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After patrolling the many slabs of Krmar I, captured by the Hellions from the Infinite Empire, Hellions Original Enforcer Hondo Walker saw that one slab in particular had the potential to open up a tavern where the Hellions could draw in some legitimate income. He showed this to his brothers and they agreed this was a great idea. Soon enough the tavern was founded and the Hellions helped Hondo draw in customers and gain the galaxy's attention. Hellions had the business booming in a matter of days with other patches soon following and hanging out at the tavern. The Hellions Tavern is now one of the more well known bars/taverns in the galaxy, rivalling even the famous Blue Moon Cantina!

After sometime Hellions and Zann Consortium found and settled in the system of Vaxal and the tavern was moved to the Oubliette Shadowport on the planet Ord Vaxal.

The Hellions Tavern is run by the Dark Star Hellions swoop club, and Nomads chapters. All Hellions main, Hellions Nomads, and Zann Consortium, can be found hanging out in the tavern.

The sign above the bar read "We accept no responsibility for bodily harm inflicted on our patrons, especially if they choose to enter the cage".

Hellions Cage and other entertainment

Welcome to HELL! Located in the middle of the Tavern is an Octagonal Cage where people can settle their differences or just see who is the best. All they need to do it is "Just step in and go at it." (need image)

For those not interested in the cage Hondo Walker recommends that people hone their blade throwing skills at the stuffed Wookiee. (image)or to sit back, chill out and watch the dancers with a few of your favourite drinks.

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