Kerri Manchester

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Kerri Manchester
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Centrepoint Mining
Positions Leader

After wandering the galaxy for some time he hooked up with Centrepoint Mining to put his skills as a pilot to work, hauling freight and prospecting for new deposits of raw material.

After much long and hard work he was able to afford to have a Casino built, with an extended bar in Longheather on Torgazi! All are welcomed to try their luck at 'The Rampaging Bolotaur' or drown their sorrows at the 'Wookiee Cookies and Spirits' bar. Both are fully staffed by very proficient Zeltron bartenders and dealers.

He prefers to deal with the other sentient races of the galaxy in a civilized manner, brokering trade to provide the necessary goods for their own purposes... though he has been known to deal harshly with clients that choose the less civilized route.

His casino and bar quickly started earning a large profit, and Kerri expanded his enterprises, beginning with brewing his own alcoholic beverage. The drink 'Manchester Brew' is a deep gold color, and doubles as an industrial solvent, not to be taken by the weak in stomach or liver.

Exports exploded for the 'drink' and soon Kerri was able to expand further. He began importing exotic species from across the galaxy. When they arrive in Longheather they would be slaughtered and prepared as a new line of foods for taverns, though Kerri did build an upscale penthouse restaurant for those with a finer palate. Come and enjoy a Kubaza Beetle on a bun, Teriyaki Xandank, Tulrus Bacon wrapped Tanray, or Blistmok Kabobs!

He has come to know the grace of Kampar and has completed his trials as a Neophyte.

His personal business was booming, he also became a verified Middleman at the Centrepoint Marketplace. His home, however, was having some problems.

Over time the Leader and 2nd in command of Centrepoint Mining became less able to fulfill their responsibilities. Kerri started by becoming the company's Species Resource Manager, and started making attempts to recruit and retain membership, but it was hard. He had little success, until he accepted complete leadership of Centrepoint Mining. He used his connections on Centrepoint Market in order to help advertise for the needed pilots. This coupled with a restructuring of the Company and new department managers being promoted caused a boom in the business. Within 6 months Centrepoint Mining was as strong as it had ever been, and possibly stronger.

Kerri and Centrepoint strive to serve the needs of all those who have the credits to spend on raw materials. He has also helped forge new trading agreements to bolster not only his own company, but to assist several others into prosperity!