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Posted by Rune Tao on Year 5 Day 182

Onboard the YT-510 EC One in system Ryloth.

(The camera cuts in on Rune Tao, presumably in the lobby of the Endeavor Corp Tower. A number of reporters are sitting patiently, waiting for yet another Endeavor Corporation press conference. Rune Tao strides to the podium, shaking a few hands on the way.)

Endeavor Corporation was created only four short months ago and has risen to take a position as one of the most profitable organizations in the galaxy. We have achieved this chiefly through the strong individuals that make up the employee base of Endeavor and our commitment to innovation.

With that thought in mind, I bring to you the newest feature in the Endeavor Corporation stable of services. Two weeks ago, we brought you archive searching that has made information more accessible and more affordable to each and every member of the galaxy. Today we bring you what I like to call, the uber scan.

The idea behind the uber scan is quite simple. For many beings out there in the galaxy, knowing every little detail about a system can be very useful. Having a complete and thorough overview of a system can serve as a roadmap for such activities as military movements, production contracts, the possibilities are endless.

Endeavor Corporation's Uber Scans include the entire spectrum of our product offerings. Each system will get a system scan platinum, every planet in the system will have its atmosphere scanned, and every city in the system will be documented in a city scan, including an overhead photograph of the city and full descriptions of all facilities within.

One nice feature that we are adding to these Uber Scans is a visual map of the system itself. As anyone that has piloted a ship knows, scanners depict certain icons when ships exist at a particular system position. What we do is assemble these various readouts into one readout that depicts all of the ship concentrations on one easy to read system map.

The prices for these Uber Scans vary on the system, as they depend on the number of planets and cities within a system. The average cost has been 1 million credits for a decent sized system, just to give an idea of the general range we are charging. Exact terms are hammered out in negotiations, and of course discounts are given for bulk ordering.

As always, the members of the galaxy are free to contact me at any time to chat about their information needs. I invite inquiries to my UIN, 163084640 or holonet address,

Thank you all for your time.

(Camera fades to black.)