The Hyporian Commonwealth (Year 20 - Year 21)

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This article is about the Government that operated from Year 20 to 21. You may be looking for the successor Hyporian Commonwealth.

The Hyporian Commonwealth
THC Plain Logo.png
Political information
Type of government Episcopacy
Head of State Hierarch Nikolaj Eyre
Head-of-Government Prime Minister Hugh Grishnak
Executive branch Hierarchy
Legislative branch Constellarium
Judicial branch Constellarium
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Population 187,848,070,347
Capital Hypori Major
Territory Outer Rim Territories
Language(s) Basic
Currency Galactic Credits
Historical Information
Formed from The Cooperative, Palatinate
Date of establishment Year 20 Day 347
Date of dissolution Y21 D125
(Merged with Arkanian Brotherhood & Baobab Merchant Fleet to create a new government retaining the name The Hyporian Commonwealth)
Status Dissolved
Holosite The Hyporian Commonwealth

The Hyporian Commonwealth is currently multi-system spanning government that is organized as an aristocratic meritocracy holding domain over a small area in the Outer Rim Territories primarily consolidated around the sectors of Herios, Instrop, and Ferra. While the Commonwealth is an independent government, it is aligned with the fellow treaty holders of the Galactic Alliance in the Second Galactic Civil War. The Commonwealth and its territory have a long and rich history under the authority of several different regimes such as the Old Republic, The Krath, The eXiles, and the Cooperative. Throughout all, the ideals of independence, family, honor, and justice have been a key component of the culture throughout all the different regimes. Under the custodianship of Hierarch Nikolaj Eyre and Prelate Solarius Masha, a new chapter for the organization is being written.



The organization now known as the Hyporian Commonwealth is an amalgamation of various different organizations and cultures assimilating under one organization, over various periods of time.


At heart, the earliest history of the Hyporian Commonwealth can be traced back to two separate organizations, The 12 Colonies which became the Chiss Ascendancy, and the Federation of Free Alliances.

History of The 12 Colonies/Chiss Ascendancy

Formation: The 12 Colonies was a government that was founded by Isoldor Storm and existed briefly in Year 6 to Year 8. The 12 Colonies were based in the Sumitra Sector and included the planets of Kashyyyk, Yavin, Woostri, and Roche II. The leadership of the 12 Colonies consisted of a Quorum of 12 ministers who were voted in as a Minister of one of the twelve colonies of Sumitra. During its heyday, the 12 Colonies was one of the largest territorial governments and controlled the sectors of Sumitra, Meridian, Dolomar, Thrax, Brak, Taroon, Mayagil and Calaron. The 12 Colonies also owned Telegron Rothani Shipworks, Storm One Mining Corp, and were allied with Colonial Recycling. Among their accomplishments, the 12 Colonies claimed to have destroyed the Invisible Army and conquered the Brak sector, home to Elom and nearly one billion inhabitants.

Reorganization as the Chiss Ascendancy: Little is known about the period of history leading to the birth of the Chiss Ascendancy, but an excerpt by Isoldor Storm was recorded to commemorate the event.

"' Greetings, for those who do not know who I am, my name is Isoldor Storm, Sith Master, and leader of the former 12 Colonies. I have come to you today to tell you about my plans for the future. By the will of the noble Chiss, we the 12 Colonies have been adopted into their Ascendancy, to help the Chiss fulfill their dream of expansion into the galaxy. Together we can create a safer and secure galaxy for all who live in it.' To the people of the 12 Colonies, treat the Chiss as if they were your own flesh and blood, treat them like brothers. For you will learn much from them, helping both their and our growth together, creating a strong bond that no forces can break. We have struck an alliance with the mighty forces of the Galactic Empire, they will aid us both Military and Economically, they are our friends, they might see things differently than us but we need their support. Together we will all strive to our dreams together, forging our own destinies, fates and our way of life. We must stand together, for separated we will fall but together we are unstoppable. Imperium Sine Fine.'"
— Chancellor Isoldor Storm An Announcement to the Chiss and the people of the former 12 Colonies, Year 8 Day 219, 19:25:43)

Death of Isoldor Storm: The Chiss Ascendency government on Year 8 Day 333 entered suddenly into the state of anarchy with the death of Isoldor Storm by the Eidolon Pirate Lance Hawke who was collecting a bounty put by the New Republic. This event directly leads to the quick dissolution of the group and its descent into darkness and fracturing.

