Vorsia Gearworks

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Vorsia Gearworks
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General Information
Motto Wrecker is a death ray with a smaller power supply!
Status Active
Owner Trade Federation
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 311
Dissolved Year 16 Day 233
Political Information
Industry Recycling

Vorsia Gearworks company is spiritual successor to Dark Skies Gearworks (DSG) which has been business partner of the Trade Federation since the signing of Act of Vorsia. DSG closed in late Year 14 due to strain put on the leader Lilith Delcroix and her inability to continue independently. After several weeks the Trade Federation was still in need of a recycling group and approached the former DSG leader with an offer to lead a new company that would be part of the Trade Federation. The offer was accepted and Vorsian Gearworks was forged. Operating from Vorsia system Gearworks mainly reserves its services to the Federation, specializing in demolition and recycling of old and decommissioned assets. With the ability to reuse wrecks and create scrap fighters, Gearworks also works closely with other production companies of the Federation to produce them. Under management of Lilith Delcroix the company prides itself on effectiveness and efficiency. Nothing is too big or small to be crushed, destroyed, blown up or burned.

Trade Federation
Subsidiaries Baktoid Armour Workshop · Commerce Guild · Dorinian Military Corps · Techno Union · Vorsia Gearworks
Allies Galactic Concordiate Trade Federation · Mandalore · Hapes Consortium · Tion Hegemony · Aurodium Legion
Other Allies Katana Fleet(Protectorate) · MedTech Industries(Protectorate)
Sectors Ktilac Regions · Adari · Darlonn · Zeemacht Cluster · Orus · Anthos · Nouane
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Other Laws of the Trade Federation
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