Talon Efrawn

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Talon Efrawn
Biographical Information
Race Weequay[1]
Homeworld Sith Worlds (Sector)
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Ashley Efrawn (Sister of Linden Rathan) Deceased
Siblings Malice Efrawn
Children Classified
Born Year -21 Day 363
Died Contrary to belief he actually isn't dead
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height ~2.26 meters
Weight ~152.41 kg
Coloring Blonde (Braided)
Eye Color Glowing Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Rank Pro Consul - Diplomacy
Positions Held
Prior Affiliation Black Dragons
Infinite Dark
Aurora Tech

Talon Efrawn is a male Weequay[1] and current member of Falleen Federation as a Pro Consul in Ministry of State.


Early Life

As a young Weequay, Talon lived under the boot-heel of his twin brother, a dark side user named Malice. Malice drew dark strength from the suffering he created in his twin, drawing strength from it. As they shared a measure of rapport through the force, he siphoned off the energy that surrounded Talon in his misery, using it to strengthen his dark side powers. The only reason Talon even lived was to succor his brother's desire to feed on his fear, hate or despair. Malice allowed Talon to service his ship, and attacked him when anything was even remotely wrong or took longer than needed. Talon soon learned to never make mistakes, and as a consequence, became a very capable mechanic. He also learned how to operate the ships he serviced whilst working on them, which came in very handy in his future.

Death of Malice

The Master that had apprenticed Malice was the dark lord Vore. Vore took on two apprentices, forcing them to compete against one another, to hate one another, to despise one another, thus growing stronger in the dark side. The last test before they could become his true apprentice was to battle each other to the death using lightsabers. The ensuing battle was fierce, and Malice may have defeated his opponent, had his opponent not used a concealed scatter gun to harass Malice whilst he neatly removed the head from Malice's shoulders. Malice's lifeless body slumped and fell to the ground, a lifeless husk.

Talon was secretly watching the battle from underneath a nearby speeder. He saw his brother die, and let out a gasp. Vore turned to him and winked an evil wink that made Talon feel like someone had poured ice water down his back. Vore than proceeded to order his apprentice to seek out Talon and kill him, but didn't point out his location. "He must want him to practice his hunting skills," Talon thought. There was only one hope. Escape. Talon quickly ran to his brother's ship and started the power up sequence. Just as he exited the hangar, he saw his house burning.

Finding a Home

Black Dragons

With no real destination, Talon found himself in need of protection. His brother's ship had little armament, relying on stealth instead. Talon decided to try something. He remembered hearing a rumour on some of the passing comm chatter about a supposedly elite group of escorting pilots called the Black Dragons. He called them, arranging for them to meet with him at a location in nearby space and give him safe passage to a populous world. His credits turned out not to be enough to get him anywhere, but Linden Rathan made an exception and said that since they were going there anyway, they'd take him to their home world of Corellia.

Talon and the Black Dragons, led by Linden Rathan, arrived at Corellia. With no place for Talon to go, and no remaining credits to his name, the Black Dragons agreed to let Talon stay until he could find work. Fitzy asked Linden Rathan why he was being so kind. Linden Rathan simply replied, "He's lost all of his family, and he had no one to help him stand up for himself. He's someone I could have been." Everyone turned to look at Talon, who was now silent. Linden Rathan asked him: "What did you do".

Linden Rathan

"I have been a mechanic for years," Talon answered.

"Ever work on a Aggressor Assault Fighter or a JM-5000 before," asked Fitzy.

"Well, I used to work on JM's all the time, also Head hunters, R-41s, even a couple of shuttles and G-1A Transports".

Everyone turned to Linden Rathan. He nodded his head. "We are in need of a good mechanic Talon. If you want the position, it's yours. You'll be able to join us on missions too, if you'd like."

"I will train you to fight as a commando," said Shatterstar. "And you can teach me about explosives".

"I think I must," said Talon. "You have all saved me, and I have nowhere else to go anyway. I'd be proud to be a Black Dragon".

"Then it is done," said Linden Rathan. "Wasabi, show Talon to his bunk. Make him feel welcome. This is his home now. He's one of us". All the rest of the Black Dragons slapped Talon on the back and offered him hearty welcomes. For the first time in his life, Talon felt at home.

Creating Ties with Infinite Dark

  • Infinite Dark Banner Year 3.jpg

Then to Infinite Dark where he become Chief of Repairs and rose through the ranks until becoming 2nd in command.

Becoming President of Aurora Tech

  • Aurora Technologies Banner Year 12.png

Kam Farlight retired leaving Talon to run the group into CSA early concept. Now to clarify the story he was not robbed but gave leadership of Infinite Dark to Direx Board member Adam A Flynn because Talon was setting course to the Outer Rim to find his arch nemesis Veynom. Adam A Flynn later sent the shell of the group back to him as evidence of his fowl deed. Soon after Talon got in his Flagship Quasar called "Exodus" and set out on his task with a small fleet.

Hunting in the Outer Rim

Year 5 Day 62 - Year 17 Day 124

Talon's wife Ashley was found dead in their Estate on Sriluur by her personal bodyguard and Aide Kelisea Bernard. Talon investigated the murder and tracked down the killer who gave up that Grand Admiral Veynom had placed a bounty on Ashley because of her brothers ties to the Rebel Alliance as Talon tore the Rodian apart piece by piece with his bare hands. Talon set his affair straight and readied his personal fleet to pursue Grand Admiral and set out Year 5 Day 62.

In Outer Rim searching to kill Veynom. Talon never found the former Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire, but he did meet many interesting people out in the wild spaces. Then decided to call off his search and rejoin the civilized universe again.

Falleen Federation


Year 17 Day 124 Joins the Falleen Federation where he remains to this day. Talon continues to climb up the ranks in Ministry of State with his extensive experience in leadership roles and time in the Outer Rim dealing with people from various backgrounds and races.

Much has happen between his official story and his life before and after. If you can last long enough drinking with him you might learn some new things about his life story.


A photo of Talon and his female Anzati bodyguard Janasen Hodrren getting ready to leave for planet side Diplomatic Mission for the Falleen Federation. DeckTalon.png


Black Dragons

  • Chief of Repair
  • Army Colonel

Infinite Dark

  • Chief of Repair

Aurora Tech

  • President

Falleen Federation

  • Pro Consul
Ministry of State
  • Secretary of Social Development
Department of Social Development
Ministry of State


Corona-class Frigate: [TxE] Chimera ♋



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