Descent into Darkness Due to the very nature of the confusion surrounding the events directly proceeding the death of Isoldor Storm, a civil war erupted between the various members and worlds if the Chiss Ascendency which fractured into two distinct proceeding governments. From records obtained, two very clear governments emerged from the ashes.

One group was lead by Prard Al Keyrek whose supporters eventually founded the government known as Black Nebula and the government known as Federation of Free Alliances first under Valat Horn then Zimbabwe Suluciac.

First Interregnum

History of Telegron Rothani Shipworks

Following the dissolution of the Chiss Ascendency, Prard Al'Keyrek and his supporters founded their own government initially called Black Nebula on Year 8 Day 243, as a sister organization of Federation of Free Alliances.

Little is known of their history except they had a brief confrontation with the New Republic who sought the liberate many of the worlds under Black Nebula control, this led to the most notable conflict of that war Battle of Csilla. Eventually, the organization was refounded as the Telegron Rothani Shipworks and later the government Old Republic under Seth Shepard and Cevin Pong.

The Old Republic continued to be plagued by internal troubles such when On Year 11 Day 120, a high-ranking executive, Inronkini Wànnéng Alani, looted the treasury and absconded with more than three billion Imperial credits.

History of the Federation of Free Alliances

The Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) was a government founded on Year 9 Day 224 following the dissolution of the Chiss Ascendency into two distinct groups. The government was first led by the Human Prime Minister Zimbabwe Suluclac. During its brief existence, the Federation of Free Alliances was a neutral galactic power that was dedicated towards the members of its own alliance the eXiles Cooperative.

Unfortunately, for the Federation of Free Alliances, and the eXiles Cooperative as a whole; a civil war quickly erupted on Year 11 Day 150 instigated by Kain Elderan due to disagreements with other high ranking members of the eXiles Cooperative, especially against Jeb'el Ras. The conflict quickly changed from a small civil war to a galaxy-spanning conflict on Year 11 Day 183 with the entrance of Aurodium Legion on the side of Kain Elderan. This event led the Federation to seek assistance from members of the Galactic Alliance such as the Jedi Order and Rouge Squadron. The resulting war was a brief conflict called the Federation-Aurodium War, whereas the resulting being the destruction of the government and merger of the eXiles Cooperative into the Telegron Rothani Shipworks/Old Republic their sister government from the defunct Chiss Ascendancy.

The Creation of Commonality

After the reorganization of Telegron Rothani Shipworks into the Old Republic, the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) became embroiled in a disastrous conflict with the Aurodium Legion, a ruthless mercenary contingent determined to claim the Federation's territory which culminated in the loss of many of its key territories. With the downfall of the Federation, many of its former members of the eXiles Cooperative such as the eXiles Corporation, Koensayr, and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage chose to seek sanctuary with their sister organization.

Following the war, the eXiles Corporation and its leader Han Daragon and Helen Hawk of Koensayr requested an audience with Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard of the Old Republic. The three dignitaries reached a beneficial agreement that granted the remaining eXiles personnel a safe haven in the Old Republic. Shortly thereafter, Han Daragon and his staff became integrated into the Old Republic's chain-of-command on Year 11 Day 205. This marked the beginning of a new democratic era.

On Year 11 Day 250, a peaceful transfer of power took place between Supreme Chancellor Seth Sheppard and Vice-Chancellor Korinas Vildras.

Black Sword Fleet Crisis

On Year 11 Day 358, while Supreme Chancellor Korinas was inspecting local construction efforts in the Yavin system, a Black Sword Fleet assault force apprehended Korinas' vessel with access codes supplied by Minister Jormungand Gand. As the four Black Sword Fleet operatives attempted to seize control of the starship, the vessel veered too close to the Yavin sun. All four of the enemy operatives were killed including Gideon Stargazer. Surprisingly, Korinas survived the attack with only minor injuries due to the ray shielding that was placed around him to keep him safe during the takeover. In the end the ray shielding saved Korinas' life. Later Jormungand Gand was stripped of his rank and fined over one billion dollars for assisting and planning the coup d'etat.

