Alexis Amber Kain

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Alexis Amber Kain
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Mirial
Clan Yantarnyy
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status Single
Spouse Benjamin Kain (divorced)
Siblings Unknown
Born Year -8 Day 23
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 135lbs
Coloring Light Green
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Violet
Political Information
Title The Jaded
Rank Leader

Alexis Amber Kain was born as Alexis Amber at her homeworld Mirial, inside a highly devoted community. Unlike the majority of Mirialans, Alexis (or Lexi as she would later choose to be called) grew up into a secluded community that believed in physical strength to improve the spirit of their kind. That was until a vandal group broke their peace for their personal interests and Lexi’s life was enrouted against her own will into a dark path of blood and death. Her later inclusion into the Kain Family would provide a brighter future when she was appointed leader of Mecrosa’s recycling subsidiary Renew.

Early Years


Alexis was born into one of the many segregated communities of Mirial that had established atop a mountain, under the belief that the harsh temperatures forged a stronger character. The ‘’’Yantarnyy’’’ set themselves apart from their counterparts through their belief in physical superiority, the community as a whole thought that a strong body served as the container for higher illumination of the soul, and thus they devoted themselves to a routine of extensive training, meditation and combat.

For several years, Alexis enjoyed the peace that her community had to offer; despite becoming strong sentients they also believed that violence was to be avoided, conflict was reserved for the protection of their interests and not as means for personal gain. But not everyone agreed with their belief system. A mercenary group had established their base of operations in the planet as new trading routes circled the Mirial system. It did not take too long for the mercenaries to take note of the secluded community of fighters where Alexis lived. In their mind, anyone with the physical capabilities to beat down an opponent, had to take advantage of such skill.

This mercenary group aimed to be renown as the best in business, and thus had made arrangements with medical corporations in the Outer Rim for the research of a drug that would improve their stamina and muscle mass. The researchers failed their original task but found an alternative in the process. With enough experimentation, they found a way to deprive soldiers from their empathy, turning them cold-blooded as a result and thus more effective when it came to assassinations. The only problem with this, was finding subjects to put to test. That is where the Yantarnyy balanced the equation for the mercenaries.

Alexis was barely turning fifteen years old when the mercenaries laid siege on her community. The massacre that swept the Yantarnyy lasted only a couple of hours, however strong the Mirialans were, they could not compete against the firearms that the mercenaries brought to the table. Anyone who still had a pulse and was breathing after the battle, got captured to be experimented on. Alexis had the misfortune of being one of the strong ones that left the battlefield with the least wounds.

Assassin’s Life

AlexisKain assassin.png
Alexis in her assassin gear.

The experiments performed on the Mirialans were brutal and inhumane. It was not just their mental and emotional state that was being toyed with, but their captivity restricted their nutrition, their social contact and psychological health. Many more succumbed to the stress that was being forced upon them, but Alexis remained strong through it all. Although, with each new day of experimentation, Alexis began losing what had once been her life. As a self-defense mechanism against her endured torment, memories of her community, of her friends, of her parents, they all faded away to give in to the new persona that she was turning into. Until half a year into the experiments, Alexis was discharged as the emotionless soldier that the mercenaries were looking for.

The Mirialan became a skilled silent killer for the mercenaries. Her reprogrammed mind told her that she had always been meant to be the assassin she was now, she had no past, and her only future was the extermination of her next target, that became her only life goal. As a result, she became almost obedient to her captors for the better part of her following years, taking the hardest contracts and receiving not nearly enough payment for it more than the basic commodities one could ask for. This became Alexis life, she did not question it.

But it would not last long.

Breaking Free

As time progressed and Alexis grew older and wiser, she began understanding her situation with a clearer perspective. She would notice how her “employers” rejoiced in the wealth that she provided, but she herself received none of the loot for her contracts. More so, the mercenaries would look down on her like she was less than them, like she was just a tool for them. It took 3 years before Alexis finally realized how she had been used, and once she took the veil off her eyes, she took the matter into her own hands.

