Tsis Tvarka Reborn

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Tsis Tvarka Reborn
General Information
Status Active
Leader Unknown
Motto Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

Headquarters Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Year 16
Political Information
Affiliation None
Type Sith worshipers

Tsis Tvarka Reborn was an order of people who follow a Sith doctrine that was formed after the destruction of their old order. Unlike the old order, this new iteration focuses on the belief and practice in the Sith ways, for they also developed their own Sith philosophy.


Sith, for many generations, has destroyed themselves due to infighting. They fell victim their insatiable lust for power and their greed. According to their own doctrine, they see past the failures of their ancestors and believe that the Sith can only truly be strong if they are united as a group instead of a single individual.



During the creation of this new order, they faced a low force-user population, seeking out force users and training in the ways of the Sith and attempt to make a name for themselves thus forming the 'Dark Counil' [sic]. They spent months trying to recruit potential force users into their ranks and teaching them their ways. Upon coming to the realization that such users would not be readily found, TTR eventually decided to re-focus development in a more militaristic like structure so that the existing members could have a place in the order.


Through the course of Year 17, the majority of activity from members of TTR has come in the form of arguments initiated within the Holonet against others on the subject of refusing to pay off minimal amounts of credits in gambling debts [1] and supposedly art theft[2]. While most simply ignore the rants broadcasted by the order, there is a growing amount of sentients who enjoyed listening to the paranoid speeches of their leader Darth Siege, previously known as Darth Xez, as a sort of guilty pleasure. By the middle of Year 17 despite contrary self-reports by their administration, it has been contested that TTR consisted of merely two individuals.[3] Around this same time, there circulated conveniently deleted self-reports of a mass exodus from the TTR industrial center as its infrastructure collapsed, and by Day 250, SSI Ruuvi Technologies itself could claim the death of 3 Dark Counil agents within that same year as reported by TTR itself.


With the collapse of their cult coming soon, several members of their leading group called the "Dark counil", sometimes, but rarely called the Dark Council, including Sage Montana, Josh Vansta, and their leader Vos Keldom abandoned their order and attempted to seek asylum on Kalee, the homeworld of the Kaleesh people. However, a bounty notice placed by a Trandoshan named Venari Haliat, as well as the reputation of their order forced a single Kaleesh warrior, who recognized them, to capture the three "sith" single-handedly with very little effort. This unknown Kaleesh then turned their leader, Vos Keldom, in for the bounty reward to help his people. Within the next months, more major casualties were reported. As Year 17 wore to a close, high ranking members Salvatore Vito Falcon and Drarak Naxu Uvroso both met similar fates: Uvroso at the hands of hunter Crispin Sygnus[4], and Falcon at the hands of Overlord Peter Max.[5]