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George Crindel
Biographical Information
Race Human/Tatoo
Homeworld Tatooine (Arkanis Sector)
Mother Eva Louise Lutz
Father Robert Crindel
Siblings Michelle Crindel
Eva Crindel
Born Y -11 D 377
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.72 Meters
Hair Color Black Hair
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Title Recruit
Rank RCT

Life On Tatoo

George Robert Crindel was born to a Tatoo Woman by the name of Eva Louise Lutz he was born on year -11 in a Sector Arkanis on ohanna minora with his oldest and younger Sisters George lived a life that is stable and once George was sent to collage he knew right away that he wanted to become a Pilot and he studied and Graduated with Honor in his collage his parents where proud of there son but George knew that there is something out there for him and he would one day become and do more in his life. Year 19 Day 12 George has decided to join Tion Hegemony and to follow his dream after his Decision he went and tried to enlist in the government of Tion Hegemony but there was no Space for him he was in the waiting list for 2 month in the mean time George worked on his skills and became a master in Capital Ship Command in year 19 Day 16 George Saw on the news that a new Leader of Tion Hegemony has been announced so he rushed to the recruitment Center in minora and saw if his application has been approved and it was and he was set to leave tatoo and go to Tion Capital Voss he toke his papers and rushed home to start packing and to prepare for his journey not knowing what faith will it bring

Life of a Recruit

George was on his way to Voss the Capital of Tion and then looked as he was approaching the enlisted Center in Voss he saw the lady of Hegemony Stephanie Barefoot he was so thrilled to see her in person but he could not approach her to say hi George was called to the enlist center by an Start Captain he gave him a data pad and told him to wait for further instruction as he was walking he knew deep down inside of him that this is what he wanted to do all his life then George was called to the interview room by the Same Star Captain. the interview went for hours and then George was called for a medical and Fit test and he passed them all

George always kept a positive Attitude when it comes to his vison on where he sees him self in Tion After all the rounds of interview and medical checks he was cleared and got his clearance to enlist the Star Captain asked George in what branch he would like to serve and he right away told the Star Captain the Military the Star Captain filled out a Tion Military branch Form and made George sign it and told him to wait here for further instruction As George was waiting he saw lady of Hegemony Stephanie Barefoot he right away bowed with the ad most respect as she was passing by the Star Captain saw her and he bowed as well and handed George his finally approved Military Paper and he was told to board the Shuttle to his fleet

as he was walking towards the Shuttle Bay the Star Captain raced to him and told him that her lady wanted to see him George nervous didn't know why and what to expect so he followed the Star Captain to the Mass Hall where lady Stephanie Barefoot was standing the Star Captain Bowed and so did George he introduced him self and expressed that he was waiting to enlisted since 2 years back and now he is finally there