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The Core Exchange
General Information
Motto Putting YOUR credits to work!
Status Reorganized into Galactic Central Bank
Leader CEO Mikel von Bianchi
Headquarters Weemell Sector
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 66
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Banking
Holosite CorEx


The first records of CorEx date back to 15.150, when a new trading faction was formed from the success and necessity of the second Tamerin Foundation. The Tamerin Foundation (or TTF) was previously a shipwright purchased from the last surviving commander of The Wayfarers' Sodality, Second Admiral Geoff Jackson, by businessman and entrepreneur Jerrik Tamerin. Jerrik had long sought to follow in his father's vision; to rebuild the legacy of TTF. He secured Arden Interstellar from Admiral Jackson on 15.102 and it was officially renamed on 15.106 as The Tamerin Foundation.

Shortly thereafter, Tamerin and Jackson formed a private holdings firm in a vision to expand into a mighty conglomerate; and thus, The Tamson Group was born. From the profitability of TTF and Tamson, Jackson launched into an old area of business - banking. Having founded and led the Colonial Banking Network in mid-Year 13, Jackson was well-known and trusted in the financial sector. Opening CorEx on 15.150 as his second financial institution proved to be harder than expected on Tamerin, causing delays in production and difficulty in maintaining our notable customer service.

Early Days

On 15.173, the independent CorEx entity merged into The Tamerin Foundation in an effort to save the mighty vision of the two business partners and took on the CorEx name, which had become a notable brand of security and trust. Shortly thereafter, the partners completed pending orders and took a six month hiatus in order to expand on private holdings, corporate entities, and personal energy reserves.


In early Year 16, CorEx took itself back to the forefront of galactic affairs. With exciting new services and a growing reputation, the businessmen saw fit to organize again to develop the idea they had started the previous year. A year had passed and CorEx saw sales go through the roof. From governmental contracts to private sales and services, they were more successful than ever before. CorEx took on additional employees, opened a second production center, purchased dozens of factories, and began rolling out nearly two hundred ships a month. The stress and increase of sales eventually got to Jerrik, causing him to have a sudden heart-attack. He eventually recovered and decided to take early retirement on Loedorvia II.

A New Director

As Year 17 came upon him, Geoff Jackson saw CorEx in a future decline. Coupled with overworked staff, increasing orders, and inexperienced managers, Geoff was certain he had to find a replacement for Jerrik as soon as possible. After weeks of vetting two employees, one stuck out as the perfect replacement: Aetius Morbus. Aetius had been with CorEx since the Reemergence and was an outstanding employee. With Aetius by his side, the two men grabbed CorEx by the horns and fought to raise activity, hire more staff, promote managers, and clear outstanding orders all within four months.

A Change of Direction

Following Geoff Jackson's sudden medical emergency early in Year 18, CorEx shareholders chose to replace him with a new CEO; Mikel von Bianchi. Shortly thereafter, Senior Vice Presdient Aetius Morbus left the company and was replaced by Chief Risk Officer Alun Tringad. During this time, the sale of MinEx to Jeff Kronn was also finalised.

Public Financials


Notable Persons

Chief Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Geoff Jackson
Mikel von Bianchi
18.069 — Reorganization
Succeeded By:

Senior Vice President
Preceded By:
Aetius Morbus
Alun Tringad
18.069 — Reorganization
Succeeded By:

Chief Operations Officer
Preceded By:
Alun Tringad
Musashi Kensen
18.001 — Reorganization
Succeeded By: