Vera Zhaif

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Vera Zhaif
Biographical Information
Race Ewok
Homeworld Endor
Tatooine (adopted)
Clan Zhaif (adopted)
Mother Seesse (biological)
Natini Zhaif (adopted)
Father Groomm (biological)
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse None
Partner None
Children None
Born Year -40
Languages Jawaese
Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 0.97 meters
Weight 46 kilograms
Coloring White, grey, dark grey
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Unnamed Meritocracy
Title Queen of Froz
Prior Affiliation Endless Endeavors

Vera Zhaif is an elderly female Ewok who had never lived her life as an Ewok. While she had been born on the Forest Moon of Endor, Vera was raised on the desert world of Tatooine by a Jawa family. As a result, she had always believed that she was a Jawa herself, until she discovered the truth about who she truly was when she was already an old lady.

Vera is a builder and engineer for Endless Endeavors, and holds a deep passion for construction and architecture. After a lifetime of accrued experience on Tatooine and beyond, she has grown to become an expedient and excellent builder known for her ability to work faster than clients can supply her with raw materials to work with.


An Child Lost (Year -40 to -39)

In Year -40, Vera Zhaif was born on the moon of Endor to a pair of Ewok tribesmen who lived in a village called Twirling Vines on one of the southeastern continents. Her father was one of the village warriors, while her mother was one of the helpers of the local medicine woman. They lived a peaceful and quiet existence that did not differ from the traditional Ewok way of life, until a starship had descended from the sky and made an emergency landing on the Forest Moon near Twirling Vines village. The ship was an old 578-R Space Transport that had experienced an engine malfunction, and was forced to touch down upon the moon's surface to make emergency repairs. While not in the possession of spaceworthy ship parts, the local Ewoks directed the crew of the ship to the wreckage of a starship that had crashed several years before. The 578-R was repaired over the course of a few weeks, after which the crew of the ship intended to depart and continue on their journey. However, unbeknownst to both the crew and her parents, the infant Vera had managed to climb aboard the starship and hide within its cargo compartment. It was only after the 578-R had ascended into Endor's atmosphere that the little Ewok's mother discovered that her daughter was lost, yet by then it was already too late.

Little Vera remained unnoticed aboard the 578-R as it continued on its journey to deliver cargo to the desert world of Tatooine. The crew suspected that they had picked up some critter from Endor, as their food supplies were mysteriously nibbled in several places, but no search yielded any answers. Soon thereafter, the ship had arrived at its destination and all of the crew's efforts were focused on landing the vessel. Yet during the ship's atmospheric entry, the repairs that had been made on Endor failed and the 578-R's engines exploded. The vessel crashed into the Dune Sea and all of its crew members were killed as a result, except for the infant Ewok that had found shelter in a small compartment on the ship. Moments after the crash, a Jawa sandcrawler operated by the Zhaif clan had arrived at the site of the accident, to begin scavenging the wreckage for parts that could be sold. It was then that the Jawa Natini Zhaif had found little Vera, and rescued her from the broken and burning ship, and claimed the infant for her own, along with many other salvageable pieces of the 578-R.

From Ewok to Jawa (Year -39 to Year 22)

From the moment that Natini had found her, Vera had been turned from an Ewok into a Jawa in the eyes of everyone around her. Her adoptive mother clad the child as she would a Jawa infant, and from then on treated her ward as if she had always been a native of Tatooine. As Vera started to grow older, her size and small stature didn't seem to suggest she was not a Jawa, except for the fact that the child always seemed to be on the verge of overheating. Local Jawa shamans and healers searched in vain for an explanation, and eventually concluded that Vera had to have been left in the twin suns of Tatooine for too long as an infant, and soaked up too much warmth as a result. As the years went by, the Ewok-turned-Jawa slowly acclimated to the desert heat, and became nearly indistinguishable from any of the other Jawa children.

As a youth, Vera often accompanied her mother Natini and the other Jawa of the Zhaif clan on their scavenger hunts throughout the Dune Sea and the endless deserts of Tatooine. She was taught every trick of the trade by her fellow clanmates, and slowly mentored in how to efficiently scavenge the wreckages they found, and repair the parts and pieces that they salvaged. She grew up to be a resourceful member of her sandcrawler's crew, with an apparent knack for tinkering on old technology and turning them into useful bits and pieces again. Later, when Natini had become too old to actively participate in scavenging hunts, Vera took over her mother's spot on the Zhaif sandcrawler. She continued to be a valuable and resourceful member of the crew throughout the decades that followed.

