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Kothlis United is a privately owned team not affiliated with any recognized faction or galactic organization. That being said, the team is supported by many members of the New Imperial Order as their home team; indeed, one of the owners of the team is a prominent member of the Order itself. Kothlis United merchandise is sold all across Bothan Space, and many children dream of playing in the big leagues for Kothlis United.

Located outside of the largest city on Kothlis and the capital of the New Imperial Order, Kothlis Memorial Stadium is a state of the art facility built on land donated by the planetary governor, with seating for a little more than 300,000 roaring fans. In addition to souvenir stores and food stands, Kothlis Memorial also houses two five-star restaurants, private boxes, and the Kothlis United Hall of Fame.

Owners were Mephiston Leonatos and Jarek Sankin.


  • Elmin Erantes (Bothan, Kothlis); Left Flank and Team Captain
  • Alema Jalba (Rishii, Rishi); Guardian
  • Leo Starkos (Hapan, Hapes); Right Flank
  • Oret Endivain (Falleen, Falleen); Aggressor
  • Kale Thul (Corellian, Corellia); Reserve
  • Chicri Finn (Coruscanti, Coruscant); Reserve

Season Two Schedule:
Round # Home vs. Away
1. Kothlis United vs. Barab Titans
2. Kothlis United vs. Vosadii Vipers
3. Kothlis United vs. Thyferra Swarm
4. Aldaravir Starstrikers vs. Kothlis United
5. Bye
6. Biotech Medics vs. Kothlis United
7. WelfCom TwinSuns vs. Kothlis United
8. Cybot Sentinels vs. Kothlis United
9. Lothbo Rancors vs. Kothlis United
10. Kothlis United vs. Kaminoan Longnecks
11. Kothlis United vs. TGM Thrashers
12. Barab Titans vs. Kothlis United
13. Vosadii Vipers vs. Kothlis United
14. Thyferra Swarm vs. Kothlis United
15. Kothlis United vs. Aldaravir Starstrikers
16. Bye
17. Kothlis United vs. Biotech Medics

18. Kothlis United vs. WelfCom TwinSuns
19. Kothlis United vs. Cybot Sentinels
20. Kothlis United vs. Lothbo Rancors
21. Kaminoan Longnecks vs. Kothlis United
22. TGM Thrashers vs. Kothlis United