Alexis had been eighteen years old when she committed the massacre against her so called employers. Symbolically and unknown to her, it had been exactly on the day of her birthday when she entered the mercenaries’ den after completing a contract. Adrenaline still pumped through her veins when she walked into the living room, index finger twitching by the trigger of her HB-1 blaster at the sight of the idle mercenaries lying comfortably on their couches while Lexis did all the hard work. She did not hesitate anymore when she lifted the barrel of her pistol and shot the first three bullets straight into the leader’s chest. The fight was not easy but Alexis had gotten more experienced and ruthless than her opponents, the mercenaries became overconfident, lazy and stupid over the years, and in spite of the advantage in numbers they perished to Alexis’ brutal inquisition.

Shots pierced in every direction, blood splashed every wall of the room, and Alexis was not exempt of damage. She abandoned the building victorious but had suffered her own share of wounds in the process; the satisfaction of having put an end to the mercenaries lasted briefly, as she realized that the group she had been serving for the past years was bigger than the group she had just assassinated. With that in mind, she stole the leader’s YT-1300 ship and fled the planet that had once served as her home.

Adult Life

Galactic Runaway

Alexis’s newly found freedom came with the price of being homeless. There was no place for Alexis to stay at except for her ship dubbed ‘’The Green Stag’’, and the accommodations she would pay for on each planet she would visit. She continued her line of work in assassination in order to sustain herself while on the run from the remaining mercenaries that she believed would be after her for treason. This nomadic lifestyle lasted for a couple of months in which she would leave from one planet to the other as soon as she would finish a job, until her journey led her to the Empire’s space territory and was met with a freighter that had been waiting to cross paths with her.

Alexis was not a greasemonkey and thus had left her own ship unattended, this had caused the hyperdrive to malfunction during the ambush, halting her from escaping with a hyper jump. The Mirialan did her best maneuvering to dodge the assault and counterattack, but she was in disadvantage against the mercenaries’ ship.

Luckily for Alexis, Corellia was not far from the battlefield, and wisely headed towards the planet to balance the odds to her favor. The space combat followed Alexis all the way into the planet’s atmosphere until an ion blast hit her ship and she was forced to make an emergency landing on the outskirts of a Corellian city ‘’’Aulis’’’. She took advantage of her fall to do some critical damage to her attackers, damaging one of their engines and they too had to land.

Once on the surface, Alexis had the upper hand against the mercenaries, and their confrontation with blasters would once again prove her victorious. Unfortunately, unlike the last time, this group of mercenaries were not tainted by the inactivity of the last one, they had been far more skilled and better prepared to deal with her, bringing Alexis to the edge between life and death before their last breath.

The Mirialan woman would have fallen victim to her lethal wounds had it not been for a local passerby that had witnessed the whole fight from afar. Alexis had been too weak at the time to put up a fight; she was certain this would be her end.

Expanding Circles

Learning Trust

Very much against Alexis first impression, the tall blue-eyed man that approached her after the fight, had no intentions of harming her. On the contrary, the man that introduced himself as Casten Maziel Waryn was a medical student at the time, and immediately tended her wounds the best way he could. Casten strongly suggested they had to go to the hospital, but Alexis was adamant on avoiding places with such easy access for assassins or mercenaries that could still be after her. She tried explaining why her reasoning was not unfounded and that he should leave her alone, but Casten offered her his own place to stay and rest. Alexis was left with no real choice, she had been too weak to even move on her own, barely able to stay conscious, so she reluctantly accepted the help.

Once they exchanged the hostility of Aulis’ forests for Casten’s cozy apartment, the man could properly treat Alexis. It took a long time for Alexis to trust Casten in the beginning, but she figured he would had several opportunities to hurt her if he wanted to, and instead had taken care of her like no one else had before. She allowed herself to waken a sense of affection inside her that had been buried during the experiments, and during the 3 weeks that lasted her recovery, she began growing close to the Thyferran male.

