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Veeshas Tuwan is a reimagining of the ancient Arkanian-Sith library. It is currently located at (5,7) on Hassaria, the adopted home of the revived House Arkoh.

History of Veeshas Tuwan

Originally established over seven thousand years ago by House Arkoh on Arkania, Veeshas Tuwan was the great storehouse of knowledge for the Sith Empire. The members of House Arkoh were charged by the Sith Empire with the creation and governorship of Veeshas Tuwan. As the library grew exponentially, so did House Arkoh’s power on Arkania. Dark lords and acolytes alike made their pilgrimages to the hallowed halls of Veeshas Tuwan, exploring the twisting mazes of knowledge and lore to seek greater power. By the time of its destruction at the hands of the Republic, it was nearly impossible to find anything and practically innavgibagle due to its organizational neglect and lack of sufficient archival space.

Those members of House Arkoh who didn't die protecting the library when the Sith Empire fell went into hiding. Without Sith backing, the royal houses were easily toppled by the Republic and those they had oppressed. The surviving members of House Arkoh would live in secret for millennia attempting only a few times to resurrect their house, all of which ended in failure. It is thanks to the Trade Federations confidence in the current members of House Arkoh that has allowed for this most current incarnation of Veeshas Tuwan to be so successful.

Architecture of Veeshas Tuwan

With plans of the original library lost, historians of House Arkoh worked with the royal family to draft a design that would be suitable to the needs of the library. Veeshas Tuwan was designed to reflect the "Golden Era" architecture of the ancient Sith Empire, and is the finest example of House Arkoh's plans for the rest of the system. Its pyramid-like structure ensures a lengthy ascent to the entrance, symbolizing the long journey that all scholars face on the road to enlightenment, and its solid stone edifice communicates the eternal nature of truth and knowledge. At the block-pyramid's zenith, high above even the library's main entrance, are the residential apartment suites. Five are available to the most senior researchers staying at Zeeshas Tuwan for extended study, three are reserved for any visiting members of the royal family or Federation dignitaries, and one is the permanent residence of the library's Chancellor. More basic accommodations for those requiring longer stays can be found in the area surrounding the library itself.

The main hall is designed after the Jedi library on Coruscant. However, unlike the Jedi library with its many holo-terminals and data ports, Veeshas Tuwan is entirely comprised of books, scrolls, and the occasional transcribed data link. The main hall represents the order with which House Arkoh will govern the new library. Unlike its predecessor, where so much knowledge was simply stacked in corners to rot, and secret alcoves were lost due to cave ins, all materials are organized in shelves and repositories. Trained library stewards are tasked with helping clients retrieve and return their documents to their respective places to ensure no material is lost or misplaced.

More rare, precious, or fragile materials are kept in the basement levels in specially designed archival spaces and are only available to certain, credentialed scholars. Apart from designated reading and research rooms, the underground is equally as winding as the corridors above it, and it twists several stories into the ground. During construction, works discovered that the planned under-levels of the great library would intersect with and existing cave system, yet fully explored. Therefore it is unknown exactly how far out or down the library extends, as it is rumored the caves systems are being prepared for storage, archiving, living quarters, and more.

Veeshas Tuwan and the Hassaria System

Veeshas Tuwan is the center of all knowledge in the Hassaria System, and is quickly becoming known throughout the Trade Federation. While the majority of the Library is open to the general public, its professors, archives, and restricted sections are not. Those who are accepted into the study program are given access to all three. Scholars desiring to be admitted into the various study programs are required to apply in person at the library during one of three annual application days. The application days are full of interviews, entrance exams, presentations, and lab practicums. If admitted, students are assigned to their instructor and cohort for a period of five years, living and studying with their instructor. Because the available slots are often outnumbered four-to-one by applicants, the majority of hose who apply are denied until the next application opens. Many resolve to stay on Hassaria until then, and turn to manual labor to support themselves while they study in the public collections, working in fields and farms around Veeshas Tuwan helping to feed the Federation. Built among the forests of Hassaria I, the library is a fairly remote location with a small, agrarian service industry built around servicing the needs of the library's scholars, offering food, lodging, and meager supplies.

The libraries professors explore and teach the galaxy's greater mysteries, but what interests students the most is the knowledge left behind by the Sith. Access to the restricted sections and lessons taught by the royal families force sensitive members are the highlight of each year's new class. Those who put in their time and learn what they can often change castes and join the Kissai: those ever dedicated to the preservation of knowledge and the expansion of the library.

Collections and Archive

The pride of the library is its Sith History collection. This collection is made up the relics from past Sith empires that are either not conduits for Dark Side energy, or do not transmit enough energy so as to be dangerous to researchers. Those too volatile to be handled are housed in the Arkoh Museum or at the Eren Research Installation. Most of the items preserved in the Library's archives were donated by Ethan Travis, a researcher, adventure, and relic hunter.

Revanite Pillar

Revanite Pillar
Ravenite Pillar100x100.jpg
Type Statue

Banner of Revan Sith Empire
Raven Sith Empire100x100.jpg
Type Banner

Replica of Scepter of Ragnos

Replica of Scepter of Ragnos
Type Replica

The current owner of the Scepter of Ragnos appears to be Belloq Tull. Whether his Scepter is the original or a replica has yet to be determined by an outside party.

Tomes of Arkania

Tomes of Arkania
Tomesof Arkania100x100.jpg
Type Ancient Tomes