Tiberius Hawkes

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Tiberius Hawkes
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Charlotte Hawkes (Missing; Presumed Dead)  
Father Augustus Hawkes
Siblings Annabeth Hawkes
Ampelius Hawkes
Born Year -10 Day 13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Fair Skinned
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation House Hawkes
Title Patriarch
Positions Patriarch of the House Hawkes

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Tiberius Hawkes is missing Patriarch of House Hawkes; his whereabouts are unknown. Before his disappearance he hailed a liberalization of House Hawkes succession policies, economic activities, and punishment of House Hawkes members. He also dissolved Hawkes Enterprises, and endorsed realty investment programs due to the deflation of the galactic currency.