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Navigational Information
Planet: Taanab
Sector: Zeemacht Cluster
System: Taanab
Sun(s): Tive Sun (17, 18)
Geographical Information
Size: 10x10
Atmosphere: Temperate/Breathable
Climate: Temperate/Breathable
Social Information
Goverment: Trade Federation
Governor: Trade Federation
Magistrate: Viceroy Jacob Jansen
Population: 317,620,661 inhabitants
Civilisation Level: 19.8700%
Native Species: None
Languages: Galactic Basic
Industry: Unknown
Taxation Level: 5.0000%
Currency: None
Planetary Income: 60,656,172 credits
Tax Income: 3,032,809 credits
Important Cities: None
Point of Interest: None
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Taanab is a warm planet, kept consistently temperate almost year round by the planet's peculiar orbit. The planet's surface is dominated by a large ocean and dotted with several continents. While its largest continents are covered in old growth forests and rolling grasslands, its lush, thick jungles and beaches are famous with explorers and tourists alike. Historically most of the planet's population has lived in several urban centers on the largest, forested island. The island's population only grew when The Trade Federation declared Taanab its capital and constructed the capital city of Forsetti. With the Federations capitol, the official viceroyal retreat at Camp Gunray, the official embassies of foreign nations, the headquarters of the Department of Logistics at Fort Esco and many other military installations it has become the political hub of not only the sector but the whole Federation.

The beauty of Taanab is exemplified by its three 'crown jewels': the Viceroyal Palace, Camp Gunray, and Solitudous. While the palaces and Camp Gunray are restricted to the viceroy, state official, and honored guests, Solitudous has been a playground for the wealthy and common for nearly as long as the planet has been settled, so long as they have money to spend. While it is not known as a tourist destination, the artificial island that houses the official embassies is an understated marvel of engineering and has a beauty all its own. Other popular destinations are Tal'Cor, the former capital of Taanab, and the ruins of an old Confederacy of Independent Systems capital city one of the planet's smallest island.