Zari Jinzler

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Zari Jinzler
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti & Anzati
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother unknown
Father Malakai Brooks
Siblings unknown
Born N/A
Languages Galactic Basic
Religion Krath
Physical Description
Gender male
Political Information
Affiliation Empire of the Hand
Prior Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard
Galactic Empire
Nakesh Alliance Extractions
Corporate Alliance
Krath Dynasty

Zari Jinzler is a Coruscanti male with piercing artificial eyes. Zari is a tall man, and at present is normally seen wearing the traditional garb of a Tusken warrior. Zari has been running from his past since before he was born, keeping him going throughout the ordeals of life was his motto; credits and experience.

The bottom rung

Zari was birthed on Coruscant and was abandoned as a baby growing up in an orphanage without knowing who his parents were. The early years were spent struggling to survive, he was a bright student and did well in his studies despite the harsh upbringing but the chaos of the streets had made an indelible mark on the young child. Like many children that grow up as member of the forgotten masses, he was alone without anyone to rely upon. Zari developed a sense of self reliance and expectation but without guidance and support of parents, he was like many of the forgotten and joined street youth gangs to survive. He craved to be a part of a family, a connection bigger than himself but most of all what Zari wanted more than anything else was to escape the cage of poverty. When he was not engaged in his studies or in fists fights for other kids lunch money, he would sneak up from the lower levels of Coruscant and would stare up to space dreaming of reaching the stars. Zari would see large capital class ships and believed whoever piloted the biggest ship had the most power and more importantly was recognized. Two things he believed would take him beyond the morass of poverty, getting experience and making credits. Zari shorted this into what became his personal motto, credits and experience.

First step

When he became a legal adult, in year 7, Zari left the orphanage and set out to see the stars. Zari wanted learn about the rich history of Ailon which at the time was lead by Warlod Draith Shadux and their growing authority drew Zari into their military organization and tradition. Looking for a home, a family that had eluded him since birth, Zari set out to establish a new beginning for himself. Ailon during this period was a highly respectable government, at its peak. Its soldiers were strong and Zari learned how to handle a variety of weapons systems. Particularly, he became an excellent capitol pilot, constantly proving himself to be a cut above the rest drawing inspiration from the Star Destroyers he dreamed about in his youth.


Zari spent just under a year with Ailon before returning home and enlisting in the Empire in year 8. Ailon had initially offered a lot of promise but it lacked the connection he wanted and Zari felt no longer compelled to be an active member of the society. Moreover, Zari felt a pull to return to his home world, so he left Ailon and enlisted into the Galactic Empire. Zari wanted to join the Imperial fleet but was assigned to the Imperial army, training in the military ways of an Imperial soldier. His tenure lasted just over 6 months.

While Zari had performed acceptably, being away from Coruscant had made him want more than serving behind the lines in the narrow fashion. The training at Ailon was far different than the Imperial Army and Zari felt he could be more than a singularly focused grunt, he just did not fit in to his vision. One day after returning from a mission with the Imperial army. He yearned to have an understanding of his place, a home he didnt find on the street of Coruscant, in the service of Ailon or withing the Imperial Army.

Zari found his service in the Imperial Army as somewhat tedious, while a larger army needed such regulation, Zari felt he could be more, that there was more to him than manning checkpoints and running minor errands.

Knowledge is power

Zari began the search for who he was by investigating government records which yielded no results, so Zari returned to his old neighbourhood to search for clues only to find the orphanage where he was raised had become a gutted flop house ran by a gang of aliens offworlders. The kids running around, dirty and blending into the background, reminded Zari of himself as a child. Alone and afraid, many of these youth were like himself, they couldn't have been forgotten because no one knew who they were or wanted to claim them, so how could have they ever have been lost.

Digging through rubble of orphanage, Zari spent days pouring over the wreckage of his childhood. It was all he had known, and it was destroyed. Zari became angered by the scoundrels which were soiling his home, his only vestige of ever having a past. Pulling out his blaster, he walked room to room executing the drugged out criminals and bandits. The blood washed across the grime and Zari began to feel cleansed by unleashing his pain on others, it brought clarity.

