Shorwarr Lofryyhn

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The Beginning

Shorwarr Lofryyhn is a Wookiee male from the forest planet Kashyyyk. Shorwarr grew up in the Kashyyyk village of Rwookrrorro. At around the age of 16, Shorwarr and his father, Snowarr, where down in the Shadow Forest Level below Rwookrrorro looking for a hunting party that was exploring the lower levels. After exploring for a while, they found three of the five Wookiees dead. While looking for the other two, they ran into a webweaver. Snowarr had some thermal detonators he had brought in case they had ran into a Webweaver. He packed five thermal detonators into a pack he had and threw it at the webweaver. The webweaver then ran over to the pack, picked it up, and then ate it. As the webweaver ate the pack, Snowarr detonated the thermal detonators and killed the webweaver. Since it was such an amazing kill, the remaining Wookiees helped Shorwarr and Snowarr take the trophy back to Rwookrrorro. As they were heading back, a group of Trandoshan slavers ambushed them. Shorwarr, being the youngest and smallest, was the prime target. Three of the seven slavers attacked him. The rest attacked Lowbacca and the other two Wookiees. Shorwarr killed one of the slavers that attacked him but was then knocked him temporarily unconscious. Snowarr ran to his aid killing two of the slavers. As he impaled the second one with his Ryyk Blade, the third one shot him with his blaster. Right after that, the two other Wookiees killed their opponents and then tackled the slaver that shot Snowarr. Shorwarr walked over to the slaver and started to chock him. Then one of the Wookiees handed him their Ryyk Blade. Shorwarr slammed the slaver to the ground and with one quick slash, decapitated him. The Wookiees tried to help Snowarr back to the village but it was no good. Snowarr died later that night. Shorwarr has never got over this as he made a promise to his father before he died that he would hunt down every last Trandoshan slaver and exterminate them.