Lucus Parahopper

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Lucus Parahopper
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Celegia
Mother Eleena Parahopper
Father Rauk Parahopper
Spouse Jaska Kee
Born Year -16 Day 321
Died Year 6, Day 274
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation
Awards Unknown

Lucus Parahopper was a young businessman who suffered a horrific shuttle accident requiring cybernetic implants to dress his wounds. Through resilience and willpower, he entered the Anzati Government, rising through the public departments to the role of Deputy Prime Minister, before entering the private sector and taking a number of positions through private corporations. When his personal greed overtook his honest nature, his professional connections became few and far between, before he met his end at the hands of a previous mentor and friend, Tara Tylger.

Have to Start Somewhere

Courage Under Fire

Lucus Parahopper was born to parents Rauk and Eleena Parahopper on the planet of Celegia within the Ghost Nebula. While his birth was a celebration for the family, the situation was one of great peril. The planet was undergoing a military bombardment during a coup d'état by a military insurgency against the local government which caused a large number of civilian casualties, along with the collapse of basic social services and facilities. While Lucus was born healthy, his mother Eleena was unable to receive adequate medical attention to control bleeding from her uterus, and died soon after giving birth. Over the next several years, Lucus grew up with a distraught, drunk father who was unable to get over the loss of his wife. While unable to effectively communicate or even comfort her father in a concise manner, he still tried to comfort his father they way a young child could. While shrugged off and neglected, Lucus was soon removed from his father's care for fear of his health, by local officials of the new insurgent government and placed in the Celegia Juvenile Enrichment Centre. While the centre was predominately comprised on violent children, Lucus was able to spend the majority of his time teaching himself a basic eduction. While he focussed on galactic basic to understand the basic of galactic society, he was forced to teach himself the basics of self defence as he was regularly beaten and targeted by groups of uneducated youths.

Removing himself from the facility at the age of fourteen, Lucus spent the next three months attempting to locate his father. Local holorecords were incomplete and sporadic, detailing several places of residences and various employment opportunities. It became apparent that this drunken nature had caused him to fall into a life of mediocrity. Investigating a number of leads with the limited credits he received when he departed the Celegia Centre, he soon released the news was going to be bleak. Falling into the bowels of society, Lucus discovered the body of his father, shot three times in the chest from what appeared to be a small projectile. Disappointed, however not very sad given their history, he contacted the local authorities to ensure the proper ceremony was bestowed on his father, and for the first time in his life, the growing Anzati visited the tombstone of his mother, to bury his father right beside her.

Overcoming Adversity

Moving in and out of various homes to get by, Lucus spent his fifteenth and sixteenth birthdays living marginally above the poverty line, bar-tending in a number of taverns throughout the Mytaranor sector. While the credit flow was minimal at best, Lucus found himself making a number of friends in various places. While many were able to provide various internships throughout various companies within the Rakhuuun system, others were able to provide free accommodation and living facilities to help him get by. One such friend was Jaska Kee. While their friendship kicked off immediately due to their similar living conditions, it introduced Lucus to sex and the love of another, something he had never experienced in his life thus far. Spending as much time together as possible, he soon found them sharing the same address, before a connection saw an internship grow into an entry-level position within a consultancy firm called Messert Managerial, based out of Messert V.

I was blind but now I see.

Over a three year employment, his rudimentary skills in communication grew to a level of a skilled negotiator. Contracts and companies filled his days, turning his once simple day-to-day life of struggling, into a life of fine suits, culture and a higher standard of living, forcing him to move out of Jaska's home, and bid farewell to his first love.

A week before his nineteenth birthday, Lucus took a QH-3 LAV speeder to a client's office on Tholatin III to negotiate a new employment contract. With a signed and sealed contract, Lucus commenced his return to the offices of Messert Managerial where his speeder was hit head on by a drunk Gran, causing catastrophic damage to speeder, before it caught fire as it hurtled into the planet's surface. Unconscious and badly wounded, Lucus was taken to a Rebel Alliance aligned company, Cyber Technology. As various FX-7 medical droids attempted to heal his various wounds, it was evident that his body would require extensive cybernetics in order to survive. Both arms were removed and replaced with their metallic counterparts, while his damaged retina's were changed to cybernetic eyes. After month's of rehabilitation and a number of follow-up medical procedures, Lucus was discharged and once again forced to start over. With his employment within Messert Managerial terminated due to his prolonged absence, Lucus looked for a fresh start to his new life.

