Tobias Kain

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Tobias Kain
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Beverly Kain
Father William Kain
Siblings Michael J Kain, Dac Kain, Benjamin Kain, Jayde Kain
Children none
Born Year -11 Day 125
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.803 meters
Hair Color Dark Brown / Blonde (Dyed.)
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Kain Family
Rank Freelance Captain
Prior Affiliation Mecrosa


Tobias Kain was born into the Kain family, with his twin brother Michael J Kain GCT Year: -11, Day: 125. The twins were born after their brothers Dac and Benjamin, respectively, and before their sister Jayde.


Early Years

Having been born to a wealthy family such as the Kains, many would think that Tobias and his siblings lived a comfortable and pampered life, but such is not the case. Though they were wealthy, they were also well raised. They were taught to pilot and repair ships, and had chores that consisted of everything from feeding the family's hound, to cleaning their father's ships. As such, they're very humble and willing to work.. Except for Tobias, who somehow carried himself with an heir of superiority even when covered in engine grease.

Tobias was also very adventurous, and often dragged his twin brother Michael along with him. One such adventure started with his older brother Dac, who had attached a course-correct booster rocket to one of their slow sleds. Tobias volunteered to test it, and Michael came along for the ride. At first it was excellent, with the sled flying down the snow capped Corellian hills, until it suddenly slid right through the yard into Grandpa Kain's house, right in the kitchen. His father was furious, but despite the damage they had done their Grandpa could only laugh, and often joked about it when the boys were brought up.