The bond they developed during that time became that of family. The family Casten had known was gone now, and Alexis could not remember what it was like to have someone in her life that wasn't looking for personal gain out of her. They were all they had at the time.

By the time Alexis could get out of bed and walk on her own, she began worrying that staying too long on Corellia would be too dangerous, and without realizing it she was not just thinking about her own safety anymore but Casten’s as well. She suggested Cas should go along with her to keep an eye on him, it was not especially difficult to convince the man, since there was nothing else tying him to Corellia either way. Before Alexis could even consider taking another assassination contract to afford a ship for the two of them, Casten’s skills with electronics came in handy, and he was able to fix the ionic damage that the The Green Stag had suffered before crashing.

They did not look back when they flew away from Corellia.

Aboard The Green Stag

The more time Alexis spent with Casten, the more she realized how different they were, he was kind and lively while she was more obscure and emotionless. This fact did not change how they felt around each other, but it weighed on Alexis with the fact that she could not reveal to her new friend what her line of work was. She was an assassin by nature, she knew no other way of living, and she began fearing Casten would turn away from her if he found out.

That is why, after their credit count began running low, Alexis would sneak under Casten’s radar to go out and take more contracts behind his back. They needed money after all, and Alexis’ line of work had always put a big pile of it on her table; not to mention that she would start feeling uneasy without spilling some blood, but ignorance is bliss and the less Casten knew, the better for him.

Several months passed on relative peacefulness for the duo. Each one seemingly unaware of the other’s escapades. Alexis was only glad to be able to come back home with hands full; providing for Casten was her initial way of showing her appreciation for how he had treated her, for the friendship they have formed. However, it would all come to change after Alexis took on a dangerous high-paying contract.


Alexis and Casten’s nomad life lead them to the Core Worlds where the presence of force sensitive people was less sporadic than the rest of the galaxy. It was during this time that a large central corporation came in touch with Alexis. The underworldly corporation had an interest on the annihilation of force sensitive people, Alexis never cared for the reasons why her services were required so she did not invest her interest in the politics behind her contract, only in the profit she would made out of it. On top of it, it had been the first time that her skills were put through a real challenge by confronting someone with presumably higher abilities.

Kana Aevum, as Alexis was later informed, was the name of her target. The man was thought not to be strong in the Force just yet but the intention of the corporation was to end the target before he became a threat to their interests. They could not afford bringing their businesses to the public eye nor to get their own personnel at risk, and so Alexis was offered a high sum of credits for her discretion.

The Mirialan and the Thyferran docked their ship for the first time in a very long time at a starport; Alexis believed it would be safer for Casten to remain within securely guarded cities while she ran off to hunt the force sensitive sentient Aevum.

Challenging Assignment

After tracking down Kana, she followed him to a marketplace where Kana was supplying himself for hunting on the wildside of the planet. The Kiffar stopped to buy Hawkbat hide for traditional traps, and Alexis took advantage of the distraction to walk behind the man and point a HB-1 blaster at his back, aiming for the heart. But the force user’s attunement to the Force was stronger than everyone thought. He had ‘’seen’’ the assassin approach him, and waited for the last minute before turning around in a swift movement, smacking Lexi’s wielding hand.

The assassin was taken by surprise, and by the time she pulled the trigger, Kana wasn’t in the fireline anymore; the blaster shot through the tent of the stand and flew skyward. The chaos burst in a split of a second after the shot. A trandoshian female screamed in the distance, some cathar cubs whined and weiled and people began running in every direction, trying to flee from the source of the shot but not knowing exactly where it came from. At that point, Alexis and Kana were already engaged in combat, Kana trying to disarm Lexi, and Lexi trying to get a clear shot.

