Wayfarers' Sodality

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Wayfarers' Sodality
Not on file.
General Information
Motto "Not all who wonder are lost..."
Status Dissolved
Leader Gideon Kaine
2IC Geoff Jackson
Owner Tavarius Kalia
Headquarters Loedorvia System
Historical Information
Formed from Y13 D328
Founded Year 14 Day 74
Political Information
Affiliation None
Industry Pirates
Holosite Wayfarers' Sodality

About the Sodality

The Wayfarers' Sodality is a nomadic organisation, formed by three self proclaimed Admirals with equally power - Gideon Kaine, Tavarius Kalia, and Geoff Jackson. After the disappearance and death of Gideon, Lindgart Adjer was nominated into the position by the remaining Admirals with assistance from the Anchorage Governors. While the Sodality had three leaders, each of the Admirals controlled a faction. Tavarius of Sodality, Geoff of Arden Interstellar, and Lindgart of Lumiere Apothecary.


The history of the Wayfarers has never been publicly known until recently. Usually ignored to the needs of each era the Sodality; made up of ships and their captains were left to travel the spacelanes of the galaxy to trade and conduct business where ever they went. No one truly knows why they even left the planets with which they resided on in their early years but through information spread via trade deals and other means it became known that the Sodality weren't happy with the galaxy that they inhabited. Instead, seeking new life and new prospects they left their worlds, packed up what they could into their ships and moved into space stations in deep space.

An accord was created to substitute any formal constitution that allowed great freedom to the Captains and their crew. Known as the Sodality Accord it was agreed that each Captain that managed a crew would work for the benefit of the Sodality. Eventually though this Accord evolved when points of anchor, known as Anchorages were established throughout deep space.

For a generation this way of life was acceptable and it worked. People came and went from their stations, the hustle and bustle of ships and workers joining crews kept life going. Changes to this way of life from within the Sodality would bind them to the stars for eternity. With the galaxy facing political turmoil and the grip of the galaxy being tightened by the overpowering governments it was time to move on. The Sodality met together and unanimously agreed to the future of their way of life.

Steller Cartographers and the desire to leave the current galaxy drove the Sodality into a bold move that would see them become "drifers" permanently by venturing further and further into the outer reaches of the galaxy. Their desire to move on to new uncharted regions of space far beyond the outer rim of the galaxy drove them to pursue a course that would see them explore beyond the galaxy searching for a new home and a life beyond the spheres of influence that exist in the currently modern galaxy.


Following the death of Gideon Kaine and abandonment of Tavarius Kalia, the third Admiral of their triumvirate attempted to hold the Sodality together by re-establishing it financially. By doing so, Kalia was removed of access codes and thus prompted his attention back to the Sodality. Kalia retaliated in the only manner he could - by transferring all the assets owned by the Sodality to the only man in the Sodality that sided with him, rather than Geoff. That man was Sirius Cyan, who was at the time turning into a spy for the Falleen Federation on classified Sodality activities. Total value of the assets taken (including those that had personally belonged to Geoff, Lindgart, other Wayfarers', and outside supporters, were valued in the 650-700 million credit range. To this day, both looters have ignored pleads for justice to their follow Wayfarers and have outstanding debts on previous contracts.