Amidst a pile of papers, set aside near a fire was a torn set of pages, barely legible paperwork. Lists of names, memories and stories. Zari scooped up the documents and sat on the blood stained floor beside the fire sorting them. With so much of the text was ruined,torn, water logged, incomplete. Zari stayed in the ruins of the orphanage and in the slums for months, hiding from himself.

Zari was eventually found and arrested by the Empire for going inactive then kept in isolation aboard a shuttle until he regained his senses. Eventually Zari regained his old sense of self and was released. Returning to his barracks and tendering his resignation from the Imperial Army, Zari went home to his apartment and found shoved under his pillow a folded robe and tucked inside the fold was an old adoption paper which listed his birth parents. Mother - unknown, Father - Malakai Brooks. Zari read the document over stunned. Son of the former Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order and founding member of the Kathol Republic. Malakai was now dead but Zari wanted to know more and felt a birthright to be more but was not sure where to begin

Seeking Fortune

Zari drifted around the galaxy and needed to make a living. In year 11 he joined a mining faction that had a mining concession in the old Kathol Republic territory called Nakesh Alliance Extractions. Selling the owner on his history and who his father was. Zari had barely received any income in the Empire or Ailon, believing mining could be lucrative Zari also wanted to work outside of his military training. Seizing the opportunity, Zari thrived in his new role, he soon rose up the thanks to become Vice President, growing sales. However he also used his position to embark upon excavations tracing back his lineage.

During excavations on Dolstan, Zari employed a team of archaeologists hunting for a lost civilization. It was during this period they team came across a hidden modern compound situation in a group of caves.

Inside and buried under rubble, were the Scrolls of Jerriko, which were written by Yarbles, a Twi'lek who rose to prominence in the New Anzat Order eventually becoming it Prime Minister after leading the Panaceas Revolution. Malakai was the protege of Yarbles. Prior to his political ascension, in his early years Yarbles actually ran an exploration firm called Fernandin Scouting Exploration. Yarbles during his adventures found the teachings of a religion called the Black Robes. One of the prime teachings was of the book of Jerriko which taught the need for sacrifice and reincarnation. While much of the text was lost, some of it had been deciphered in an accompanying book, the book of Malakai.

The book of Malakai, was written in ancient Anzati, a language few understood. While searching for a scholar, Zaris expedition was cut short while turmoil took over the Pimbrellan League, which governed Dolstan. Animosity had risen from others which hated that Zari was his fathers son, even worse viewed him as illegitimate while Zari had watched people take claim for his fathers companies and wealth. Eventually, Zari was forced off Dolstan, secretly taking with him his finds from the rui

Moving on up

Zari eventually joined the Corporate Alliance in year 14, using his history as a military officer to revamp their beleaguered armed forces.

During Zari tenure in the Corporate Alliance, he unearthed that the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) was a corrupt despot. After uncovering the truth, elements of the government which wanted to cover up the facts, tried to assassinate Zari, but their plot was foiled when Zari noticed strange ship activity and requests, which eventually lead Zari into a trap. Zari recognized the situation and extracted himself from danger. The people involved in the plot, denied the chain of events but later would admit their attempts lead back to the highest echelon of the CIS. This situation strained his relationship with the Aran family and a power struggle ensued within the family to prosecutve Zari. Out of loyalty to Elm Aran, Zari withdrew from his comission and left the Corporate Alliance. Zari was proud of his revamp of the armed forces which lead towards a droid oriented quick strike force.

Once Zari left, the CIS began to implode and the Corporate Alliance eventually left the CIS. Once again, Zari detractors were proven near sighted and wrong.

Finding faith

For years Zari could not return home, but the pull was too great to ignore. Looking to put distance between himself and his past

Zari radicalized by Krath

The pimbrellan league eventually vacated the Kathol sector and with the change in leadership, Zari flew to Kathol to continue his studies of the past. Zari joined the Krath military, and eventually become a General. Zari served in the Kathol sector and was tasked with protecting Krath assets in the region. Zari finally felt at home. Under the leadership of Frezt Raleigh, Tapar Cracken, Grevendar Togl and now Emperor Lazarus, the Krath Dynasty became one of the most feared government in the galaxy, standing up to the Empire. Zari soon rose to the rank of Chancellor of Kathol, cleaning the planet of its criminal element. It was here through the teachings of Krath Zari had thought he found his home.