Geoff Jackson

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Geoffrey I. Jackson
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Ran Alde
Father Celessa Jackson
Spouse Jaina Jackson
Siblings Jake Jackson
Tarc Jackson
Jason Jackson
Corbin Jackson
Gnat Jackson
Children None
Born Year -28 Day 217 (aged 41)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85m (6' 1")
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation CorEx
Rank Chief Executive Officer
Positions Director of Banking & Finance
Lord Protector of Loedorvia
Prior Affiliation Arden Interstellar
Wayfarers' Sodality
Colonial Banking Network

Lord Geoffrey Jackson is the Chief Executive Officer of The CorEx Group, President of CorEx, President of CorEx Bank, and Protector of Loedorvia. Lord G. Jackson is a former student of the Loedorvian Academy of Business, a graduate from the University of Loedorvia with a Bachelors degree in Business Finance, and a graduate from the Loedorvia College of Business with a Master's degree in Business Administration. Lord Jackson is the owner of MinEx and plans to improve and add to the mighty CorEx conglomerate.


The Beginning

Geoffrey Jackson is the only son of Ran Alde and Celessa Jackson. Born in the Southern Hemisphere of the bustling planet of Coruscant, Geoffrey was introduced to the realm of galactic business from the early age of twelve. His father, Ran, was a Junior Partner of Coruscant Mutual, an up-and-coming insurance brokerage firm. His mother under near constant hospitalization after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Up until her diagnosis, Geoffrey was an excellent student but left the District 24 Academy after turning 16 to help his dying mother at home. Over the next several months, Geoff had become accustomed to long days alongside his mother, while his father was tasked with increasingly numerous and difficult tasks at Coruscant Mutual. To this day, Geoff has yet to forgive his father for detaching himself from his mother and remains estranged from him.

His mother, Celessa, finally passed away following 14 months of agonizing pain and treatment for her cancer. Geoffrey was 17. Following his mother’s funeral, he packed up the few belongings he had and left for the northern trading regions of Coruscant. Geoffrey had hardly flown in transports since his mother had been diagnosed, but had always loved to admire the bustling atmosphere of his home.

It was a few months until Geoff had a stable job and could afford his own place, but he managed. He did some contract work for various small business owners, primarily repairing holocom terminals or automated teller machines, the type of work he had witnessed his father prepare technical guides for during his long work days.

The Banking Begins

Geoff was eventually employed full-time as an account clerk at his local branch of the Coruscant Bank of Credit and Commerce. Six months later, a robbery left two tellers and a manager dead. Coincidentally, he had called in sick for a job interview at a rival bank. Following the reopening of his branch, he applied for the position of Head Account Manager. He was promoted several weeks later, following the conclusion of the authorities’ investigation.

For the following year, Geoffrey had been the head of accounts at his branch yet though the work was easy and the pay above average, he was not quite content with his job. He sought after another promotion, this time to Branch Director. Due to his lack of professional education, however, his application was passed over in an instant. Three days later, Geoffrey met an individual by the name of Dakha Rednax in his usual watering hole. Rednax, as he would become known, had a smug attitude, only ever expected from a dug of his height. The two men hit it off and a friendship developed over the next several months that would change the course of Geoffrey’s career forever.

Having been fed up with his seemingly dead-end job, Geoffrey had confided in Rednax that he was searching for something grand. Rednax inquired with his business partner Bossive Ketwol of Lamborari, a prominent starship manufacturer in the outer rim, about potentially employing Geoff. Count Ketwol was reluctant to hire an uneducated banker from the other side of the galaxy, but Rednax convinced him of the great potential he saw in the young man. At the age of 20, Geoffrey Alde changed his name to Geoff Jackson and left Coruscant – hoping for the best.

Into the Reach

The week long journey across the galaxy seemed like an eternity for Geoff, who was just eager to start his new line of work and discover his true potential. After arriving at the Gordian Reach, Geoff was assigned to the production department as an Industrial Engineer. Geoff was in awe at the fact he went from managing papers to managing hundreds of thousands of tons daily, a seemingly God-like task for such a common man.

On his first night, Rednax setup a business dinner for the company staff in order to lay out the plans of future development and introduce Geoffrey to the team. Among them were Inrokini`luci Sabile "Ilucis", Sirius Cyan, Tavarius Kalia, and Asaryakatr “Asa” von Ismay. He had never met a Devaronian before, but him and Sirius hit it off almost instantly. The other members of the Gordian Reach community had of course been friendly as well, but had not developed a friendship with Geoff quite like Sirius.

A few months passed and Geoff received a promotion, much deservedly according to Rednax. Lamborari was bustling and apparently Geoff’s hard work had exhausted the available contracts, freeing up yards and personnel for Rednax’ next expansion project – The Torque Banking Corporation.

Following weeks of preparation, recruitment, and setup, Rednax had employed Geoff’s expertise in the banking industry to write the new institution’s Terms of Service document. For several days, Geoff dedicated himself to this new assignment and open completion, presented it before Bossive and Rednax. Bossive, who had early on been all for the idea of a Lamborari-affiliated bank, backed out and offered no support to the pair of businessmen. Rednax invited Geoff on-board his YT-1210 and the pair left for the Northwestern Rim, far from the reach of Count Ketwol.

The Colonial Bank

Rednax reached out to Asa, who was happy to provide the pair with cheap facility and station leasing in the Dreighton system, headquarters for the Veritas Press. Since they were no longer going to be based out of the Torque system, the two men decided to rename their institution – and thus the Colonial Banking Network (CBN) was formed.

Rednax brought Geoffrey onboard as his Chief of Operations and shortly thereafter hired Daylen Rione as their Chief Financial Officer, officially forming the first CBN Board of Directors. Within the first quarter, CBN was listed to the Galactic Stock Exchange and began selling company stake in lieu of shareholder benefits, such as increased interest rates and a company discount. During the second quarter, Rednax decided he was going to take a month’s long vacation and left for his home planet of Malastare to visit some family, make some new business connections, and of course relax from the countless hours he had invested into their new company.

Even in Rednax’ absence, CBN thrived. The bank had built four branches, twenty ATMs, and signed nearly a hundred clients all within a single quarter. Geoffrey was extremely pleased given the hours he had invested in the company for Rednax. Yet that feeling would not last long. Days into their Second Quarter, Dakha Rednax was found dead on Malastare following a business appointment he had scheduled for earlier that morning.

After hearing of his friend’s death, Geoffrey fell into a deep depression. His Directors, Daylen Rione and the newest Kilian Delmarco, had struggled to pick up the slack from the two founders, but their efforts were not enough to overcome the gap. Kilian, unable to coup with the stress, resigned and Daylen shortly thereafter. Left with a skeleton crew and virtually no one handling clients, Geoff sold the company to Corey Vildras, owner of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

The Wayfarers'

The Final Straw

The Tamerin Foundation

The Core Exchange

Rebirth of CorEx

Job History

Jackson's employment history from earliest to most recent.


  • Industrial Consultant
  • Industry, 3rd Class
  • Industry, 2nd Class†
  • Holosite Manager†

Colonial Banking Network

  • Co-Founder
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer‡
  • Owner‡

†, ‡ Positions held concurrently.

Wayfarers' Sodality

  • Co-Founder†
  • Governor of Arden
  • Admiral of Three
  • Admiral of Cred†

Arden Interstellar

  • Founder
  • Governor
  • Commanding Admiral†


  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer‡
  • Owner‡

Tamerin Foundation

  • Vice President
  • Executive Partner†


  • Founder
  • President†
  • Director of Operations

†, ‡ Positions held concurrently.