Vincent Corleone

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Vincent Corleone [Stefan Corleone]
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Cariana Corleone
Father Dante Corleone [Deceased]
Spouse Xiann Bondara-Corleone
Siblings -
Children -
  • Isabella Florentina Corleone [By Mia Logan]
  • Anthony Valentino Corleone [By Niobe Asha]
  • Daesha Corleone [By Vaedra Jien]
Born Year -16 Day 193 (14th June)
Died Year 13 Day 74 (Banished, Assumed Dead)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Light
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation *DeepCore Mining Corporation
Rank Managing Director
Positions Managing Director / Owner
Prior Affiliation Black Sun
Awards Various Black Sun Military Awards including the Medallion of the Black Sun

Misc Information

  • House: Corleone
  • Languages: Basic, Old Corellian and Mando'a
  • Flag Ship: HMS Thunder Child (Bayonet-class Light Cruiser)
  • Current Residence: Corleone Estate, Loedorvia, Loedorvia System, Weemell Sector
  • Slave: Sophia and Lexi
  • The Family Tree:

Corleone Family 4.png


  • Prince of The Loedorvia System and Weemell Sector
  • Prince of House Corleone
  • Viscount of House Ismay
  • Count of House Turner
  • Lord of Umbra
  • Ay`Kou of Head Clan

Relations and Ex-Wives


DeepCore Mining Corporation

  • The Freemasons Mining Company became Deepcore Mining Corporation -Present

The Freemasons

  • Co-Founder of The Freemasons Mining Company

Binaros Smuggling Alliance

  • Co-Owner of BSA, Prince of Smuggling and the Binaros System. - Y12 D11

Black Star Recycling

  • Prince of the Binaros System - Y11 D117

Black Sun

  • Respectfully resigns from his position in the Black Sun - Y11 D117
  • Promoted to the rank of Omir [C-3] - Y11 D110
  • Was awarded the Turner title 'Count' by Grand Duke Michael Elden Turner II - Y11 D99
  • Was awarded the Ismay title 'Visconte' by Alexander von Ismay - Y11 D97
  • Surrendered command of the Rapid Assault Fleet and made Fleet Commander of the 1st Battle Fleet - Y11 D89
  • Promoted to the position of Lord Commander of the Blades of the Dark Prince - Y11 D55
  • Promoted to the rank of Capo [C-2] - Y11 D55
  • Promoted to the rank of Dai-Los [C-1] - Y10 D336
  • Promoted to Executive Officer of the Blades of the Dark Prince - Y10 D296
  • Surrendered Command of the Repeat Offender - Y10 D295
  • Self Proclaimed Prince of the Planet Bintty - Y10 D288
  • Promoted to the rank of Phurba [O-4] - Y10 D274
  • Promoted to the position of Fleet Commander of the Rapid Assault Fleet - Y10 D251
  • Promoted to the rank of Hamon [O-2] - Y10 D242
  • Awarded a seat in the Consiglio - Y10 D241
  • Promoted to Commanding Officer of the BSS Repeat Offender - Y10 D222
  • Awarded a position in the Blade Central Command - Y10 D219
  • Promoted to the rank of Sai-Los [O-1] - Y10 D213
  • Awarded the rank of Dagger [E-5] and XO of the BSS Ill Gotten Gains - Y10 D180


Early Years

The Black Sun


Leaving The Sun

Forming The Binaros Smuggling Alliance

Forming The Freemasons

The Loedorvian Throne
Preceded By:
Ju-El Silverstar
Prince of the Loedorvia System
Vincent Corleone
Year 10 Day 288 - Year 13 Day 74
Succeeded By:
Jennavecia Corleone