The Order of Kampar

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The Order of Kampar
General Information
Status Active
Leader Scott Hood
Owner Horley Cyan
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 248
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Medical Service
Holosite The Order of Kampar


Founded in Year 6 of the Great Galactic Civil War, due to the unrest and anger in the Galactic Senate and the ultimate end of Republic 6 years earlier resulted in the formation of The Order of Kampar a religious faith governed through the authority of the Great one "Kampar" and his 12 Deities.

In the Year 7, The Order spread to cover and control all Six planets of the Kamparas System. It was at this point with a religious following of over 200,000,000; Kampar and his Twelve Deities, travelled to Endor on a religious pilgrimage, and dissipated into the abyss. The only record of the faithful trip is the last message sent by Kampar himself stating "Endor is in sight we have clearance, the only ship.... a Victory Class Star.........loosing power.... engines gone....skhhhhhhhh" with the lack of leadership the Order passed into memory

In Year 8 a young sentient known as Horley Cyan, on a trip to the Kamparas system discovered a previously unknown space station located over Kamparas. Upon docking with this station Horley scanned it and realized that the entire storage compartment was filled with old stock and spaceships worth a fortune


The Dominion of Lepho:

In the prophecy of 9083 the Prophets saw a need to develop the Order in preparation for the chaotic times that lay a head. This lead to the Merger of the Kamparian medical services and Neuro-Saav Industries, a then market leader in Medical services. The Result was the Dominion of Lhepo. A division of the Order of Kampar, the Dominion of Lhepo strives to ensure all beings across the galaxy have access to affordable medical products and services.

Although an entity within the Order of Kampar, the Dominion operates independently and is not bound or governed by the Order's religious mandate. Headed up by Deucalion Helios. the Dominion of Lhepo is a galactic medical technology division that is focused on improving Bacta delivery, enhancing the diagnosis of infectious diseases through innovative droid technologies and improving access to medical services throughout the galaxy. The Dominion develops, manufactures and sells medical supplies, devices, and rapid response craft to serve healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public.

The Kamparian Guard:

Founded in Year 11 on the suggestions of Edgeman Riman and the perseverance of Head Prophet Kreugar Bane, The Kamparian Guard represents the Defensive and Influential part of the Kamparas System patrolling and protecting the Interests of The Order at home and abroad.

The Active Head is Colonel Sirius Cyan.

Secession from the CIS

On Year 12 Day 125, the Order Announced its withdrawal from the CIS and its other member organizations. The Order announced this decision after the disastrous Battle of Aldakinakt in which the forces of Mecrosa took over the planet. Horley Cyan, the leader of the organization, announced today that "Recently a member group of the Confederacy was physically attacked by parties that were treated better than family in most respects, and when a call for help went out 2 people responded, out of the total (8 members of the) CIS senate." The resignation of Prophet Bane instigated the initial Founder to assumed control of The Order, Horley Cyan re-assumed Control over Kampar and its failing business's which were results of the loss of Aldakinakt and the Income the properties provided.