The fight prolonged for several minutes in which Lexi sustained the most damage after her blaster flew out of her hand, she was at a clear disadvantage against the Force user who, in spite of not being properly trained in the ways of the Force, was still able to use powers that proved to be lethal against the assassin. She would have died in battle that day had it not being for some security guards coming to take control of the streets. They drew their weapons out as soon as they saw the fight happening right in the middle of the street. The Kiffar halted the assault against his attacker, and escaped to avoid prosecution. Leaving Lexi severely injured.

The officers were intent on arresting Alexis, taking her in for interrogation of what happened, but given the severity of her injuries, they took her to the nearest hospital. She escaped from it as soon as she was left alone to rest, and went back to The Green Stag with Casten.

Dreaded Confrontation

Alexis was bruised and bloody when she entered their ship. She knew there was no hiding it from her friend now. Unknown to her, Casten had always known she was involved in shady businesses from the several times she’d come home injured, she’d always tried to hide it and up until that moment she thought she’d been successful all along. But Cas confronted her when she saw her current state, demanding for an explanation. At that point in time, Alexis felt too strongly for the man that had grown to be like the family she couldn’t remember having, it was impossible for her to lie anymore and finally came clean to Casten about her line of work, how she’d been an assassin for as long as she could remember.

The internal conflict she could see in her friend scared her, she could tell Cas felt anguished by the revelation, like he wanted to get away from her as fast as he could but also didn’t want to leave the only true friend he had.

To their misfortune, they were not the only people aboard the ship at the time. Alexis had been too hurt and weak after the fight to notice that she had been followed by the same man she had tried to kill. Kana had been resolved in cutting all loose ends with Alexis to avoid future encounters. That’s why he followed her into her ship, witnessing from within the shadows as the woman whose job was to kill him, being anything but a cold-blooded killer with the other passenger of the ship. It sparked curiosity in him as to how that kind of duality could exist in a person, but his survival instinct overcame eventually and he stepped out of hiding to finish what he was there to do. He wielded a sword in a menacing way as he approached the duo. He didn’t care about the man, he hadn’t wrong him in any way, but the Mirialan couldn’t be left alive.

Alexis couldn’t do much to defend herself, or her friend, her wounds pulled her to the ground in every attempt she did to stand up, she couldn’t even hold a blaster right when her muscles twitched in pain with the slightest move. She figured this was going to be the end of her, but shockingly she wasn’t that worried about herself. She had always known it would eventually come to this, her life as an assassin didn’t hold a bright future for her and she knew it well enough. What worried her was what would happen to Cas if she didn’t deal with Kana herself. She believed it had been her fault that Cas got into that mess in the first place, and she felt honestly guilty about it.

To the surprise of both Lexi and Kana, Cas stood firmly in the way. It had been the first time Lexi saw his friend bravely looking out for her, because he’d never shown to be a man of violence.

Casten didn’t try to fight with Kana or to threaten him, he knew he wasn’t strong or intimidating enough for that. Instead, he tried to reach a diplomatic solution with the two. He convinced Lexi that they didn’t really need the money of the contract, and that if she had been looking for a challenge, she’d already found the result. And he also arranged with Kana that there hadn’t been any actual damage done to him, he didn’t need to take revenge if Lexi stopped going after him. Alexis reluctantly agreed to the terms, but Kana was still uncertain.

The security guards that had stopped the fight, had seen his face. He wasn’t safe in that planet anymore, so he demanded them to take him with them away from there in order to spare Lexi’s life. Without much choice left for Cas and Lexi, they grudgingly accepted to take him outside the Core Worlds.

Unfinished Business

Unlikely Friendship

Once in hyperspeed, things aboard The Green Stag became tense. Alexis didn’t trust easily like Cas did, and she believed Kana would betray them and slaughter them in their sleep. Similarly, Kana slept with one eye open for fear that Lexi wouldn’t live up to her word and attempt to kill him or imprison him to collect the bounty. It took several days for them to reach a common ground with the help of Casten’s mediation.

