Angus Vandal

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Angus Vandal
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld Trandosha
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse NA
Siblings NA
Children NA
Born Unknown
Quote Sham ba Lu Mi Lowe
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Approximately 2 meters
Coloring Brown/Green
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Independent Contractor
Title None
Rank None
Positions unknown
Prior Affiliation unknown
Awards None



ANGUS VANDAL(original Trandoshan name unknown)

Race: Trandoshan
Height: Approximately 2 meters
Complexion: Green
Sex: Male
Build: Medium
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Non-existent
Scars/Markings: Deep scars in the area of the left eye.

Known History:

The Trandoshan know as Angus Vandal is a subject of interest in a multitude of illegal events over the last several decades. Very little is known about Angus' early history. It is rumoured that at a young age he was given to a Hutt crime lord as payment for some type of family debt. This of course cannot be substantiated but it does fit in with the first known appearance of Angus as a slave fighter for the Hutt mob boss named Asuk on Nal Hutta. Witness from the Asuk organization testify that Angus proved himself talented enough in the slave pits and was promoted to the position of bodyguard within the organization. . History again becomes cloudy at this point but it appears that Angus at one point became some type of enforcer for the Hutts. Hutt legal records while incomplete, do show that Angus was granted emancipation during the time period in question. Investigation by several law enforcement agencies also found indicators of Angus' presence at or near the location of the mysterious deaths of several of Asuk's adversaries.


The next time Angus's name appears on record involves the failed assassination attempt of a Wookie ambassador on Trandosha. It appears that elements within the Trandoshan government offered a sizable amount of money to have negotiations with the Wookie's derailed. Informants within the Asuk organization reported that Angus was offered a leadership position if he could remove the Wookie ambassador during his visit. An agent from the Kashyyyk Secret Service, Banbl Besand, was notified and was prepared for the assault. Recordings of the scene show a very impressive display of personal combat as Banbl managed to stop the Trandoshan assassin and hold him until the local security forces could arrive to take him into custody. The government of Trandosha publicly denounced Angus' actions. He was ordered to be executed but, during transfer to his holding cell managed to overcome his guards and made his escape in a gunship. Agency psychologists believe that Angus' failure sent him over the edge. Somehow he managed to get intelligence information on the Wookie agent that had stopped him. Shortly after Angus' escape Banbl's village was destroyed. An attempt to track Angus through his association with Banbal Besand failed when Banbal left his agency in a quest for revenge.


Angus is seldom seen in public without dark glasses. It is rumoured that he suffered a deep cut in the vicinity of his left eye during a fight with a Wookie. This would indeed have had to have been a deep wound if his natural regenerative abilities could not heal it. Other than his eye-wear Angus is also known to wear expensive suites when not on the hunt.


Angus should be considered armed and dangerous. Eyewitness reports state that he usually has some type of heavy projectile weapon near him at all times. He also is known to carry a Rykk blade, rumored to have been taken from the Wookie that damaged his eye.