MandalTech Introduces the Elegance, a Continuation of the ELG Line

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Okyaab, Ojoster (Te Verd Ca'narase)

After months of research and development, MandalTech is proud to introduce the first new prototype in the ELG range of weapons, the ELG-Q1, which has been dubbed the “Elegance”. The ELG-Q1 is a more refined and elegant version of the highly successful and popular ELG-3A blaster. The ELG-Q1 embodies the high efficiency and powerful design for which Mandalorian craftsmanship is renowned.


The ELG-3A initially became popular with political operatives and dignitaries because of its discreet size, and was commonly known as the "Diplomat's Blaster". However, the compaction of the weapon combined with the significant firepower it could bring also made it a firm favourite with security forces and hunters alike. Despite the huge success of the ELG-3A, customer feedback indicated a niche in the market for customers who “need an even more discrete weapon for self-defence” or “need something faster on the draw”. While designing the Q1 these concerns were addressed and tests have shown an appreciably reduced latency between initial draw and weapon discharge.

In order to retain the iconic appearance of the ELG range, MandalTech designers and engineers utilised the ELG-3A as a base model for the ELG-Q1. Meaning that at a glance, the ELG-Q1 is effectively a variant of the classic ELG line as it shares over 80% of the 3A's features. The most obvious difference between the two models is the dramatically shortened barrel length on the Q1. Barrel shortening is not a new concept to the galaxy. Shortened barrel modifications have been implemented by many post sale users of the ELG-3A for years. However, comprehensive studies by the staff at MandalTech have found the “sawn-off” approach to dramatically reduce the range and accuracy of the ELG-3A blaster, not mention completely voids the warranty on the weapon. As a result of these studies, MandalTech has always discouraged modification of the ELG-3A, but has never until now offered a safe and effective alternative.

Excerpt from the ELG-3A User's guide, p.3

To combat the loss in range and accuracy from barrel shortening, the scientists at MandalTech started by improving the traditional actuating module in the barrel of the ELG-Q1. This in conjunction with an upgrade of the prismatic crystal, which follows the actuating module, was made possible by an increase in material density in both the module and crystal. This material change allowed for the compact design while still creating the desired coherent beam not found in sawn-off variants.

In addition to barrel shortening and the associated internal modifications, the ELG-Q1 has also been equipped with a combination of electroless dallorian plating and hardwood grips to produce a highly stylized weapon with exceptional durability. This durability is also reflected in the weapon’s internal energy chamber, which can still pack enough charged plasma to drop a charging Vornskr with a gentle squeeze of the customizable variable pressure trigger.

In terms of performance, the Q1 retains the same deadly force of the ELG-3A whilst being a more agile and less bulky variation of its predecessor. Like most cutting edge projects, drawbacks from drastic design changes were expected. Through comprehensive testing, one significant limitation was discovered on the Q1. This being a reduction in burst firing due to a loss in cooling efficiency which was a direct result of its reduced barrel length. To compensate for this, the flash suppressor has been redesigned to provide optimal heat dispersion, allowing burst shots of 6 to 8 shots per triggering.

The weapons experts at MandalTech always take pride in their weapon’s durability and reliability. Their underlying design principal is that a weapon should feel like an extension to its wielder. With these refinements the designers and engineers have circumvented the issues faced by having a long barrel while still maintaining a high standard of efficiency. While inspecting the new assembly area, one production engineer said “Once again we meet our goals of having our products conform to the needs of our users while surpassing the reliability of Verpine Tech."

The ELG-Q1 is currently scheduled to begin rigorous field testing in the Mandalorian Military, with every Mandalorian from the 1st and 2nd Fleet receiving one or two prototypes (depending on their fighting style). The weapons shall be tested in what Military sources have loosely described as “various situations”. Upon successful completion of the field trials, the prototype ELG-Q1 will be revised and the final product will be made available for sale to the general public.

Several batches of ELG-Q1 in a MandalTech warehouse

The improvements to the Elegance provide a variety of benefits to the end user, focusing principally on increased mobility for swifter execution in close quarters combat, draw speed, durability and aesthetics. The ELG-Q1 provides a sleek, elegant and refined weapon alternative with more punch than a standard hold-out style blaster. The weapons experts at MandalTech are keen to emphasize that the ELG-Q1 is just the beginning, with their expert designers and engineers working hard to bring the next generation of elite weaponry and equipment to the sentients of the galaxy.