Michael J Kain

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Michael J Kain
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Beverly 'Ma' Kain
Father William 'Pa' Kain
Siblings Dac Kain, Tobias Kain, Benjamin Kain, Jayde Kain
Born Year -11 Day 125
Died Year 12 Day 169
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Coloring Light
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa, Kain Family
Positions Special Operations, Mecrosa


Michael Kain was born into the Kain family GCT Year: -11, Day: 125. Born into a life of general wealth and comfort with his siblings, Dac, Tobias, Benjamin, and Jayde, he set out into the galaxy on his 23rd birthday after a life of studying the galaxy's cultures and religions. He hoped to his education to help his brother with his trading empire, and hoped to help as best he could.


Early Years

Born a wealthy traders family on Correllia, Michael lived an average life. Most of his time in his younger years were dedicated to the pursuit of folly and his education, as he was a book worm from the day he was born. Being the identical brother of Tobias Kain, there was much confusion around the house. The brothers would often switch identities, much to the ire of those around them. Being caught in the shadow of an upstart like Dac, and a trouble maker like Tobi, Mike resigned himself to a lot of reading about the galaxy a-far.

However, Michael Kain shared in the mischief that the Kain children got themselves into on many accounts. One such time was the 'rocketsled', Dac invented an ordinary childrens snow sled that had a course-correct booster rocket strapped onto it. Tobias volunteered to test it, and Michael came along for the ride. At first it was excellent, with the sled flying down the snow capped Corellian hills, until it suddenly slid right through the yard into Grandpa Kain's house, right in the kitchen. It was this incident that gave Mike the "P" shaped scar on his thigh.

In his late teens, Michael had a lot more time to himself, as Dac, Tobias and Benji had all left to make it on there own. Dac was busy putting together a vast trading empire, while Tobias was off roaming. He took this time to go to the University of Meerec, and study the galaxy. The letters Dac sent him about the odd aliens he worked with, such as the Selkath, Zabrack, and Chiss, inspired Mike to take Alien Anthropology as his major. After years of studying various languages, cultures, races and religions, Michael was a learned man and set out to join the family empire.

A Life Cut Short

Although much of his time was spent delivering packages for Dac, and he was known to be a reliable worker, suddenly Michael started to have little nervous fits. He would stop responding to commands for weeks at a time, until he became a near useless worker. Dac had him moved to his personal C-3, for observation and gave him free reign of the ship, so he could continue to read, drink in the bar, and socialize with the crewman. This seemed to work, and Michael spent 6 months onboard the ship, slowly regaining his nerve.

When a war broke out in one of Dac's territories however, Mike was quick to respond. Piloting a squad of A-Wings he hunted down anyone who attempted to build renegade structures and terrorize civilians. The operation was a major success, and afterwards Mike returned to active duty. However, something in him at changed. He had gotten a smell of adventure and became a bit of a junky, he wanted to see the galaxy he had read so much about.

He toured many systems in his brothers ship, the YT-1760, Brotherly Love. As he explored the oceans of Manaan, the sands of Tatooine, and finally the cityscapes of Kuat, he was finally stopped by a Victory Star Destroyer, the Malevolence, it scanned his ship. Michael attempted to out run it, but not before it got off a shot. The ship lacked any shielding, but the hull managed to absorb most of it. The sheer force caused an electrical overlord in the engines, which was hastily rerouted by Michael before jumping to most his notable adventure, the Maw. This huge collection of black holes meant certain death for most, but with his new steely nerves, he flew through the beautiful aura of darkness, to see the nebula of blue and white lights near the centre. As he approached the middle of the system however, the gravity of a far off black hole began to pull him in. The warning alarm had gone off in time, and the ship managed to break the gravitational pull by doing a risky hyperspace jump.

This jump would be his last however, as amount of power funneling into the hyperdrive caused the damaged engine to go into a full wildcat destabilization, and create smaller explosions throughout the ship. The automated systems managed to seal Michael into the cockpit, as it realized there were numerous hull breaches throughout the ship, and this put out most of the fires. As the ship's automated systems had contained most of the damage, and began to reroute what it could, a final overlord caused a navigation panel in the cockpit to explode. The ship and Michael were both fine, but now a fire burned in the cockpit. The scholar had no idea what to do in such a situation, and had few tools. As a built in precaution, the atmosphere was vented from that compartment. As the heavily damaged ship hurdled through hyperspace, there was no oxygen inside it. Sometime between Day 156 and Day 169, Michael Kain died a slow death of asphyxiation.

On Day 169 at GST 18:37, the YT-1760 Brotherly Love was found orbiting derelict around the Meerec sun. Its damaged navigational computers had nearly brought absolute destruction of both the freighter, and of its ill-fated pilot. By this point, all of the power had been lost inside the ship and the suns heat and radiation had badly burned the body of Michael Kain. A brother, a scholar, a pilot, now little more than a scorched body in a ghost ship.

Personality and Traits

Michael was known for his intelligent and jovial nature. Always one to quote a famous book, or make a quick joke, he was rather well liked by his family and friends. He was an efficient at his work, and was always ready to give a lengthy write up when it finished. Some people found his nature to be a bit dry, but these people always Michael quick to surprise them with a party trick or other act.

He had a very special bond with his brother Tobias, and many wondered if they shared a telepathic bond, as many twins supposedly do. The brothers did everything together, as they seemed to have the perfectly compatible personalities.