Arden Interstellar

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Arden Interstellar
General Information
Motto Luxury. Quality. Affordability.

Arden Interstellar - The galaxy's most comfortable star ships.

Status Dissolved
Leader Geoff Jackson
2IC Xerxas Jade
Owner Geoff Jackson
Headquarters Loedorvia
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 74
Dissolved Year 15 Day 106
Political Information
Affiliation Wayfarers Sodality
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Arden Interstellar

Arden Interstellar is a shipwright led by Geoff Jackson and part of the Wayfarers Sodality.


Arden Interstellar was founded Year 14 Day 74 by Admiral Jackson of the Sodality, its primary objective to produce powerful star ships for military operations as well as smaller freighters for personal Wayfarer usage. After finishing its primary objective, Arden opened up for public sales and production orders, from the classic BFF-1 hauler to the Tabder super carrier. Since it's acknowledgement as a quality shipwright, Arden has been hard at work, not a single yard idle nor a single hauler empty. Combined with breakthrough technology, we at Arden are available to make star ships cheaper than ever before, without losing the luxury factor we are known for. This Luxury, Quality, and Affordability is what makes Arden the sole producer of the galaxy's most comfortable star ships.

To expedite the processing of your inquiries to our company, contact the appropriate person of our management team:

Changing of the Guard

Arden Interstellar was renamed the Tamerin Foundation after it was sold to Jerrik Tamerin by Geoff Jackson following the hefty looting of the Wayfarers Sodality by Tavarius Kalia and Sirius Cyan.


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