Commonality and Betrayal

Following Korinas Vildras, Wim Jurgen became the next Supreme Chancellor and on Year 13 following the reformation of the Old Republic into the Commonality. Unfortunately, this reorganization was cut abruptly short as on Year 13 Day 327 the government was abruptly merged into the Krath Dynasty following private discussions between the Dynasty and Wim Jurgen who had revoked the Constitution and brought in Krath reinforcements to suppress the population. This move was against the independent spirit of the Commonality and its predecessor governments and led to a lengthy discussion between the Krath Dynasty who were caught unaware of the situation resulting in the annexation and members of the former Commonality government.

Second Interregnum

Directly following the forced annexation initiated by Win Jurgen, now called the Tyrant of Dynali, into the Krath Dynasty. Protests erupted across the former territory of the Commonality and diplomatically within the leadership halls of the Galactic Alliance. This culminated with the reformation of the eXiles on Year 13 Day 358 by Helen Hawk. A new coalition of the once-proud members of the Commonality government who were seeking independence from the Krath Dynasty.

Krath, upon realizing that they were inadvertently defending a tyrant against his people, decided to make peace between the two sides and stave off a civil war. Dividing lands, homes, and families, this peace is what created modern eXile territory, while the rest was annexed into the Krath Dynasty.

The second interregnum ended on Year 14 Day 76 when the eXiles reattained their status of a government following the reattainment of part of the former territory of its predecessor from the Krath Dynasty.

The Mantle of Government

Upon ascendency of the eXiles as a government, went on a large and ambicious building spree across its territory to rebuild the economic and military power it once wielded. Due to an economic recession gripping the galaxy, it was imperarative that the government remained solevent and thus vast new constructions commissioned with development focused around the regional capitals of each sector. The relative peace in the Second Galactic Civil War, the eXiles and its citizens were easily able to make quick progress in the systems of Hypori, Rannon, and Herios to develop the systems as centers of commerce, manufacturing, and trading allowing the government's coffers to expand along with it.

During this time, a brief conflict ensued between the eXiles and the Confederacy of Independent Systems under its current Head of State, Samuel Ashen. During this conflict the eXiles were able to squeeze out a victory in claiming Mondress.

Over time, tired of galactic politics, and demands of leadership over many years Helen Hawk retired from leadership and the Crimson Lord Sol Saverk was made leader of the eXiles government.

Reign of the Crimson Lord

Upon his sucession as leader of the eXiles government, Sol Saverk continued many of the policies of his predesessor namely increasing the economic power of the government while seeking out new territories to expand the government into. Under the surface trouble was brewing

Treaty of Dagu

In Year 19, Sol Saverk was approached by an old associate of the eXiles, Redjon Mirrabel, to help grow the military and special operations division of the government. The results of which led to increasing cooperation between the two, a treaty was signed between the eXiles, the mercenary outfit Flower Company, and manufacturing company Aeyris following the latter two's participation in Hosnian Conflict. Upon signing the treaty the system was Dagu was given over to the Flower Company to manage on behalf of the eXiles.

The Cooperative

Following the Treaty of Dagu, further top level discussions were had between the leadership of the Flower Company, the eXiles, and Aeyris. The result of which led directly to the reorganization of the eXiles government into the entity known as the Cooperative, where Flower Company became the chief military organization of government, while Aeyris and merged directly into the government, with its leader Nikolaj Eyre becoming the second in command.

The inital structure of the Coopearative was based around the shared and equal powers of a tetracrchy consisting of Sol Saverk, Redjon Mirrabel, Caedmon Gaines, and Nikolaj Eyre. In addition, all the previous structure and organization of the government apperatus was removed, following a more simplistic command based around missions, and the four leaders.

Conflict of Correllia

Rush to Jakku

Following the success of the Flower Company, a spec-ops unit of the Cooperative, against CorSec, a subject of the Galactic Empire, the galactic astronomical society cataloged and announced the discovery of a new planetoid Jakku system in the newly-formed sector of Western Reaches on Y20 D302. At the relatively pristine condition of the planet at the time of discovery led to several colonization fleets to launch from the Cooperative in an attempt to colonize the system and secure a quick victory to prevent a situation similar to the Hosnian system.In an attempt to garner support in the area, Nikolaj Eyre reached out to his ally the Count Palatine, Solarius Masha whose family's territory was located in the area while Sol Saverk took direct command of the colonization efforts in the system.

