Hadrian Hawkes

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Hadrian Hawkes
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Joanne Hawkes
Father Tyto Hawkes
Spouse Formerly Delilah Hawkes
Siblings Augustus Hawkes
Children Lazarus Hawkes
Born Year -24, Day 206
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 Meters
Coloring Fair Skinned
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Born on Year -24, Day 206, Hadrian Hawkes is a member of House Hawkes, a noble house hailing from Alderaan. Being the younger brother, Hadrian was given a decent education and excelled in all fields, however at the time the family was in decay, and Augustus was favored by the family, causing Hadrian to not be afforded the privileges of other children in his social class.

Early Life

As a child Hadrian was picked on in school. At the time he was sent to a private school which only accepted the higher end of the social class, and his family's decay made him an easy target to their insults. He began to develop a temper, and was sent home several times for getting in fights. As he got older, this began to develop into a disobedience towards authority, which eventually resulted into a short suspension from his schooling after he insulted the principal and the school policies. This disobedience did not end there, but continued to spread to more branches of his life. Later he began even rebelling against his own family, even sometimes going to the extreme and directly insulting his father or mother. In one such incident he was quoted as saying to his father:

"If I ran this family, we would be more wealthy then all the noble families combined, we might even have been running Alderaan by now!"
— Hadrian Hawkes

He nearly always would admit remorse, and apologize for his actions. However it was clear that something was brewing, and this disobedience showed no sign of ending. After Hadrian was expelled from his previous school and his family was preparing to send him off to a new esteemed private school, he ran away. He provided no reasoning at the time, and was not seen or heard from for a long time, and it was not until Augustus found him on Republica that he made contact with the family once again.

Life on His Own

Tepasi Operations

On Year -12, Day 250 Hadrian boarded a Star Tours flight to Tepasi. As he was still young he lived in several foster homes after being entered into the system as a abandoned child. When his 18th birthday came in year -6 he went to live on his own in the cities of Tepasi. Within a few months he integrated into the criminal underground, and had joined up with a group of smugglers. By Year -5 he had gained some regional renown for being a fast thinker, and being able to talk his way out of many situations. While being brought before the Tepasi courts several times, a corrupt judicial system kept him out of prison. Until Year -4 when he was convicted by a Jury of Grand Theft, while being accused of both Grand Theft, and Drug Trafficking. He was sentenced to 3 years in a Tepasi prison. During these years he began to refine his craft, and took tips from other inmates.

"Whoever thought up prisons? Jamming a bunch of criminals in a refined space for several years then letting them go like it was almost nothing? Right... Good Idea..."
— Hadrian Hawkes

By the time he left prison Hadrian had picked up enough tips to gain a substantial amount of wealth. Perhaps a little to much wealth, as soon after Tepasi police began investigating how he was able to afford such extravagant items. It was at this time that Hadrian took his newest smuggling job, which involved heading over to Republica. As Tepasi police arrived to arrest him, he had already boarded the ship to Republica.

Rude Arrival

Arriving in Republic Space at Year 0, Day 103 his ship was immediately hailed by system authorities. To the suprise of Hadrian the authorities had actually ordered the drugs themselves in part of a sting operation. His ship was searched and he was charged with drug trafficking. While he was in holding the local officers had devised a plan to get extra funding. They had realized that if they solved a majority of the unsolved cases they would be given extra funding due to a local law that provides incentives for solving cases. The Judges who ruled over Hadrian's case were also brought into the conspiracy and ruled guilty despite several pleas from Hadrian. As a result he was prosecuted with multiple charges such as voluntary manslaughter, grand theft, attempted arson, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, drug manufacturing and cultivation, drug trafficking, insurance fraud, kidnapping, and money laundering.

"I swear, upon the lives of my ancestors, of my family, my friends, my loved ones, I am not guilty of these crimes! Please hear me out! Don't make this mistake, don't stain your system like this. Please.""
— Hadrian Hawkes

Hadrian was sentenced to three life sentences in a Maximum Security Prison. He appealed several times but the same court that convicted him rejected his appeals. Two years after his original sentence Hadrian was contacted by a Holo-News company who wished to have his story in the next series of articles. He agreed but suggested they do some more investigating of their own. For several weeks private investigators combed old records and quickly found unsuspected news. Soon headlines read all over the local district of a possible conspiracy a few years ago. With the new evidence Hadrian appealed to a Higher Court and was released on the premise of corruption in a lower court. The officials expunged his records, and released him after a week due to conflicting accounts of his charges in Tepasi. During his release it's also believed that Augustus Hawkes may have seen his name when viewing the news, which eventually led up to their reintroduction.

