Theofan Maercan

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Theofan Maercan
Theofan Maercan.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Anx
Homeworld Bothawui
Born Y -29
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 7"
Coloring Dark and light brown hair
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Curs
Rank Marquess, Captain
Prior Affiliation The eXiles, Slayn & Korpil


Theofan began his career as a construction engineer for the Slayn & Korpil (S&K ) ground corp. He started off building planetary infrastructure for Slayn on their planetoid Nickel One, His skills as an astute and intelligent Logistician coupled with firm leadership capabilities quickly brought Theofan to the attention of the then Leader of S&K, Lady Helen Hawk. Chosen for his accomplishments his first fleet command was as Admiral of S&Ks liberation force, sent to gain control of the planet Mondress, then under the arguably oppresive rule of one, Samuel Ashen of the Confederate Independent Systems, ( CIS ). After a long and tedious blockade punctuated by brief and violent fights with ground forces on the planet, and with the influence of the Falleen Federation in the area, Theofan and S&K forces gained a decisive hold on the ground and system and claimed control of the planet, initiating sizable reconstruction of assets destroyed or damaged in the conflict and once build up was finished and the ground secured, Theofan declared the planet free and the system was given over to theFalleen Federation, Who agreed to dictate termst hat would better the situation of the planets inhabitants before releasing control of the planet back to the previous owner, Samuel.

After his tenure as Admiral with S&K, the new government The Exiles formed and Theofan was quickly promoted to some rank as Minister of Logistics, managing and rebuilding lands previously owned by the fallen Old Republic/ Commonality, though pleased with his accomplishments and current position, Theofan's fierce independence and drive to create something of his own from the galaxy, and coupled with the support of his long time partners and friends, the brothers Redjon Mirrabel and Atom Mirrabel and along with Dane Jarrah and roaming freelancer Yasmin Caldari, Theofan began quietly laying down the foundations for his own group, soon to become the Black Curs. With friction with leadership in The Exiles building and the discovery of a new System Prindaar, Theofan decided to move his plans forward and Black Curs was born, Seizing control of multiple areas of the new system along they were instrumental in aiding the Krath Dynasty to gain control of the Prindaar system, and by extension, the entire Inner Cluster sector.

Though young, newly formed and barely on their feet the Curs under Theofan's leadership proved themselves effective allies and with shrewd maneuvering on the part of Theofan, gained the capital they needed to seek, discover and then claim their new home. Gosho, giving Curs control of the Parmel sector and an entire system of four planets to call home.

Current Activities


Known Assets