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Date of Birth: Year -14 Day 153

Place of Birth: Anchorhead, Tatooine

Current Position: Governor of Tatooine


Gojin Zen was born on the planet of Tatooine, the only child of the owners of a cantina in Anchorhead. Gojin lived a fairly uneventful life, until a thermal detonator blew up his parent's cantina in Year 6. His parents were killed in the blast. Shortly after, Gojin joined a resistance group to overthrow the local crime lord, who was responsible for the blast. The group had brief success, but during an operation in a civic centre, the group was ambushed and found themselves caught in an explosion. Gojin awoke hours later, surrounded by the dead bodies of his comrades. Disoriented, he quickly fled the civic centre and began wandering the streets aimlessly. Gojin soon realized that he wouldn't be able to change Tatooine for the better if he stayed on the planet and set out to find a way off-world, with hopes of someday returning and changing things for the better.

Gojin soon received a recruitment advertisement through holo-mail from the Sorosuub Corporation. Taking this as a sign, Gojin wandered into a cantina looking for a pilot to take him to Sorosuub headquarters on Sullust. It was in this cantina that Gojin met the Corellian Artor Skyhopper. Within a few hours, the two were en route to Sullust on Artor's YT-510.

Upon his arrival on Sullust, Gojin was assigned to a Cloakshape fighter to learn the basics of piloting. Soon after, Gojin became a member of the Sorosuub Corporation's Ministry of Culture. Working alongside the Minister of Culture Gawayne, and future Chief of State Maradin Sandwalker, Gojin began a housing project on Sullust. From their efforts, the Sorosuub Corporation soon became a galactically recognized government. Within six months, Gojin became a member of the Sorosuub Corporation's leadership team and one of the top officers of the Ministry of Culture. During this time, Gojin was involved in the development of several important projects, including working with Maradin Sandwalker to develop Sorosuub Corporation's first production district on Losval.

Several months later, the Sorosuub Corporation began their most ambitious project, the development of the planet Galalyrn. Lead by Minister of Culture Gawayne, the build team consisted of members of the Sorosuub Leadership Team. As the project progressed, they faced several setbacks, including the brief disappearance of the Minister of Culture, which resulted in Gojin taking control. Five months into the project, Gojin proposed several changes to the final cities. The changes resulted in Galalyrn becoming the largest planet in the galaxy and Sorosuub briefly became recognized as the Galactic Government. For his work on Galalyrn, Gojin was knighted by Count Adam A. Flynn, an honour that has only been bestowed on two people in the Sorosuubian Government.

After the completion of Galalyrn, Gojin's next major project was the planet of Dunkiphor. As Gojin worked on Dunkiphor, many changes were occurring in all aspects of the government. The merger between the Sorosuub Corporation and the Rebel Alliance occurred, forming the New Republic. Following the completion of Dunkiphor, Gojin spent several months doing minor projects as the events of the Coup and the subsequent recovery period preempted the start of another major project. During this time, Gojin returned to Tatooine for the first time in three years. Spending a brief time on the planet, Gojin watched as the world he had left behind years earlier had become even worse in those three years. The sight of his homeworld, still recovering from the New Republic - New Imperial Order conflict from a year earlier, made Gojin remember his pledge from years before to fix his homeworld.

Despite his intentions to fix Tatooine, Gojin's duties brought him to work on the planet of Kicalaphin instead. Following the completion of Kicalaphin, Gojin traveled to the northern sectors of the New Republic to begin work on a project far larger than any he had ever undertaken; the development of the gas giant Belecalaryn. During this time, Gojin formally replaced his mentor Gawayne as the Minister of Culture. Gojin would only formally hold the position for a few short months before succeeding Minister Kapryn LaSalle as Minister of State. Gojin would spend the next year in the position while working on Belecalaryn and later, the gas giant Celenor. Following the completion of the projects on both planets, Gojin decided that he had left the New Republic in a strong enough position financially for him to finally move on. Gojin Zen formally retired from the Advisory Council on Day 219 of Year 11 and moved back to his homeworld of Tatooine where he soon assumed the role of governor. Five years after making his pledge to better his homeworld, Gojin finally began to make that a reality.

His years of experience in the Ministry of Culture had provided him with an incredible amount of knowledge on plsnetary development. Within six months, Gojin turned the poverty stricken and crime ridden planet of Tatooine into a booming metropolis with zero unemployment. Gojin soon expanded his work to include the other planets within the system and began building up colonies. This eventually lead to a mass migration into the system, resulting in a system population of 2.5 billion. Having made his pledge from years ago a reality, Gojin had completed all his major goals. He is now once again willing to look outside his home system to seek the new challenges of the galaxy...


  • Perlemian Star of Freedom
  • Outstanding Excellence Award
  • Civil Engineer's Award
  • Master Builder's Award