Life Anew

Seeing the Light "Again"

His second time in prison was much rougher than his first. He had not seen sunlight in so many years, causing him to regret his past, his choices. It was during his time in prison that Hadrian repented and decided to turn his life around and help those who lived in the slums of Republica. He became known relatively soon as he helped all the under-privileged of Republic, and this is when he met his future wife. Delilah Saboña. After a few months of dating he popped the question. As soon as that his life was altered, from this point he no longer risked his life on a daily basis, he had decided he now wanted to be able to come home every day to his wife. He no longer wanted his death to come, he now wanted to live happily with Delilah Hawkes. Delilah encouraged further his transition to becoming a good samaritan, and pushed him to do even more. He became a common face in every soup kitchen, he set up watches to protect against criminals, he did his best to improve life for his neighborhood, and for his family. A few months later, Delilah confirmed, she was pregnant. During the pregnancy Hadrian was unable to contribute as much of his time to the well-being of the neighborhood, as he had to spend more time tending to his wife, but he did set up several organizations to help improve the quality of life in his area of Republica. Some influential people began to take notice of him, and while people report men dressed in suits visiting Hadrian, Hadrian has never mentioned it, and has rarely even referenced the accusations. After several months, Delilah gave birth to a health baby boy on Year 1 Day 33. They named him Lazarus. The next day Hadrian went to check out Delilah & Lazarus from the Hospital, however he was notified by the receptionist that Delilah and Lazarus had been checked out earlier by a relative. Hadrian immediately notified the authorities, fearing the worst, when the police arrived they combed an area of 50km surrounding the hospital.

They found Delilah in a small alley, lying in her own dried blood. Lazarus was nowhere to be found. The Police immediately arrested the receptionist who admitted to being bribed and threatened, she gave the police all she knew about him, but he matched no one in the database. The Police began asking everyone they could about the murder, Hadrian however remained markedly quiet during his own questioning. Several neighbors of his did suggest they saw men in suits visiting Hadrian, but they also noted none fit the description. Hadrian was arrested briefly, however he was released after several other seemingly related murders occurred. Still several officers theorized that Hadrian had either made a deal with these "men in black suits" to kill Delilah or had actually refuted a deal from them, earning their animosity. Nonetheless no charges could be stuck to Hadrian, and he was released. After his release, he began a descent. For so many years Delilah had been his crutch, holding him up from his sorrows, for so many years she had protected him from what he feared most. His descent was terrible, he began drinking every day as soon as he woke up, unable to brave the dark world without her or his son. He tried to continue to help the community, but everywhere he went he heard whispers of how he had killed his wife. He had become a pariah in the neighborhood he helped build up from a slum. He eventually stopped attending community events, and began going back into organized crime. Several store owners began waking up to broken windows and stolen inventories. Then they noticed that their windows stopped breaking, but their inventories still went missing. Some were able to catch their employees stealing it, cops did manage to solicit that they had been bribed into stealing, but they would not identify who. Many began to realize what was occurring, Hadrian had built up a crime ring, he had begun to derail the neighborhood he built, in an attempt to bring it back to the slum it once was.

Finding Family

Hadrian awoke on New Year to find a mob outside his window. He opened the window up and tried to reason with them, however it did not work, they lit his house on fire, he only barely managed to escape with a picture of Delilah, and some of his savings, by jumping out of a second story window. He landed rough, but he immediately got up and began running. He was determined to survive, it was what Delilah would have wanted. He thought to himself, of how, oh how he failed her. He managed to escape the town and found himself in a new one, who knew nothing of him. He bought a small shack near the beach that barely kept the water out, and he again began drinking himself to death. However one morning, when he sat on the beach and began to drink, a tall figure approached him.

"Hadrian? Is that you? You got awfully ugly..."
— Augustus Hawkes

After talking to Augustus and catching up, Augustus began to question Hadrian about rejoining the family. Hadrian dropped his bottle, got up and hugged his brother. Tears began to stream down his cheeks.

"I miss family. I missed dad, I missed you, I missed all of you, I was a spoiled little brat, and I never thanked him like I should have. What child runs away from home? What child, from noble birth, given all they desire, runs away from the love they were granted unconditionally. I've been unrealistically terrible to you all, of course I'll come."
— Hadrian Hawkes

Known Possessions

Known Ships

  • CR-90 Corvette [HHS] Barsen'thor #289204

Well known as the original flagship it has since become outdated. It originally served as Augustus' Hawkes planning grounds as he and his family traveled the galaxy.

  • Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle [HHS] Alderaanian Pride #170358

A small shuttle originally used by by lower rank House Hawkes members.

  • YT-2000 [HHS] Augustus #324616

The infamous YT-2K originally used to slab newfound systems. It has seen action in the Dubrillion, Loedorvia, and Prindaar Systems. It also has seen action in multiple scouting missions across the galaxy.