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Modular Taskforce Cruiser
ClassCapital Ship
AffiliationAlex Tylger
Kulthar Drax (Previous Owner)
Horizon Corporation (Previous Owner)
Navigational Stats:
Sublight Speed20 MGLT
Turbo Lasers15
Tractor Beams5
Ion Batteries100
Heavy Lasers25
Cargo Stats:
Weight2,200,000 T
Volume30,000,000 m³
Weight Cap325,000 T
Volume Cap3,000,000 m³
Max Passengers550
Hull Stats:
Length1,150 m
Deflector Shields10,500
Ionic Capacity5,000

The Xenon is a heavily modified Modular Taskforce Cruiser that served as the dreaded flagship of the Horizon Corporation and its owner, the businessman-turned-warlord Venom Kazvar. During Kazvar's harassment of the sectors between the Inner Rim and Outer Rim Territories, the vessel spearheaded several invasions of fringe star systems and received numerous upgrades in the course of the Horizon campaigns. Kazvar's ultimate intent was to utilize the ship as a means of disabling and capturing the New Anzat Order's Guardian-class Medium Cruisers. Following Kazvar's disappearance and assumed death, ownership of the Xenon changed multiple times. Its last confirmed sighting was during the conflict in the Voss system in Year 5.


Produced as a standard Modular Taskforce Cruiser by Telegron Rothani Shipworks circa Year 3, the vessel was purchased by the Horizon Corporation owner, Venom Kazvar, in preparation for his military campaigns. Utilizing several Carrack/I-class Light Cruisers, Kazvar went on a rampage of outer lying systems and sectors, seeking to capture resources rather than to destroy and conquer. Initially, the warlord raided ships orbiting the world of Cona, which was the headquarters of his conglomerate, capturing ships that were subsequently stripped of their components in order to modify the Xenon. Later he proceeded with an attack on Nisshutsu Shipyards, during which further components were seized to continue the expansion of his fleet. Preparing for the launching of his master plan, Kazvar conducted further massive expansions to the Xenon's array of modifications at his own shipyards, spending a large portion of his vast wealth to make the cruiser one of the most powerful privately owned warships in the Galaxy.

Eyeing the relatively weak New Anzat Order and its complement of rare Guardian-class Medium Cruisers which he wanted for his space force, Kazvar devised a plan to invade the system of Ingo. The system was contested space due to the presence of both StarVenger bases and New Anzat Order colonies on the planets. As the New Anzat Order had deployed a small fleet consisting of several Guardian Medium Cruisers to the system, the Horizon conglomerate bought up the StarVengers in order to justify a future attack on the Anzatan forces.

While rich and powerful, Kazvar was not considered by most to be a modest or humble man. He liked to brag and intimidate the intended targets of his attacks and the New Anzat Order was no exception. Plans of the impending attack soon became known to the leaders of various major governments. While the Galactic Empire had no intention of getting involved, many others, such as the Falleen Federation, viewed the Horizon Conglomerate as a threat to peace in the Mid Rim.

Subsequently, the Falleen Federation hastily called together a meeting where plans were made to foil Kazvar's attack on Ingo in Year 4. Due to previous disagreements with Kazvar and also the presence of Hapan personnel in the Ingo system, the Hapes Consortium pledged a massive task force to the Falleen Federation's coalition against Horizon. Joining them were the Antarian Rangers (nationalized security company of the Consortium,) and naturally the New Anzat Order. The respective fleets met at a rendezvous point in deep space before proceeding to the Ingo system.

Half way through his confrontation with the Anzatan forces, the coalition fleet emerged from hyperspace, causing Kazvar to abandon his subordinates and make the jump to hyperspace. After this, he went underground, leaving Tyr DeMeer to negotiate with the coalition leaders while the Horizon conglomerate stagnated.

In early Year 5, with the absence of Kazvar, the Xenon was seized by disgruntled Horizon employees and eventually sold to Kulthar Drax. He was the leader of Malebranche Fleet Omega which had also obtained the Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone with the help of some notable acquaintances of the late Falleen King Kuraine, such as Squall Chitose.

By the middle of Year 5, Drax contacted numerous affluent individuals across the Galaxy, such as Orion Silverhelm of the Corporate Sector Authority, and put the Xenon up for auction alongside the Shadowstone. Winning the bid was Alexander Tylger, the Hapes Consortium's Minister of Culture. During the unrest between the New Anzat Order and Nikklon Mining Corporation in the Voss system, both ships participated in the Hapan blockade to put pressure on the Anzatan authorities. The Xenon also briefly served as the flagship of the Hapes Consortium's customs and border patrol, monitoring traffic in the Lorell system in Year 6. Since that time, the vessel has faded into obscurity.

Tactical Assessment

"My ship is better than his."
Venom Kazvar, comparing the Xenon to Alex Tylger's modified Tabder-class Heavy Hauler Darkness

With its extensive modifications, the Xenon was - at the height of its career - among the most heavily armed warships in the Galaxy outside the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. Apart from its upgraded hyperdrive, it sports a vast weapons array. The ship's armaments surpasses those of Black Sun's Darkstar Battleship, and rivals the Hapes Consortium's Pulsar Battle Cruiser. Knowing that the Imperials and Rebels were unlikely to turn their attention to him, Kazvar wanted the Xenon to at least be on par with unique vessels owned by smaller powers that could potentially threaten his interest. The ship could also potentially go head-to-head with Thraken Solo's Ephel Duath, and overpower Alex Tylger's Darkness.

With the consolidation of power blocs in the Imperial Union and Galactic Alliance, and the proliferation of Super Capitals such as the Super Star Destroyer and MC80 Home One Class Star Cruiser, the relevance and overall tactical importance of singular ships such of the Xenon has been greatly diminished.

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