Vincent Strife

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Vincent Strife-Antaria
Vincent Strife Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Died Year 11 Day 107
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola
Title Duke
Rank Quartermaster
Awards Various

Vincent Strife was a Human male born on the planet Corellia.


The early years

Born in the riverside city of Tyrena on Corellia Vincent’s early years were spent largely on the Gold Beaches. It was here he first met with both the Rebel Alliance and Corellian Security Forces as he watched them chase an Alliance criminal through the streets after assaulting an Imperial Stormtrooper while on duty. Seeing the Alliance for what they were, little more than common pests that needed to be put down he enlisted into CorSec as soon as he was eligible as a member of their Investigations division.

While with CorSec Vincent took a posting at the capital city of Coronet and was present during the Imperial incursion in an attempt to kill several prominent rebels holding a meeting within the city. After the city was devastated by Imperial attack Vince blamed the rebels, if they hadn’t come to the city the Empire would never had to attack which ultimately lead to the destruction of the capital building and death of many innocent Corellian citizens.

Imperial Service

After the attacks on Corellia Vincent decided he needed to take a more active approach against the Rebel’s and put his resignation in to CorSec and left his home for the Imperial Academy.

Sergeant Strife

Over the next several weeks he learned how to function as a member of the Galactic Empire, graduated with honours and was placed in the Fakir sector as a member of the Imperial Army. He was assigned menial security tasks, mainly as a sentry and patrolling various districts within the capital and several outlying communities.

Vincent moved up the ladder quickly and was promoted to Sergeant First Class, and was also being considered for an additional promotion to squad XO.

The Federation and Mercenary

Vincent made a move to the Falleen Federation and took a position as their Minister of Culture. He only filled this position for a short time and made efforts to revamp their historical library. He was made to fight and switched to the Federation Navy where he was commissioned as a Captain. Here he served as commander of a fighter squadron but found working for a government military force brought too many politics into war which hindered progress. He sought another change, and because of his invaluable contribution that made 'Big Score' possible and previous relationship working with the Wraiths during that time he was welcomed into their organization. He spent half a year working as a security operative under Horthon Gorthy and during this time he developed a friendship with leader Venix Soyak.

Days of TAR

Choibacco, a noble Wookiee who had started The Antarian Rangers as a droid production group had moved to security with the promise to take a tough stand against galactic criminals. This appealed to Vincent and he left The Wraiths to pursue a career with Choib. Due to his previous work in the field of security Vincent took on the position of Warden, managing The Rangers prison facilities and during this time he became a member of House Antaria, a Hapan house created and lead by Choibacco. Unfortunately the Rangers dream was short lived as the faction was looted by a trusted companion. This caused Choibacco and the rest of the Antarian’s to leave the faction. They remained throughout the galaxy but the house was dissolved and everyone had gone their separate ways.

The New Anzat Order

Grand Admiral Strife

With the fall of the Rangers and the house broken Vincent moved on and joined the New Anzat Order under the leadership of Wilhelm von Ismay. He started as a Captain in the Royal Anzatan Navy under the Command of Rear Admiral Zero Turner. Due to his experience Vincent progressed through the Order’s ranks and was soon made a Commodore and XO of the Royal Navy. After spending several months in this position he was approached by then commander of the Army Natmiel Bahktor and offered the chance to take the position from him, which Vincent agreed and was promoted to the position of Lieutenant General.

At this time the Army was heavily neglected and suffered from inactivity, Vincent made efforts to make changes and for his continued effort and dedication to the Order was given the position of Grand Admiral and Military commander. The orders military prospered during this time, many good leaders had risen through the ranks and they were seeing an increased number of citizens joining the cause and had established a sizable presence in the Allied Tion system to watch over their interests there.

The prosperous times only lasted a short time until a dispute between a lower level female officer over a promotion given by Grand Admiral Strife surfaced and NAO leader Wilhelm, who had a known weakness for females, made an attempt to reverse the decision. This was not how a military was run Vincent appalled at the lack of respect for the Orders servicemen and the decisions command had made he lead a defection, taking with him 6, later 7, prominent members of the Orders navy.

Avance, a home for Escadre 6

Vincent approached his old friend Venix Soyak, now leader of a newly established and sizeable government known as the Avance Coalition, about finding a home for those loyal to him and was granted a commission as Captain in the Avance Security Forces and the ability to create his own squad, known as Escadre 6 in honour of those who stood against the inept decisions of the NAO administration. He was allocated ships and resources and for several months the group was the most active and dedicated within NAO.

This was the period where Vincent was largely absent and the group suffered. Escadre 6 officially disbanded and its members moved on, several remained affiliated with Avance by staying with the Security Force or moving to a nationalized company and others went their separate ways moving to new opportunities.

With the squad gone Vince remained with the security forces for a brief period before moving to CO of the reserves and taking a position within Avance Diplomacy. During his tenure he worked with several prominent members including Proca M’Barius and Navik Ikron who for his efforts in the department promoted Vincent to Relations Chief and gave him the title of Marquis of Kuma de Braal.

Vincent was a member of House Soyak-Ikron.


Imperial Army

  • Sergeant First Class (Year 3)

Falleen Federation

  • Minister of Culture
  • Captain (Navy)

The Wraiths

  • Security Operative (Rank Classified)

The Antarian Rangers

  • Warden

New Anzat Order

  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Lt. General
  • Rear Admiral
  • Grand Admiral

Avance Coalition

  • Captain (Avance Security Forces)
  • Relations Chief (Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations)


  • Quatermaster


Avance Coalition

Marquis of Kuma de Braal (Bestowed by Lord Navik Ikron)

New Anzat Order

Duke, House Antaria