Xzar Versia

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Xzar Versia
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Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Born Year -25 Day 278 (38 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.95 meters
Coloring Brownish/Yellow skin
Eye Color Brown
Political Information


Xzar Versia was born on the planet Cathar, with his litter of two brothers and a sister. However he wasn't with them long. When his home planet was invaded by Mandalorians he went missing.

He found his way onboard a ship that was smuggling goods to Coruscant. His ships owners he found to be Jorj Varsarius a little known smuggler. When he found the young cub he didn't know what to do with it. Jorj decieded to let the little Xzar stay aboard and be raised on his ship.

Xzar began learning to fly the ship and trade and many other useful tactics at a very young age. By the time he came of age in his early teens he was flying the ship for Versarius.

It was in -2 when Versarius was stricken with illness. Xzar waited with him on his deathbed until the old man passed. Xzar then took on the role of captain much to the dismay of some of the senior crew of Versarius' ship.

After a year of flying the crew began to mutiny. Xzar and his followers batteled with many of the other crewers in which many ended up dead. It was here that the crewmen found out Xzar's true strength when he ripped the arms out of the socket of a human male crewman.

Xzar and the followers took the business and decided to start smuggling in the inner sectors of the galaxy for many years.

On one mission he happened to meet a fellow Cathar, Caren Katherion. He had never encountered another of his species at that point and was immediately aw-struck. The two connected although she was known as a troubled soul to many locals of Chamm. Xzar and Caren became lovers and joined in union.

Xzar later one day met a fellow trader by the name of Cavrth Cly, a young Corellian male, and the two began to have a mutual respect for each other. The two began sharing business tips over many months helping each other gain credits and resources. After months of sharing, Cly, Versia and fellow trader Kalin Vos created a transport business together in which the still run. (It doesn't however effect his smuggling opperations on the side.)

Xzar after months of the transporting decided to cut things with his friends and leave the business to be a full time smuggler in the Outer Rim. However only a month after he had left the business he had recieved news of the murder of Cavrth Cly and told Kalin Vos to go into hiding, it wasn't good enough though because before he could return to his friend Kalin, Vos was murdered onboard a Wraith's Smuggling Vessel.

Xzar's last known wherabouts were somewhere in the Central Universe picking up odd jobs and looking for information on his friends killers.