Unfortunately, in the early days of the operations, a division in leadership began to form. Redjon Mirrabel, Sol Savrek and Nikolaj Eyre, listening to Solarius Masha, were considering a build war again the Trade Federation which would be in essence, political suicide. Caedmon Gaines, preferring diplomacy over advocated against this strongly enough that the tetrarchy came to an agreement to abandon their adversarial colonization plan and return to negotiations with the Trade Federation. The Cooperative and her allies were able to come to an accord with the leading planetary power to hand over the general administration of Cooperative owned territories to the Trade Federation for an undisclosed sum.

The feverish politics, failure of command and ruinous policies adopted at the advisement of Solarius Masha in Jakku quickly became a flashpoint of contention within the Cooperative leadership. Nikolaj Eyre had brought Solarius Masha into the inner circle of the government without any consultation with the rest of the tetrarchy. In an attempt to reorganize the Cooperative and bring themselves into greater favor than the rest of the council the charlatan Solarius Masha began to make unilateral changes to the governmental structure. A once egalitarian society began to adopt exceptionally authoritarian titles, distinctions and structures to the displeasure of Caedmon Gaines and Redjon Mirrabel. Incorrectly, frustrations and blame began to be targeted against Sol Savrek and not the worms that had begun whispering in his ear.

Assassination of Sol Savrek

Shortly after the political disaster in Western Reaches three members of the tetrarchy began a conspiracy against their council's leader, Sol Savrek. Caedmon Gaines, head of the Flower Company, approached his counter parts Redjon Mirrabel and Nikolaj Eyre with a list of charges. They were not limited to Negligent Leadership, Conspiracy to Betray an Ally, and Intent to Wage War on a Neutral Government. The three hatched a plan to personally apprehend Sol Savrek from his A-Wing as he returned to the Cooperative's home territory after the foray into Western Reaches. Once apprehended they intended to force Savrek to step down, leaving Nikolaj Eyre as the leader of the Cooperative. Once this was completed, as a show of unity the three agreed to pass leadership between themselves from Eyre, to Mirrabel and finally to Gaines. It was agreed that Caedmon would serve as the first leader in a new revolving leadership system that would place a different one of them in the position every 4 months. Gaines was chosen as the first due to his closer connections with Cooperative's allies, especially in the New Republic as a means of ensuring stability within the government.

This plan, like so many others in the Cooperative, went awry. Savrek's A-Wing was captured by Nikolaj and transferred aboard the Flower Company's Crusader-class Corvette, Damnatio Memoriae. Caedmon Gaines then personally arrested Savrek and placed him into holding. Not long after the arrest was conducted Nikolaj Eyre claimed innocence and cut off all communication with Gaines and Mirrabel. He secretly sent Solarius to converse with Mirrabel and Gaines with the intent of stoking the fire. The three had originally agreed that if an agreement could not be met with Savrek that an execution would take place for his crimes. That Execution was scheduled for a week after arrest, and at any time one of the three could stop it simply by saying so. Eyre ignored this safe guard and avoided all communication with his counterparts that they had set up and began to pander to Cooperative allies. Caedmon, keeping to his word, executed Sol Savrek sometime around Y20, D330. Immediately upon the execution Eyre broke his silence as the new leader of the Cooperative. He declared Redjon Mirrabel and Caedmon Gaines to be murders and sent the Flower Company into hiding.

Eyre would continue to play the part of the mournful friend, but in reality he had been the architect of a double-cross, using Savrek's murder to acquire the eXiles historical territory for his family - his intent from the beginning.

The Hyporian Crime Family & their Hubris

Nikolaj Eyre would go on to rename the Cooperative to the Hyporian Commonwealth. Declaring it to be some utopia while systematically removing the remaining eXiles from their homeland. Believing that he had won a huge political victory and that is secret was kept, he merged the Commonwealth to the Arkanian Brotherhood with the intent of stealing their territory, too. He failed to recognize that his charade had been exposed and that the Brotherhood, a close ally of the late Sol Savrek, would eventually counter his political maneuvers and remove him and his cursed family from that territory. In the end, the vindicated their fallen friend.

Government and Politics

The Hyporian Commonwealth is a government that in essence is a mix of representative democracy and an aristocracy.

Economics and Territory

Foreign Relations and Military

Society and Culture



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