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Planet 10.png
System Cularin
Sector Hevvrol
Galactic Coordinates -120, 160
System Coordinates 12, 9
Astrographic Entry Tilnes
Type Moon (type III atmosphere)
Primary Terrain: Rock, crater
Rotational Period 20 local days
Orbital Period 45 local days
Population 6,717,561
Controlled By None

Tilnes is a mid-sized moon located in the southern portion of the Hevvrol sector in the Mid Rim Territories.


Along with Rennokk, Tilnes is one of two natural satellites for the world of Cularin. With its inhospitable type III atmosphere, colonization of the moon required construction of specialized cities that provided the oxygen, nitrogen and atmospheric pressure required for many sentient species, that were not naturally present. Outside of these cities, breathing masks or environmental suits must be worn by most sentient species to maintain consciousness and prevent death by asphyxiation. Land rights to the moon were purchased by Tomas o`Cuinn in Year 16 (CGT), who immediately set to reviewing the planetary designs in an effort to increase efficiency and quality of life. Shortly after, the Confederacy of Independent Systems began construction of a Golan model II space station in direct orbit of the moon. To protect his investment from imminent destruction, Cuinn constructed an interlinked network of shield generators connected to a central computer control centre, enveloping the moon in a reinforced bubble of shields. Defensive weapon emplacements have been constructed, mainly consisting of LNR Series II turbo laser cannons and KDY v-150 Planet Defenders. This combination of anti-orbital turbolasers, ion cannons and reinforced planetary shields were built solely to deter planetary siege.

Tomas o`Cuinn sold his controlling stake of the moon mid Year 16 (CGT).