Immigration Principles

With both parents now deceased and his employment prospects now non existent, Lucus decided to look at moving to another part of the galaxy. While he had no previous affiliation to the government, Lucus decided to return to the home of his heritage, and move to the Anzat system to try a new environment as a change of pace. Before he left, he made contact with his old friend Jaska Kee to reestablish contact after his ordeal and their time apart. Given she had recently found herself without work, she showed a desire to join Lucus on his journey. Selling her various mediocre assets, she was able to purchase a small G-1A Transport for them to partake on their journey. Despite his horrific injuries and new cybernetic implants, Jaska showed no signs of discomfort or loss of love, allowing their romance to immediately rekindle from where it was left, giving them a strong sense of companionship during their long journey to their new home. Upon their arrival, they decided to settle away from the capital on the planet of Anzat IV, giving them a more private and secluded lifestyle away from the sprawling metropolis that the capital would provide. While Jaska took a number of roles within the growing hospitality industry on the planet, Lucus enlisted within the local government, the New Anzat Order, joining the Navy to undertake assignments. While placed within a fleet under the command of Marcus Obafemi, Lucus was placed on routine survey runs to the outskirts of Anzati space, with the directive to report and analyse new contacts that entered the systems. While the majority of the task was mundane, it gave him time to organise his personal affairs and correspondents for his new living arrangements within the system.

Change is Afoot

Internal Transfers

While surveys were a regular practice within the military, Lucus felt he could do a greater good by transferring into the Transport and Logistics department within the New Anzat Order. Organised by Commander Tara Vitane, Lucus soon found himself a mentor that began to introduce him to the department, as well as how to run it effectively and use his negotiating abilities to improve the success of his contracts and operations within the department. While the tasks forced him to spend a growing amount of time away from Jaska, they still remained in contact, communication through holocommunicators on a daily basis while he was away. While many assignments were routine and required minimal work for their completion,

Lucus engages a number of protesters during an operation.

Lucus found occasional assignments that presented a challenge. At the age of nineteen he took an assignment which required the hauling of Duratcrete from the planet of New Holstice to Anzat IV Companion, a moon within Anzati space where a small operation was being conducted into the colonisation of a local prison population off world. Upon landing on the planet of New Holstice, Lucus began to load the materials, before being engaged by a number of angry protesters to the project, a number being family members of those chosen to be recolonized on the moon. While he was able to seek cover behind his assigned Guardian-class Medium Cruiser, the flagships of the Anzati Navy at the time, the materials he was charged with retrieving were being captured by the protesters. With their attention momentarily distracted by the materials, Lucus returned fire with his personal DL-18 blaster pistol, subduing a number of attackers, while scaring off the others. While he had witnessed violence before, he never thought he would be forced to kill another, let alone several. As he loaded the materials and returned to Anzat, he spent the bulk of the journey communicating his worry and concern to Jaska. Unsure of how he should feel, he sat and listened to her counsel as the autopilot systems guided him through hyperspace. Upon his return, Lucus took the next month off as he recovered from the ordeal. While a number of his cybernetics were repaired due to damage, he remained close to Jaska and severed communication to the government during the time, wanting some peace once more.

Taking a holiday to Phinel's Folly, a moon just outside the Maldrood sector, Lucus felt his personal connection with Jaska had grown to the point where he couldn't live without her. They had both been through a great deal of adversity in their young lives thus far, and had shared a heat deal about each other that they became kindred spirits. While on holiday, Lucus took them on a journey to the outskirts, to a small rock formation known to the local populous as The Precipice, signifying the edge of the moons hold on any particular being that stood close. Holding her close, they simply stood in silence for hours as they looked up at the stars and watched a number of shuttles come and go, enjoying the tranquility the position offered, before Lucus got down on one knee and removed a ring forged from a Krayt Dragon pearl, and proposed marriage to Jaska. Her period of thought was non-existent, hastily placing the ring on her finger and embracing Lucus. While slightly naive in their young ages, they immediately travelled to a local facility on the moon and made their marriage official, remaining engaged for a matter of hours in between.

The newly married couple while on holiday.