By the time they reached the Outer Rim, Lexi and Kana had successfully stopped all hostility and were beginning to form an alliance based on shared interests. They were both fighters, survivors, had a strong character and didn’t mind the blood. It wasn’t hard for them to get past the situation that brought them together.

Search for Vengeance

They landed on a low populated planet to drop Kana so they could all move on with their lives, but out there, far from the reach of politics and regulations, The Green Stag was an easy target for the remaining mercenaries that still were on the look for Alexis’ head, they had had enough time to grow in numbers and when they received news about the ship being back in open space, they decided to strike.

Casten, Kana and Lexi were barely setting foot outside the starport when the silhouette of several armored men was seen in the distance. Kana was the first one to sense the danger and warned Lexi about the trouble that seemed to be waiting for them. Alexis took the decision of splitting up, the mercenaries were after her and no one else; after what had happened with Kana, Lexi didn’t want to put Cas in danger anymore and told him to run and hide. It hurt her to push her best friend away, thinking that they may never see each other again, but she also believed it was for the best.

She served as a distraction so the forgotten mercenaries wouldn’t pay attention to her friend. But she wasn’t alone at that. Kana, with nothing else to do at the time, decided to stick around and help Lexi. The two fighters proved to be a lot tougher than the mercenaries anticipated, for they hadn’t expect a Force user to backup their target. Their numbers faded, most of them died in the fight but some of them retreated before things got worse for them. Taking back the YT-1300 that was originally an asset of the group and officially giving up on their hunt for Alexis.

But it wasn’t over for Alexis. This had been the third time that their group got in her way, and she wasn’t going to let it happen anymore. She was determined to hunt every last member that ever dared to use her as a puppet.

Alexis spent the following months after splitting up with Casten, searching for anyone even remotely related to the mercenaries, funding herself and Kana a new ship to pursue and eradicate any possibility of them coming back to do any more harm. She didn’t have to explain herself to Kana, the Kiffar male could understand why this was important for Lexi and thus chose to partner with her to help with her revenge.

One by one, each last member of the mercenary group died under “mysterious circumstances”, or so was told publicly at least, Kana and Lexi knew better since they had been the ones making sure their vicious group was erased from the face of the galaxy. Through this conjoined effort, they both became closer with every target eliminated; in an odd turn of events they became friends after a rocky start.

The Kain Family

First Interest

It was during the search for further information on the last elusive member of the mercenaries that Alexis ran into an individual called Benjamin Kain. Word on the street was that he held useful information on several matters; he seemed to be the last resource Lexi had, so she arranged to come up to him at the bar that he could usually be found and approached him. The man was charming and flirtatious from the moment she sat across from him. His only price for the information was “to go out on date with him” which Lexi found odd but figured that if the man proved to be unreliable in the end, she could just kill him for wasting her time.

It turned out that the first date with Benjamin was a nice respite for the otherwise obscure life of Lexi. She hadn’t expected to have a nice time with the man, considering that she was only doing it to get information out of him. But ultimately, her goal wasn’t looking for a romantic interest, and the evening came to an abrupt end once she got what she wanted.

Things didn’t end there for Benjamin and Lexi though. Even long after Alexis succeeded on her revenge, Benjamin would contact her, asking for another date that Lexi wasn’t willing to concede. However, as time progressed and the man’s persistence never ceased, Alexis finally agreed to a second meeting. Which then turned to three more dates, and then some more. Until before she noticed, they were officially a couple, and Benjamin decided to introduce her to his family.

Alysia and Dac were particularly welcoming for her. It was strange for Alexis to feel accepted into a core family like the Kains, and she wasn’t used to the warm environment they seemed to have. She had to admit though, that after parting ways with Casten, she began realizing that she was no longer as emotionless as she once was. This revelation, added to how charming Benjamin was with her, drove her to say yes when the man proposed marriage to her including her into the Kain family like she had always been one of them.

