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WelfCom Twin Suns

Bothawui, Both, Bothan Space

The WelfCom Twin Suns Stadium nicknamed The Durian after the fruit found locally on the planet Bothawui was built after WelfCom was established on the planet. WelfCom was formed to ensure the welfare of the latest habitants of the planet which came with the change in government was properly looked after. As part of its efforts to integrate the different habitants of the planet, WelfCom decided that sports were the best way to do this. Thus the stadium was built to realize this effort.

Owner: Rul Knizar


  • Aurora Bolera
  • Bernon Durgachia
  • Skye Kahn
  • Zander Zoggs
  • Robert Reyalmid
  • Wor Burchi

WelfCom TwinSuns Wins

by Sierra Nur

Zalxuc City, Thyferra - In the pre-season match played here yesterday at the Yopaxtul’s Nest, home side Swarm was beaten 68 -72 by the WelfCom TwinSuns. The TwinSuns from Bothawui played a more balanced match to counter the more offensive style of the Swarms. However the Swarms encountered the TwinSuns great defense lead by its captain Bernon Durgachia. WelfCom TwinSuns managed to hold on to their halftime lead despite a comeback by the Swarms in the second half of the match. The next match will be a return leg in The Durian, Bothawui.

Thyferra Swarm 68 V WelfCom TwinSuns 72

by Troon Kebris

A beautiful day saw the first preseason game underway. It was clear from the outset that the Swarm were looking for a lot of points as their attack seem really ramped up. However it did appear that they were sacrificing a little defence at the back as the TwinSuns were capable of executing a number of counter offensives. The Swarm looked a little sluggish, despite the home ground advantage, their attitude not up to the task. The superior defencisive tactics of the TwinSuns saw them manage to control much of the game, with the half time score being 37-28 in favour of the TwinSuns.

At half time changes were made. For the Swarm, Maghr Meln came on for Zane Holme, while for the TwinSuns Zander Zoggs was replaced with Robert Reyalmid The TwinSuns also appeared to look more in a defensive formation.

After the break it was obvious that the manager of the Swarm had fired his team up. Their attitude of the Swarm was greatly lifted! On the otherhand, the TwinSuns seemed to go to sleep, seeing the Swarm close the gap early. However, the Swarm never managed to overcome their lack of focus at the defensive line. The 2nd half was much better for the Swarm who got possession back to 50-50 and out scored their opponents. However the TwinSuns held on for a very close 72-68 victory.

Colonial Shockball League - Pre Season Game One:

Thyferra Swarm 68 V WelfCom TwinSuns 72


Thyferra Swarm -
Aggressor - Quint Cabaril (Captain)
Guardian - Zane Holme (substituted)
Left Flanker - Telera Opuurin
Right Flanker - Ubinaarisan Kovani
1st Sub - Maghr Meln

WelfCom TwinSuns -
Aggressor - Aurora Bolera
Guardian - Bernon Durgachia (Captain)
Left Flanker - Skye Kahn
Right Flanker - Zander Zoggs (substituted)
1st Sub - Robert Reyalmid

No injuries to report