House Hawkes

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House Hawkes
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Divide Et Impera
Historical Information
FounderJorus Hawkes
TitlesMayor of Aldera (Formerly/Appointed) Lord of Jurrano (Formerly)
EstablishedYear -27,500
General information
Current headHadrian Hawkes
FlagshipHHS Barsen'thor

House of Hawkes, or House Hawkes as it's commonly known, is a noble and decaying group that had it's origins from the planet of Alderaan. While making a short comeback under Augustus Hawkes, it has entered it's modern state of decay after a familial breakdown resulting from Augustus' and Annabeth's death.

Family History

Although the modern era of the House was established only a century ago, House Hawkes is unrivaled in both it's ancestry and regality. The family can proudly trace it's roots as being among the first families to arrive on Alderaan. Throughout their history House Hawkes has produced many great individuals, some of which included Diplomats, Governors, Mayors, and even Authors and Playwrights. Considered mainly a planetary power, in recent years the family had moved more into a galactic scope of things. With multiple members rising in multiple factions the house had begun making a bit of a name for itself galactically, however in recent years the only known member still known to be alive is Hadrian Hawkes.

Early History

With the arrival of Jorus Hawkes among the first settlers of Alderaan, the family was born. It had for many years therafter, married into positions of esteem. Earning a place among the aristocratic society as well through works of literature, the Hawkes then branched out into many cadet branches with the main line still remaining strong throughout. It is also widely accepted that the House was one of the few founding houses of the Alderaanian High Council and is documented as holding positions of esteem both in the council and in the planetary government during several periods. However as time moved on inter-family struggles and political assassinations eventually toppled the House, leading to a slow decline that lasted several decades.

Modern History

After the exile from Alderaan the family lost a good amount of it's wealth and faded into relative obscurity. With recent events however, such as the marriage of Augustus Hawkes and Charlotte Hawkes, the family was put back into the local planetary spotlight. A recovery effort, as it was dubbed, was launched by Augustus, leading the family to a new age of enlightenment and galactic intrigue.

As the family grew, so did it's contacts, and so did the pressure upon the family members. On 191st day of Year 14, Annabeth Hawkes took her own life after a period of mental instability. Not long after Augustus went missing after leaving the Empire. Hadrian Hawkes attempted to remain in the Empire but was forced to resign his newly gained post in order to deal with the family affairs of crowning the new Patriarch Tiberius and once again aiding him to bring about a return of the family to galactic affairs, however even this seemed to fail, with Tiberius soon falling to the same fate as his father and fading into the darkness. With the line of succession disputed, and Tiberius' death unconfirmed, Hadrian declared a regency until the "rightful patriarch would return". Tiberius was confirmed to have returned but his return was short lived, he has since gone missing again.

House Society

Traditionally the title of Patriarch has been passed by a primogeniture system. Defaulting to the eldest son of the current Patriarch, who also inherits all other titles, and riches held by the father. However with Tiberius' ascension to Patriarch a more liberal stance has been noted. He formally announced the transition aboard the House's Capital ship, with Tiberius' status unknown, Hadrian has siezed all house assets under the regency.

Claim on Alderaan

With no reigning royal family, the throne of Alderaan has been subject to many false pretenders. Many have no real right to the throne while others have antiquated claims.

Traditionally, the House of (Jorus) Hawkes was born from the early colonists to arrive on the planet, and ancestors of the House have ruled before in the High Council and other positions. The House is also believed to be the most recent family to govern any portion of the planet. Augustus believed that through this ancient inheritance and modern history that House Hawkes should see itself as the only legitimate body that is rightful in its claim to rule.


Tytos Hawkes 
Joanne Hawkes 
Delilah Hawkes 
Hadrian Hawkes
Augustus Hawkes
Charlotte Hawkes 
Tiberius Hawkes
Ampelius Hawkes
Annabeth Hawkes

Current Members

Hadrian Hawkes - Brother of Augustus and most trusted adviser, currently holding title of Regent.

Missing Members

Tiberius Hawkes - Patriarch of House Hawkes

Ampelius Hawkes - Son of Augustus

Alek Hawkes

James Hawkes - Legitimized Bastard of Augustus

Deceased Members

Tytos Hawkes

Joanne Hawkes

Delilah Hawkes

Charlotte Hawkes (Missing; Presumed Dead)

Annabeth Hawkes - Sister of Tiberius

Augustus Hawkes - Former Patriarch, and father of current Patriarch

House Awards

The Golden Hawkes

The Order of Jorus

Order of the Bronze Eagle

Known Ships