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Posted by: -Unknown- - Faction: The Serroco Ministry of Health and Well Being

Date: Year 16 Day 201 System Serroco.

Serroco - The High Patriarch and the Government of Serroco is issuing a bulletin advising that all sentient life forms avoid the planet and surrounding system.

The Serroco Ministry of Health and Well Being reports that 1 week ago a Caamasi male being identified by the initials A. K. landed on the planet while surveying the sector. The patient appears to be carrying a highly contagious strain of the Derra Virus, also known as the Great Animosity Plague. All continents of the planet are now under quarantine restrictions. The once orderly and civil populace inhabiting the surface communities have devolved into civil unrest. Civilian militia and vigilante groups have sprung up in every community and have begun to fire weaponry upon each other and nearby facilities. Darkness has descended upon the planet.

Once again the Government of Serroco advises that all sentients:

- Avoid the planet
- Do not approach hostile bandits
- Do not engage other civilian groups
- Do not to bring in any outside weaponry to the planet.

The Ministry will treat all foreign beings found on world as hostile. No excuse will be tolerated. This includes “I'm just testing to see if my blaster works on this building.”

The Ministry thanks you for your compliance..