Upon his return to the Government as a newly married man, he bare witness to a number of political changes. Prime Minister Malakai Brooks had retired from his position, which saw a new era under the leadership of Prime Minister Camaris sa Vinitta. With his friend and mentor, Tara Vitane promoted to the Commander of the Navy, Lucus found himself in charge of all logistical operations within the New Anzat Order. Enthusiastic about his new responsibility, the role allowed him to remain permanently close to his wife, while out of harms way on logistical operations. As his started to re-experience life as an administrator and not an individual on the front line, he began to grow comfortable. His life was on the right track in a position of both authority and power, his was married with a gorgeous wife and he was finally happy for quite possibly the first time in his life. The governmental changes saw a greater influx of followers to the Anzati cause, however it also saw a growth in conflict, most noticeably between the New Anzat Order and the growing conglomerate know as the Horizon Corporation. While communication transmissions between the groups were minimal, Horizon regularly began harassing Anzati citizens and their shipments, putting pressure on local business as deliveries were sporadic, driving up pricing for imported consumer products. While now out of his teenage years and into his twenties, Lucus was still young and inexperienced in the way of grand conflicts, having only done smaller negotiations and contract work. Worse still, his mentor Tara Vitane, now identified as Tara Tylger, given her discovered heritage to the Royal Hapan family, had departed the New Anzat Order in unusual circumstances, turning to the Black Sun crime family. While the Prime Minister remained in solitude during the conflict, Lucus, despite his experience felt that something needed to be done, however he was unable to do it alone. Communicating with Military Commander Jeroen Veers and High Ambassador Tigris Ninx, Lucus outlined his plan to re-establish the leadership of the Order, and ensure the greater populous didn't suffer through indecision and insecurity within the cabinet. Through the movement, Tigris Ninx was appointed the new leader, now Chancellor, of the New Anzat Order, while Lucus took the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.

First Real Taste of Power

With his position within the Order now official, Lucus began to introduce a number of plans to adjust the government outline, and re-establish public confidence in the new governmental body. While Tigris was a seasoned veteran and a wise Mon Calamarian, Lucus was still only twenty-two and relatively inept in the running of a government. While the Chancellor was able to provide guidance in his new role, Lucus was placed under a growing amount of pressure to learn his new role and complete roles at a high level of efficiency. Public support had returned, however despite the support of his wife, Lucus didn't feel comfortable in the role. He began to focus more of limiting the control of various departments, causing them to submit overviews and briefs through the Interior Ministry, effectively giving him responsibility over all government departments in an autocratic fashion. Was the decision was met with resistance and worry by a number of governmental employees, Lucus attempted to encourage favour by implementing a number of employment changes, increasing salaries and workers conditions to buy their support. While the plan worked, Lucus found himself embracing the power at an alarming rate, a pattern Jaska noticed quickly and attempted to highlight the fact to Lucus, something he shrugged off in his naive nature. However despite his denial of becoming blind by the power he had been given, it was quickly put to the test when the governments pestering nemesis, the Horizon Corporation decided to engage Anzat in an effort to destabilise the government and gain control of the local population. While a number of operations were conducted on both sides, creating a downward economy for the Anzati people while both sides suffered losses, the real test came in the form of a communication by the Horizon Corporation leader, the infamous Venom Kazvar. The piercing green eyes of the man initially didn't phase Lucus, however his persistence was always an admirable trait. Desiring access to the protocols for all internal Anzati communications during the conflict, Venom attempted a number of methods to coerce Lucus. Women, credits and the promise of a position were all rejected, however when Jaska was captured by the internal security forces of Horizon, Lucus was left with no choice and handed over all encrypted protocols to the enemy. While happy to have his wife back within his arms, Lucus felt a great sense of betrayal within himself, a feeling that echoed with every step he took on Anzati soil. Abruptly and unexpectedly to many within the government, Lucus resigned his various roles and commissions, before departing Anzati space for the final time, once again finding himself without a cause to follow or a direction to take.

Full Circle


Without a desire to travel, Jaska and Lucus decided to return to whence they game, settling back on Tholatin III. Despite his new experience in large negotiation and managing a government, Lucus had little desire to return to public life full of scrutiny and immense pressure. Seeing an opening in a company he had previous been a client of, Lucus contacted the Rebel Alliance with a proposal, one that saw him take control of Cyber Technology, the medical company that returned him to a state of life after his horrific accident. Replacing interim Chief Executive Officer Chan, Lucus began the quiet read ministration of the company. In doing so, medical output was slowly increased while Lucus sat back and let the credits roll in from investors.

