Zann Consortium Ranks

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Zann Consortium, due to its nature, does not employ a typical military style structure and ranking system. Zann does have a large mercenary assault force (npcs) which are commanded at times by its elite agents (Defilers).


The Krestviniic is the Lord and Overseer of the Zann crime syndicate.

They handle business such as managing the organizational security offensively and defensively , general overseeing of all Defiler training and instruction, operational planning , ,infiltration command, racketeering and trafficking and smuggling.

Ximaro Jix is the standing Krestviniic, starting from the initial Mercenary inception date to present day, with some moments of absence.

Typically, this position is always associated with Ximaro Jix due to the high level of respect he commands among his peers and the amount of controversy he brings in the public's eye.

==Kominiic The Kominiic is the head of the syndicate for Zann Consortium.

They have oversight over organizational security offensively and defensive, assassinations , influence, operational control as well as diplomacy.

Kyota Navic is the standing Kominiic, who replaced Greyson Abrams who started in late Year 14 .

This position allows for flexibility as it is expected for the Kominiic to swap between corporations and governments for business purposes and management.

Defilers Circle

The Defilers Circle is a special parliamentary advisory council created for specific use within Zann Consortium.

It is made up of the Krestviniic, the Kominiic, as well as several known and unknown veteran Defilers.

While the Krestviniic can provide ultimate and precise decisions, opinions and advice are sought from those among the Circle towards the betterment of the whole.

Each Defilers Circle member overseers a their own area of operation with the Zann syndicate and are such labeled Kamiriic (Defiler Commmander) .


Defilers are the "agents" of Zann Consortium who are dispatched throughout the galaxy for assassinations, piracy, subversion, sabotage, and acts of terrorism.

Though Zann Consortium possesses a well-equipped and organized military force, they generally prefer to use guerrilla warfare and criminal activities to gain influence.

Defilers are made up of many different species and people from all walks of life, trained and conditioned to serve Zann Consortium above all others and concealed under a distinctive uniform of red armor.

Many Defilers serve as public and private representatives and most, if not all, organizations in the galaxy have active Defilers within them.

All Defilers serve as Consortium associates for a period of time before being allowed to complete Zann's "phase training" to become what is dubbed a "full blood" which denotes they are now siblings in the syndicate and identified by the signature red armor and helmets.

Defilers have their own ranking system which consists of two tiers they must move up through, before being considered for a Circle position, assuming one is available.