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Average Height2 meters [1]
Skin colorGray, brown, green [1]
DistinctionsMultifaceted eyes, mantid bodies, either shear-like arms or fine manipulator hands [1]
Known MembersList of known Yam'rii

Biology and appearance

The Yam'rii are a group of large, mantis-like alien creatures that inhabit the planet Yamr. Though their appearance may look non-threatening, the Yam'rii posses an incredible amount of strength. Their exoskeletons provide them with a great amount of protection from Yamr's harsh climate. Even though the planet is near inhabitable to most races, the Yam'rii have constructed a large industrialized society, basing most of their economy on technology.

The twin eyes located on each side of the Yam'riis heads allow them with an incredible sense of sight. This ability for great detail allows them to be excellent mechanics. The normal Yam'rii grows to be around two meters tall, though their bodies remain relatively slim all their lives. The Yam'rii are known for their great stealth methods, which is impressive for their large size.

At least some members of the species have pupil-like spots on their eyes. Nostrils lie below the eyes, although in most Yam'rii these are imperceptible. A mass of bumplike protrusions at the front of the head acts as a mouth and taste organ, known to shudder at the prospect of a meal. In some specimens, the maw can be opened wide to reveal white teeth. Dual knobby crests grow from the beings' heads with other bumps in between. A spiky ridge runs along the back of the head.[1]

A long, narrow neck supports the head on broad, rounded shoulders. In many Yam'rii, both the neck and thorax are diamond-shaped in cross-section, with the more acute edges toward the front and back. Other members of the species have two rows of raised bumps on the front and back of the torso instead. The midsection is dominated by two arms held before the body mantis-like, the first of the double padded joints bent upward and the second downward.[1]

Yam'rii are encased in hard carapaces, with lighter shade sometimes on the fore of the thorax and abdomen. Their blood is green in color.[1] Members of the species wear minimal clothing, such as cloth skirts, belts, or bandoliers with pockets for carrying possessions.[1]

Society and culture

Yam'rii attitudes are not much different from other species in the universe. Much like the Wookiee race, Yam'rii are quick to anger and have been known to go on large frenzies fuelled by their anger. They are meat-eaters by nature, and thus have been developing their hunting methods on Yamr since they were young. Eggs are also a supreme delicacy for the Yam'rii race.

They are a technological culture with full access to hyperspace-capable spacecraft [1] and modern droids. In fact, the LOM-series protocol droid series was given insectoid features in the hopes of appealing to Yam'rii and other insectoid consumers.[1]


See: Huk War

The Yam'rii descended from non-sentient insects. At some point in their evolutionary path, they split from the line that would eventually become their distant relatives, the Verpine.

Sometime after the thousand years ago and generations before the First Galactic Civil War, the Yam'rii established contact with the greater galaxy and gained access to hyperspace technology. They formed ties with the Galactic Republic and established themselves as important trading partners of the Trade Federation. The insectoid species decided it would be in their best interest to gain access to greater stores of natural resources, such as rarefied minerals and ore, to trade on the galactic market. Settlers thus set off to colonize nearby planets, including the rainforest world Abbaji and its neighbor Tovarskl, and to exploit the raw materials they afforded. Expansionist zeal blinded the species to any concern for pre-existing lifeforms or sentient species on the worlds the Yam'rii claimed.[1]

The Yam'rii eventually reached the nearby Kalee system. Circa 60 BCGT, the Yam'rii planted a colony on the planet Kalee and began gathering the few resources they could find.