Xilaren Kxa

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Xilaren Kxa
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Naya Kxa
Father Vaa'Ran Kxa
Siblings Zikk'vess Kxa (Deceased)
Born Year -77, Day 231
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.70 Meters
Coloring Green
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
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Xilaren Kxa (born Year -77, Day 231) is a female Falleen currently freelancing, and a former Assistant of the Falleen Federation's Ministry of State.



The earliest history of Xilaren Kxa is a mystery, even to herself. Orphaned and left alone, the newborn was found and adopted by Naya and Vaa'Ran Kxa. The young girl grew up in Aurora City, a major industrial center for the planet. Unsure of her natural class, Xilaren was phased into her parents'. At the start of the Imperial incursion, Xilaren had been working with her parents as technical workers. Once the biological attacks of the Galactic Empire surfaced, the Kxa family ventured into the planet's barren deserts. Unfortunately the life of Zikk'vess, her brother, was lost. The desert was a stark contrast from the modern city she was used to being at just months ago. Life was a daily struggle; It was hot, humid and arid. However in order to stay alive she the family had to adapt to their surroundings.

It was Year -34 when the Falleen resistance began under Farur Marlit. Rumours began to spread of men and women leaving their clans, their families, to rally behind the resistance. By now Xilaren had grown resentful of the Imperial forces

In Year -27, Farur Marlit was killed in battle causing the resistance to be thrown into complete disarray. He was a source of great inspiration for many including Xilaren. It was a great hit to morale for all Falleen that wished to see their homeworld liberated. Year -25 came along quicker than all the rest. In that one year alone, clan wars broke out across the planet that resulted in 32,000 Falleen deaths. Many of Xilaren's friends and elders succumbed. The Kxa family was one of the lucky survivors.

By now Xilaren was committed to the resistance. She had lived in turmoil much of her life, survived biological warfare and internal wars. At this point she wished it all to end. From her home in the desert she assisted by pointing rebel-hopefuls in the right way. It wasn't much, but it helped. Xilaren convinced herself that was destined for more. More than this desert, more than her current surroundings. It was time for her to pack what little things she owned and say farewell to her family.


The nearest major city was some distance away but the driven Falleen knew that she had to arrive. It was Year -4, Xilaren was seventy five years old. Tholin Dur'aak had taken control of the resistance and the stage was set. It was her time to shine. Arriving a few weeks after leaving the desert, Xilaren found room and board with a kind old Falleen woman. She had seen it all, just like Xilaren. The two bonded and in a way she looked to the old woman as a mother figure of sorts. From here she began working by doing odd jobs for the old woman around the city. It wasn't much, and in fact was less glorious than what she did back home but was work nonetheless.

Year -1 arrived with a bang. The Independence War began as the Imperials attempted to keep their grasp on the Falleen homeworld with their shocktroopers. At first Xilaren was a little disenchanted with the state of war around her. But she knew it was now or never. Xilaren took up arms and fulfilled what she thought was every Falleen's duty to their race. A great moral boost happened when the Rebel Alliance stepped in on the Falleen force's side. Victory seemed attainable.

One year after the fighting started it all ended. The Falleen Federation was created Year 0, Day 255. Much of Xilaren's life was lived in a state of war, fear and utter panic. Now it seemed she would get peace, quiet and security instead. Very patriotic in a sense, she knew that one day she would become of service to her government. How and when was to be decided, as first she wished to get her personal life right.

Leaving Home

This was a happy time in Xilaren's life. She was slowly but surely becoming more satisfied with her personal life, now that she was not engulfed in constant conflict. This led the Falleen, like some others of her race, to look beyond her own planet and to the stars. She now had a new goal for herself - leave Falleen Prime and see other worlds, cultures and peoples. Aforementioned, some Falleen ventured off-world at this point as it became more commonplace after the establishment of the Federation. Xilaren intended to make full use of the opportunity, like she typically did when one was presented to her. She swiftly packed all of her belongings up and gave a solemn goodbye to the old woman that had grown to be like a mother to her. Xilaren was ambitious and would do what it took to reach her goals.

Galactic Travels

Boarding a transport at a local starport, she along with dozens others were bound for Republica. It was the first planet on a list of many as it was a very influential and wealthy planet in the south of the Galaxy. This was to be a tourist trip for the most part, she wished to see many of the sites and experience the culture. Internally, Xilaren had an affinity to believe that the Falleen culture was superior to all others due to her own upbringing. This trip would either confirm or shatter this. To her surprise it also led to long-time friends, one such figure being Hadrian Hawkes who met Xilaren briefly before he was caught in an unfortunate drug smuggling bust. That event effectively exposed the desperation and vulgarity of unsavory figures that littered the galaxy. Disgusted, and only off of the ship for a few days now, she contemplated turning around and returning home. Second-guessing herself is something Xilaren rarely did, but this made her question if it all was worth the experience. Gritting her teeth, she pushed on and continued to experience the culture of Republica - specially making sure she was not exposed to the seedier areas of the planet.

Tenure in the Federation

Several worlds later, Xilaren had exhausted her thirst of adventure. The now well-traveled Xilaren longed for her homeworld and since then made her way back.

Shortly after arriving and reuniting with her family, Xilaren enlisted in the Ichigo Military Academy and was then assigned under Lieutenant Pepi Deto.