Vinz Zer

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Vinz Zer
Vinz Zer.gif
Biographical Information
Race Barabel
Homeworld Barab I
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Prior Affiliation Dark Star Hellions, D`Este Realty, The Granse Confederacy

Vinz Zer grew up hunting to eat and for fun, however never in a wasteful manner. Vinz was separated from all connections as an egg when some how Vins' egg was moved away from his Hatchmates and grew up on his own. At age 26 Vinz had built a small cache of barab ore and was able to trade for an old ETA-2 he named Talons glint. Vinz growing up by himself, learned to be quick witted and ruthless, however would think things through with remarkable speed. Vinz is quick to act but also quick to admit mistakes and try to fix whatever the problem may be. After flying around the galaxy for a short time Vinz found a job with Corellian Industries moving freight. After a few months Vinz found a new job working with D`Este Realty.

At the end of year ten, Vinz was happily employed, at D`Este Realty. When he quietly filed his resignation and left, He still can be heard reminiscing of the good times back in the mining company.

It has been said that you might have seen Vinz lurking about with the scum of the galaxy over in The Granse Confederacy in the past, But now you usually don't see him at all.