Ranger One.

Affiliated Companies


The Antarian Rangers are a medical company and therefore offers quite some services to you ranging from medical supplies to evacuation to our hospitals. Additionally, we are experts as escorts, in mediation services and security. All services are 50% up front and 50% at the completion of deal, this excludes construction which requires the cost of Raw Materials upfront minimum.

General Services

  • Trade: As a member of the Traders Protection Agency The Antarian Rangers are happy to offer services as middle people in large and small trades. To have TAR act as a middle feel free to contact us via our HoloNet.

TAR also frequently trades so for information on deals we currently have going contact the current Trade Department Leader.

  • Mediation: If you have a dispute that needs assistance, be it civil, military or otherwise feel free to ask TAR. We can offer an impartial Military trial to resolve disputes.
  • Construction: Ranger Construction Services

Security Services

  • Escorting: Ranger Escort Services
  • Body Guard(s): Ranger Body Guard Services
  • Bounty Hunting: Also available on request and each price depends upon the size of any bounty, this may be assistance or full Hunting.

Intelligence Services

  • Scanning Services: Ranger Scanning Services
  • General & Specific Information: Costs of information varies and we can gather or supply almost anything, for further details contact the current Director of Intelligence.


  • Antarian Rangers Banner Year 9.gif (Year 9)

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