The Mecrosaic Method: An Investigation Into Habitual Betrayal and Dishonesty

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Hacked by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 18 Day 360 Location Unknown

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Hello and welcome to The Mecrosaic Method: An Investigation Into Habitual Betrayal and Dishonesty. I'm Carmen Montoya with TriNebulon News Network. I would like to preface this holocast to establish that we are not targeting the New Republic and their justified hunt for Han Ballooga. They, like Mister Ballooga, are victims with no prior knowledge of what will be revealed in this broadcast. With that out of the way, let's begin.

On Day 333 of Year 18, we were contacted by Mister Ballooga about his heist and attack on Republic Medical, a medical contractor that operates within the New Republic. He stated that he had gotten his hands on X-Wings stationed on one of Republic Medical's production worlds and a large quantity of bacta-based medical products. These claims were confirmed by The New Republic on Day 352. But there was more to the attack on Republic Medical than just the looting. Indeed, Mister Ballooga had managed to poison 500 crates of bacta products with ryll.

Mister Ballooga provided us with samples of the contaminated medical supplies. An independent testing facility confirmed that the medical supplies were contaminated--by a lab associated with Mecrosa. Why would Mecrosa, a company operated by the reputable Dac Kain, provide a criminal with such product? Had it been stolen, too? Mister Ballooga declined to answer and asked for our investigation to focus on the attack on Republic Medical. This piqued our curiosity further. Who was Mister Ballooga protecting? We continued the investigation without input from Mister Ballooga.

On Day 352, the New Republic announced the attack as well as their bounty on Mister Ballooga's head. Mister Ballooga graciously accepted our request for an interview and appeared excited to speak on the matter. During the interview, he began rambling on about the "Jawa Liberation Front", a terrorist organization founded by the Jawaese people of Tatooine that aimed to overthrow the New Republic's control over the planet. He mentioned that he would undergo racial transitional surgery within the coming days, which included the acquisition of shorter cybernetic limbs. However, his story did not quite add up when we could find no evidence of the existence of this Jawa Liberation Front.

Mister Ballooga was scheduled for his cybernetics surgery the following day, after which our interview would resume. He failed to contact us, so we reached out to one of his allies: Jic Uiji, the leader of The Jawa Society, a group that had been funding Mister Ballooga's transition. Mister Uiji mentioned that the surgery had been performed by Xucphra, a medical organization associated with the very same Mecrosa that was the source of the ryll that had contaminated Republic Medical's supplies. Further investigation revealed that earlier this year, Mister Ballooga had won a free cybernetics implant from the group during the annual Death Match.

Shortly after this discovery, an anonymous source referred to us by Mister Uiji informed us that they had received numerous assets from Mister Ballooga's bank upon confirmation of his death. We contacted the bank, which revealed that Mister Ballooga had received 150 million credits from an anonymous source prior to his death. The date of the transaction coincided with the date of the attack on Republic Medical, but neither Mister Ballooga nor Republic Medical had reported stolen credits.

We began to speculate on Mecrosa's involvement with the situation. They were the source of the ryll used to contaminate Republic Medical's bacta, they were behind Mister Ballooga's cybernetics surgery, and as revealed in the news earlier today, they were responsible for the death of Mister Ballooga. These details could not be coincidental. What would Mecrosa have to gain from this? Why would they attack a medical group only to aid them later on?

We learned from two anonymous sources who provided proof of their prior dealings with Mecrosa that Mecrosa had been in talks with the New Republic to request removal from the New Republic's trading blacklist, something which indeed occurred shortly thereafter. But why would a company that had worked to get themselves removed from the New Republic's trading blacklist immediately turn around to attack them?

The answer is simple: to gain the New Republic's trust. As a result, they secretly orchestrated Mister Ballooga's attack on their medical facilities, then subsequently murdered him to 'prove' their loyalty. They paid Mister Ballooga to loot and contaminate the New Republic's medical supplies, then double crossed him and fabricated the story that they had fed to the New Republic upon his death.

This may seem outlandish on the surface, but given the questionable past of Mecrosa's leader, Dac Kain, is it truly farfetched? An investigation into Mister Kain revealed that such dishonesty is not unprecedented. Indeed, it appears that a similar situation occurred on Day 33 of Year 10. On that day, Bothan Media Services released a statement through the Galactic News System outlining a situation in which Mister Kain abused his position as a reputable middleman to enable The Damned, the former owner of Mecrosa, to capture popular Mandalorian leader, Kai Oryk. Furthermore, Mister Kain was unmasked as Shadow Vigo Losco, an undercover agent of Black Sun, by reputable news organization Crepan in Year 15.

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"Oops, got caught!"

We are left with no doubt that Mecrosa orchestrated this situation. The New Republic and Han Ballooga are both victims of the indecent behavior of Mecrosa, an organization with longtime criminal ties under the leadership of Dac Kain. We recommend exercising caution when dealing with Mecrosa, and if asked to do work for them, refuse and walk away. It is not worth your time, your reputation, or your life.

This has been Carmen Montoya with TriNebulon News Network, bringing you the news of yesterday for the galactic citizens of today. Have a great night, folks.