Savage Period

Even after the wedding with Benjamin, Alexis couldn’t live without spilling some blood, it was still part of her nature after all; she continued working on paid contracts, but they would usually get her away from her husband for long periods at a time. This became a recurrent strain in their relationship as time passed by. Eventually, Benjamin couldn’t deal with the distance and invited her on a hunting trip, this way they could spend some quality time together doing something that she liked.

They embarked on one of Benjamin’s ships towards the planet Phu, in the territory of the Kain family’s corporation Mecrosa. It was there that they spent three days hunting little to non-aggressive beasts in the wilderness, far from civilization so there were no distractions for the two of them. But Benjamin hadn’t considered the danger of the wild creatures that lurked in the forests of the planet.

On the third night, their presence had altered the natural grounds, and a pack of Vornskrs that couldn’t afford losing their prey another day, ambushed Lexi and Benji. Alexis, as the experienced fighter she was, didn’t hesitate to grab the nearest blaster and start shooting at them. Benjamin followed the lead and he did too counterattacked. The commotion of the combat alerted more of their kind, who in a matter of minutes joined the carnage. It didn’t take long for Lexi and Benjamin to be outnumbered, and the man panicked, believing that they wouldn’t be able to survive if they stayed any longer. He dashed towards his ship, trying to clear the way for his wife to follow, but Alexis was having the time of her life. No challenge meant no fun for her, and the easy-to-hunt beasts they had been hunting before, didn’t satisfy her bloodthirst.

Benjamin held his ground for as long as he could, but seeing that his wife had no intention of catching up with him, he decided to leave without her. He shut the entrance door before any Vornskr could get in, and before they could do any structural damage, he took off. That was the last time anyone heard from Benjamin again.

As for Alexis, she battled her way into the more crammed parts of the forest to use her surroundings to her advantage. The trees narrowed the way for the Vornskrs, the foliage slowed them down, and with her stamina she managed to leave a good chunk of their pack behind. She then took down the persistent ones who dared to follow her further.

Her triumph came with a price, as she had lost herself in unknown territory. For weeks to follow she would live off the ground, hunting her every day meal, improvising water transportation methods for whenever she found a clear river to sate her thirst, climbing up and down trees every night and morning to sleep safe from threats. Eventually she made her way to one of the few cities of Phu where she finally got in touch with civilization again. She tried contacting Benjamin to yell at him, and demand him to turn back and pick her up but he was nowhere to be found. Her options were scarce, but the rest of the Kain family had proven worth of her respect, loyalty and most of all trust regardless of what Benjamin had just done to her.

She called Dac Kain for help.

Career Renewal

After Dac made sure that Alexis was back on her feet, he proposed to her that she joined the family business given that she had unique skills that could benefit the organization. Alexis hesitated for a while because she didn’t think she could do anything other than killing, but she didn’t want to disappoint Dac now that she was a Kain too. She accepted the offer and in only a couple of days she was entering the Mecrosa headquarters for an introductory tour of the group.

A tall man with the air of a Mandalore presented himself as Dominic von Black to take Alexis on an extensive journey through the internal management of Mecrosa, to guide her into what would be her new job. His laid-back personality was easy to relate to, and Alexis took a like for him after she officially joined the ranks of the group in a side-project called Renew.

On the outside, Alexis would be leading the corporation, making sure they could demolish old factories and retrieve as many useful materials as possible for re-construction of better infrastructure, which needless to say was something she wasn’t used to at all. The real job was undercover, as her assassin skills wouldn’t be wasted.

For such a task, she figured she would need someone who knew her well enough to cover for her whenever she had an extracurricular job to complete. Thankfully, Kana Aevum was still in contact with her, and Alexis didn’t twink twice about calling him in for assistance, naming him her second in command to bring the Renew project up to prosperity.