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The backdrop of the Battle of Kashyyyk was the Second Galactic Civil War, specifically the battle between the Rebel Alliance (which was at Year 8, Day 12 part of the New Republic), and the Galactic Empire. According to the Galactic News Service, Wookiees were repressed on Kashyyyk under the government of the Galactic Empire, which prevented the indigenous Wookiees to hunt, build and live their traditional cultural and indigenous existence. Although such abuses were reported, the Galactic Empire always maintained that they were treating the Wookiees fairly. However, it is widely accepted that there was a repression of the indigenous Wookiees on Kashyyyk before the Battle of Kashyyyk. Operation Forging Freedom was a military operation that was undertaken in Year 8 before the Day 94 by the military of the New Republic, Falleen Federation, Trade Federation and some elements of the Jedi against the defence forces of The 12 Colonies and the Galactic Empire. The battle was fought for the control and liberation of Kashyyyk from Imperial control.(more...)

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