Over the years, Vera would regularly visit and linger in the cities of Tatooine, where she was exposed to and came in contact with elements of the wider galaxy. She often found herself fascinated with the architecture of settlements like Anchorhead or Bestine, and sometimes dreamed of building such magnificent structures of stone, duracrete and metal herself. As such, when the Zhaif sandcrawler remained in or near population centres for a longer while, Vera would occasionally apprentice herself to local metalworkers and senior construction workers, to learn the trade and art of building.

Into the Wider Galaxy (Year 22)

The fascination that Vera had developed for the wider galaxy in her older age, was what eventually made her decide to leave her life on Tatooine behind, and part ways with her clan. She explained to them that considering the fact shipwrecks in the Dune Sea came from the sky, there had to be a lot more of them to salvage up there to find. Convinced by her argument, her clan members let Vera depart with the hope that she would bring many scavenged riches from the skies into their midst. After an elaborate farewell celebration, she departed for the city of Bestine and found passage aboard a starship as a temporary crew member.

With the experiences and skills that she had obtained during her decades with the Jawas of Tatooine, Vera set up her own small business that was quickly contracted for construction and recycling in the Julevian system. Due to her energetic and passionate nature, the Jawa-who-was-an-Ewok was working faster than her client could supply her with raw materials, and eventually ran out of materials for construction. While waiting for the client to restock their supplies, Vera returned home to Tatooine for the Swapmeet, where she had been instrumental in the formation of a new type of Jawa currency, namely the Toineepa. Afterwards, her business was contracted by the Tresario Star Kingdom, and Vera worked on several construction projects within their territory as a result.

As per the contract's terms, Vera was to show up for a regular medical check-up at one of Tresario's medical facilities. To her own astonishment, and those of the doctors examining her, the truth was quickly uncovered that Vera wasn’t a Jawa, but an Ewok who had been raised as a Jawa. After she had completed her contract with the Star Kingdom, the Ewok returned to her homeworld of Tatooine to learn more about the truth. As her mother had passed away many years ago, the Jawa-who-was-not-a-Jawa inquired clan members who were old enough to remember her infancy about the revelation. It is how she learned she had been a foundling from a starship wreckage that had crashed on Tatooine decades ago.

Finding Her Roots (Year 22 to 23)

Determined to find her origins, even though she was no longer a young woman, Vera made her way to the Forest Moon of Endor, which the doctors of the Tresario Star Kingdom had pointed out as the homeworld of the Ewoks. After she had arrived on the green globe orbiting the Endor gas giant, she wandered its surface for several weeks in pursuit of clues as to where she might have come from. Eventually, she came upon Twirling Vines village, where the elders told her of how once a child had been taken into the skies and believed to have been lost forever. Upon learning that Vera was the child in question, the village rejoiced and celebrated the return of their long lost tribe sister.

Vera remained with the Ewok tribe for several weeks and learned of her people’s ways. As a result, she became a curious mix of Jawa and Ewok culture and felt at home with both. Yet in light of her recent exploits across the galaxy, Vera had found herself fascinated with the worlds of the known universe and the opportunities it had to offer. As a result, she decided to leave the Forest Moon of Endor after she had learned all she could about her past, her parents and her people, and set out to continue to build her own career in between the stars, regardless of her age.

Vera's Endless Endeavours (Year 23)

Her passion for construction and architecture was eventually what drew Vera to the organisation known as Endless Endeavors, where she became a member of their construction department. While attending to various building projects throughout the galaxy, Vera suffered an injury that required the instalment of a cybernetic implant. Fascinated with the concept of cybernetics, the Ewok had an implant installed that greatly increased her natural physical aptness, which in turn enhanced her ability to wield melee weaponry. Ecstatic with the prospect of being a fearsome fighter alongside a magnificent builder, Vera embarked on a one-month hunting expedition to test and celebrate her new cybernetic implant against bandits and other wanted men and women.

Unnamed (Year 23 to present)


buying and selling of Unnamed Mining with LvK

funds from sale of Unnamed Mining to make buy the Moons of Froz (link to gns here)

Unnamed Military and Unnamed Manufacturing creation

becoming queen of Froz III C