Valek Press

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Valek Press
Biographical Information
Race Bothan
Homeworld Bothawui
Mother Rauscha
Father Asterre
Siblings Maric, Mathias
Born Year -14 Day 358
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Aratech
Rank Lt. Junior
Positions Vice Chancellor (Ranger Academy), Security Technician (Aratech)
Prior Affiliation Heirs of Ziost, Trax Sector Vehicles
Awards Letter of Commendation (Year 13 Day 81)

Valek Mathias Ka'Lai was born around Year -14, Day 358 on the planet of Bothawui in the city of Arua'Starn. Valek was very lucky to be born into a very good and respectable clan known as the Dalai clan. Ever since Valek was a very young boy, he always cared for the safety and welfare of all those that he cared for and since caring is the most sought after quality in the Dalai, everyone thought that he would surely, one day, make a nice leader. It was his dream to one day be a Jedi but so far, he has been unsuccessful.

Some might say however, that Valek's care for people's safety was created from hatred. The hatred of the Aitai clan. When Valek was around 9, he had his first brush with the Aitai clan. As he was walking down a street, exploring the city, he came across an old abandoned warehouse. Now, Valek has always been famous for his curiousity so obviously he was extremely excited to find a new secret fort for him to use when he and his brothers would play hide and seek. When he entered however, he immediately heard a very loud ruckus and went to investigate down a beat up hall. When he opened the doors, he saw a group of three or four teenagers beating up a kid nearly half their size. Valek was shocked by the sight and didn't understand what was going on and before he knew it, the group of boys started trying to beat him up too! If his older brother Maric and his twin brother Mathias hadn't come along when they did, he might not be here today.

When he got back home and after his mother Rauscha patched him up a bit, he got chewed out by his father Asterre for going to a strange part of town and for not noticing that the patch on the group of boy's shoulders were the markings of the Aitai. He was then cruelly and severely punished: No pazaak for a week!!!

For the next four years, Valek spent his every waking moment tormenting anyone that he thought might be in the Aitai. He'd teepee their houses, spork their lawns and did any other harmless prank that he could think of with his usual group of friends: Ashrack, Meshrack and Abendigibble. He did either that, play pazaak or podrace.

He had had great years leading up to his true initiation to his clan at age thirteen. When the day finally came, he got dressed in his very nicest suit he could find and met his brother Mathias at the foot of the stairs. They were told to meet their father in the basement for the traditional ceremony and the ceremony went off without a hitch. He answered all of the required bothan history perfectly and without a hitch! It was possibly the greatest day of his life until...his father had an announcement to make. They were not joining the Dalai clan but they were forced to join the Aitais!!!

It turned out that in the past couple months, the Aitai and the Dalai were having a secret clan war and two days ago, the Dalais finally lost. Valek was going to become the very thing that he hated most and he couldn't do it. In bothan culture, turning away from your clan is as bad as turning away from your family and that day, Valek did both.

He left the house and bought the first freighter ticket off of Bothawui and changed his surname to Press because he couldn't stand the memory of his past. the next nearly 10 years were pretty average for him. He didn't keep many friends because he was always on the move and it was always hard for him to trust.

About a year ago Valek's very best friend, Maric Morn convinced him to return to Bothawui and catch up with his family. With much bellicoze he did end up agreeing and bought passage back to his home town. On the way there, he actually got excited to see his family and see them again but when he got to his old house, he found it burnt to the ground and his mother dead. When he asked around for any sign of his family, no one knew what became of them.

It was then that Valek decided to actually join an organization because he wanted something to help him be preoccupied and forget quick. It was then that he met Brtic Fist and joined the Heirs of Ziost. The year with HoZ was one of the happiest in his life. They were the family he never had and he finally learned to trust a group of people.

When HoZ closed, Valek was heart broken but he quickly recovered and joined his family members at TSV. Yes this is a happy time for Valek Press Cool.

Valek would like to make sure that if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of any of the Ka family, please do not hesitate to DM him!!!!!!!!

Trax Sector Vehicles

Valek in his time with TSV worked hard and diligently. He installed locks in many facilities and ships. Created keycards and passes. He worked almost every day on something and was among the greatest assets of TSV.


Heeding Ku`Bakai Roche's call to come over to Aratech, Valek picked up pretty much where he had been at TSV. Daktal Hearst assigned him to the security division and Valek once more started securing facilities and ships. He worked as hard as any bothan could.

He also took a job as Vice Chancellor of the Ranger Academy working hard to get new recruits through the Academy and beginning the work of revamping the Academy with Chancellor Roche.

Towards the end of Year 12 though he felt slighted and then took some time to think. "I do hope he returns soon. I miss him." Ku`Bakai Roche

During the city building in mid Year 13, Valek served principally as head of security on the Giraf's Gambit.