Deakon Jarvis

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Deakon Jarvis
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Commenor
Born Year -28 Day 130
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Six Foot
Coloring Olive Skinned
Eye Color blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freedom Warriors
Rank Sub Commander
Positions Ranger 1
Prior Affiliation The Antarian Rangers and New Republic


Early Life

A slightly private human who alway kept his early life away from the public. Born on Commenor to a middle class family. His father owned an Agricultural Company and his mother was a manager of a hotel down by the ocean in a tourist resort. Deakon was involved in shipping agricultural equipment to Corellia and Coruscant for his father. It was here he learnt a lot of life traits with his colleague and dear friend Jimbo Jinn flying around on an old YT 1250 known as the "Whiskey Rose". A turn of events that shattered his family, career and friends, traumitised Deakon, he resorted to drink. It was waking up in Year 5 on Tatioone down a side alley with only the clothing and a few credits to his name, that made him make a commitment on a life ultering decision that directed him away from all the things known from his past.

"I got so drunk, I never knew how I ended up on Tatioone with less than 5,000 credits. Alone with no job, no ship, no purpose. All I can think of... was this... the worst case of the dries. I just wanted to drink, to cure the hangover of my so called life."
— Deakon Jarvis

The Antarian Rangers

"When darkness falls. Look for the light. There is always hope."
— Deakon Jarvis

Around Year 5 Day 180 Deakon Jarvis was stranded on Tatioone after a massive drinking binge . Money running low, and alone needing a new direction in his life. It is not known why he chose to be in a small security organisation, but once he was commited to joining, he stuck through with loyalty and stubborness that was bordering on being annoying.

"Some beings think I'm mother, I nag a lot. Only reason is they ignore me, and so I have to repeat myself."
— Deakon Jarvis

In his first week of being a cadet, his assigned ship had engine trouble in space, and his Security identity datacard failed due to an error. Stuck in a tin can for week or two while major events like the defection of a Jedi Master Samus Augill and his padewan Maximus Archer to the Galactic Empire and the dark side. A mass exodus of the Antaria Family led by Choibacco Antaria as they lost faith in the organisation, which was stripped from within by the two jedi. When the Antaria Family left taking there personal assets as well. One man was handed leadership Dedrick Rogue and with six other cadets including Deakon stood by him to keep the organisation running.

At this time Jedi Praxium helped the rangers in rebuilding the organisation from the scraps left over. Deakon got to know Dedrick Rogue and Jake Azzameen, Rhys Skywalker(whom was part of Jedi Praxium at the time). Deakon began to open up the more other trusted in him, and he helped Dedrick reorganise the Antarian Rangers identity untill Dedrick rogues disapearencem that left the rangers in stagnation a few months struggling on restructuring and membership.

Off Duty Tavern Years

Rebel Alliance and the Creation of the New Republic

The Rambling Trader Years

Unexpected Friend and the Resurrection of Freedom Warriors

"Deakons Law 14:
'The more you think and believe in something the better the chance it will happen."
— Deakon Jarvis

The Galactic Alliance


"The Kessel Run II"
Year 5 the second ship race known as the Kessel Run organised by Midge Cellewan around Day 200? kicked off. Dedrick Rogue entered The Antarian Rangers with a YT 550 and personally chose Deakon and Tine Darky to pilot and represent the rangers. Due to unforseen delays though consistant in 4th place, the longer the race went, exhaustion took over and they came in a disappointing 8th-12th?

"It was a hell of an experience I nearly missed the start and it didnt help that I slapped with nervous excitement the coordinates backwards. Flying towards Kessel Moon the opposite way to the rest of the entries. Thankgoodness I recovered my embarrassment and was lucky it wasnt hyper coordinates..which later a few pilots did do that put them out of the race."
— Deakon Jarvis

Ranger One
Becoming Leader of The Antarian Rangers for two and a half years, and only stepped down due to health reasons.

  • Giving The Antarian Rangers an identity, tradtions, structure, and purpose.
  • Researching and updating history of the organisation
  • Improving Cadet Academy and other areas of organisation.
  • Improving coordination with Jedi Praxium till their tragic demise.
  • Setting up an Alliance with the Rebel Alliance and New Republic.
  • Building a ranger bond to encourage loyalty, devotion and duty.
  • Returning ownership to the Rangers from outside influences.

"I will always look back at what I achieved in those years. Despite many of what I did have changed. I think I would of returned, but I always took on more than I could manage. I let go finally when the High Commission decided they wanted to be a Government, than a security military regiment."
— Deakon Jarvis

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