Despite his minimal efforts and input, the company still saw and increase in revenue which ensure Lucus remained in his position. Employees were tasked with their continued efforts in medical research and procedures, while Lucus gave his personal experiences of the company from a patients perspective to help improve various processes and attitudes of certain professionals within the company. While he found himself vulnerable in a position of power once more, given the private sector affiliates the company had, along with the backing of the Rebel Alliance, Lucus could be content with a life of luxury without the need to actually do any work. While his personal credits increased drastically over the following months, allowing him to spoil his wife, he still felt empty with his role, becoming accustomed to being lazy instead of getting something done. While he repeated attempted to negotiate a number of contracts through the Rebel Alliance for assistance during their Galactic Civil War endeavours with the Galactic Empire, his requests were denied, forcing him to take no other action that resign his role as Chief Executive of the company.

With a desire to redeem himself, he contacted a company he had admired during his time within the New Anzat Order, the Antarian Rangers and it's leader Choibacco Antaria. While his ordeal and indiscretion during his final days within the New Anzat Order was not public knowledge, Lucus still felt the desire to do something good, that didn't benefit himself or his family, and thus decided to take the newly formed role of Chief Justice within the growing security company. His work was immediately thrown into high gear as Choibacco declared a new doctrine against theft and crime in the galaxy, targeting the Black Sun crime family and in particular enforcer Banquo Knox. Using his legal resources, Lucus changed his name to that of Antaria, before creating a large amount of legislation to target the various criminals within certain individuals. While he felt a great sense of pride in the work he was doing, he felt somewhat conflicted that the legislation was targeting his former friend and mentor Tara Tylger, something that caused several sleepless nights as his conscience battled the conundrum. While the campaign was gathering a large amount of galactic support, Ranger One Choibacco Antaria was forced away from the administration of the company on personal matters, a situation that found Lucus unexpectantly being promoted to the role of Ranger One, and leader of the Antarian Rangers.

Power is Weakness

While Lucus continued the campaign that had been championed by Choibacco, he found himself, once again, in a position of power with an armada of vessels at his disposal and a naive nature to compliment his young adolescence. While he introduced a plan to target Adam A Flynn for his dismantling of a conglomerate, Lucus himself was setting a plan in motion to remove the Antarian Rangers, including their various Acclamator I-class Assault Ships, Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers and various other haulers and squadrons of fighters. While the Antarian Rangers attempted to rebuild after his removal of a great number of assets from the security company, Lucus sent the coordinates to a number of Rangers personnel to the Black Sun crime syndicate, allowing them an olive branch for the public spectacle they had been put through. Returning home however, Lucus was met with a barrage of abuse by his wife Jaska, disgusted at the public action he had done and how he had betrayed not only himself, but her as well. After an argument that seemed to take an eternity, Jaska left Lucus alone in their house, leaving him in a state of confusion and worry as to whether she would ever return. Despite his relationship issues, he quickly contacted a number of individuals to unload his stolen vessels, namely Thraken Solo and Keir Santage. Unloading the various Acclamator I-class Assault Ships and Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers, Lucus used his now unbelievable collection of credits to look for a secluded piece of property to enjoy his life while he tried to patch up his marriage.

However, despite his riches, he wanted to unload one last piece of information. With a desire and the riches to join the Black Sun crime family, Lucus reached out to his old friend and mentor, Tara Tylger, to discuss the opportunity. While sceptical of whether the crime family would truly be open to working with him after the saga within the Antarian Rangers, Lucus trusted his old mentor, and believed she would be willing to grant him an audience and an opportunity to at least discuss his chances. Upon personal invitation, Lucus boarded the Acclamator I-class Assault Ship, Eternity Awaits, a personal vessel of Tara's. While being escorted to meet her, Lucus was ambushed by a number of Sentinel Droids and acolytes to the Black Sun cause. While his cybernetics were able to repel a number of attacks, Lucus was simply outmatched and badly beaten by his attackers. Knocked unconscious, he was dragged into an airlock onboard the vessel, before being greeted by his former mentor. Bleeding profusely, Lucus asked why he was beaten and not simply killed when we stepped onboard. While Tara refused to answer and simply stood in front of him quietly, Lucus continued to ask questions, wondering why he had been betrayed by his former mentor. As he continued to talk, Tara moved her hand behind her, quickly grasping her personal white bladed lightsaber, before igniting the blade and forcing it into Lucus' chest, twisting the blade to increase the pain as Lucus convulsed. As Lucus collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath as blood poured from his open wound, Tara removed herself from the airlock before beginning the ejection sequence. Dazed and confused from the blood loss, Lucus watched as her mentor blew him one kiss before he was ejected into the vacuum of space. As the wound in his chest expelled blood, and his internal organs froze from the vacuum of space, Lucus felt his last breath escape his body as his departed the galaxy, floating within the Woldona system.